Trouble brewing for Whitman among conservatives?

Meg Whitman could have a conservative revolt on her hands over her shifting positions on illegal immigration. Just listen in on the John and Ken show that aired earlier this week.

The two popular conservative talk show hosts, John Kobyit and Ken Chiampou, for Los Angeles radio station, KFI, were apoplectic over what they considered to be Whitman’s “pandering” to Latino voters by reversing herself on a number of issues, including workplace raids. They bashed her new Spanish-language ad, and are urging listeners on their Web site to “call Meg Whitman and tell her not to take your vote for granted and to stop pandering to the open borders crowd.”

They also urge listeners to “bombard” her Facebook page. “We are catching wind they are removing any and all criticisms of her immigration pandering.”

Ken Chiampou complained of the two “completely different campaigns” Whitman’s running — “one where she’s making it clear to illegal aliens that they’re welcome in California and nothing bad will happen to them while she’s governor.

“And the other version of her campaign, where she’s talking to whites, blacks, Asians and other Hispanics who hate illegal immigration. She’s trying to give us signals like, ‘don’t worry, I’m not going to put up with this crap anymore and we’re going to get a handle on whatever we can do.’

“You can’t have it both ways! We’re going to keep the pressure on her on her until she explains these contradictory messages.

“She’s definitely got two distinct messages and they’re incompatible with one another other. And you people in the Whitman war room, don’t even try to spin it, ok?

“I can see you’re trying to spin this, you’re trying to square the circle with this, but you can’t do it. It’s not possible. The more you do it, the more bad coverage you’re going to get.”

Whitman is beginning to emphasize more heavily her opposition to the Arizona illegal immigration law now that she’s appealing to Latino voters, Ken Chiampou said.

“Now, why is she so anti the Arizona law? Because she doesn’t want to piss off Latino voters. I want her to admit that. Because there’s no reason to be against the Arizona law,” Chiampou said. “There can’t be any real reason for it other than she doesn’t want to piss off Hispanic voters. … Why wouldn’t she push for an Arizona-type law? If it’s needed in Arizona, it’s certainly needed here. … I’m trying to find out where her heart and mind is.”

“We’ll talk about this every day until Nov. 2. We definitely can cost her more than a few points” in the polls, Chiampou said.

They couldn’t believe that Whitman wouldn’t appear on their show to face questions.

“We reached out to her for her to appear on our show and she ‘s not available!” said John Kobyit.

“She should be available,” Ken said. “She’s he’s got a cellphone She should call now and explain herself. And you know what? I’d like to have her explain herself and not have to run through 16 filters with her stupid campaign consultants. These campaign consultants, they’re an ugly, stupid bunch of people.”

They then ran through a handful of emails from conservative listeners who threatened to sit out the election if Whitman doesn’t buckle down on illegal immigration.

One, from Peggy, went like this: “I can’t tell you how offended I was last night when you played the 30-second commercial that talked about Latino children being the future. B.S.! My son is the future. We sent him to a private school because of the threat of bilingual education.”


Steven Harmon