National Dems will buy airtime for McNerney

David Harmer

David Harmer, CD11 GOP nominee

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has selected Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, as one of 40 members of Congress whose districts will see a share of the $28 million worth of television airtime it has reserved leading up to the November election, according to the New York Times Caucus Blog.

The NYT described the inclusion of McNerney, among others, as a sign of worry from Democratic leaders. Democrats hope to stem an expected loss of seats in the mid-term election and retain majority control.

The GOP equivalent, the National Republican Congressional Committee, quickly declared the move as evidence that McNerney (and the other 39 Democrats) is in political trouble despite national analysts’ ratings that place the CD11 race in the Democrat’s court.

As one might expect, the campaign of McNerney’s challenger, Republican attorney David Harmer of Dougherty Valley, wholeheartedly concurred.

“It’s not unexpected that McNerney will receive help from (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s leadership,” said Harmer campaign spokesman Tim Clark. “(McNerney) has been a lockstep vote for her big-spending legislation time and again.  The Democrats are simply acknowledging that McNerney is in real trouble because of his votes for bigger government and more deficit spending.”

The New York Times blog says that the party selected the 40 districts “based on polling, candidate fund-raising and the strength of Republican opposition.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    Isn’t that sweet?

    This hapless fool will need all the help he can get.

  • John W

    Re #1

    This “hapless fool” came on the scene with no political experience, knocked off Pombo, earned the support of veteran’s organizations and the endorsement of Republican mayors. Not saying he’ll be re-elected in the current political climate. However, it would be ironic if Harmer wins. This is supposed to be a year of “throw the bums out,” where experience as a politician is supposed to be more of a liability than an asset. So, here we have McNerney, whose entire life in politics consists of 4 years in the House and who got there running without support from his party’s establishment. Somebody with real expertise in subject matter other than being a lawyer. Who’s running against him? A guy who has spent his entire adult life in the Republican establishment farm system, trying to make it to “the bigs.” Straight from law school to Senate staff. Years in Republican think tanks where unemployed politcos go to hang out and burnish credentials (Pacific Legal and Heritage), three runs for Congress stretched out over the past 14 years, two states and three districts, practicing law in between. Will this be “three strikes and out” or “three swings and in?” He’s supposed to be part of some lionized California political dynasty, even though the patriarch served 8 years in the legislature and 1 year as Lt. Gov. under Reagan and then picked up and moved to Utah. If Harmer were the incumbent, he probably would have been knocked off by a Tea Party candidate in the primary.

  • Elwood

    Remember, remember, the 2nd of November!

    Bye-bye McNerdney!

  • PatrioticGrandma

    We NEED honorable people leading our Country. Reagan Republican, David Harmer, is such a person. I am supporting him for the sake of my grandchildren. He understands Businness and Economics, and that lower taxes and support of small business fuels the economy. He says that we don’t have a “deficit” problem…Government has a “spending” problem. If we don’t take our Country back this fall with Patriotic Americans who love our Country, then we will be forever changed to a lesser Nation and our children and grandchildren will not enjoy the Freedom that we have enjoyed. Harmer also supports our troops and the Constitution as intended by our Founding Fathers. McNerney is a Pelosi vote…just look at history. Harmer is a vote for a better future for our children and grandchildren. His father was California Lt. Governor under Reagan. David was raised on Reagan principles. We NEED him!

  • John W

    Re PatrioticGrandma

    “Government has a ‘spending’ problem.”
    “If we don’t take our Country back this fall with Patriotic Americans who love our Country…”

    Just remember, the spending problem to which you refer and from which you wish to protect your grandchildren is called “Social Security” and “Medicare.” Most of the rest is called “Defense.” Discretionary spending outside of Defense is a drop in the bucket. So, which of these are you ready to patriotically sacrifice for the sake of your grandchildren? The current deficit is the result of (1) reduced tax revenue due to the recession that began in 2007/8;(2) the fact that Social Security and Medicare are no longer running surplusses to mask the general fund deficit — Regular tax revenues are being used to redeem the trust fund IOU’s: and (3) the Bush tax cuts. Republicans want to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Democrats want to at extend the cuts for people making $250k or less. Both are wrong in my opinion. Making the cuts permanent will cost $3 trillion over the next 10 years, which is three times the cost of the new health care law.

    Regarding the “Patriotic American” stuff, knock it off, please. I’m tired of right-wingers calling me un-American just because I don’t buy their ideas. Just because people have different ideas about what’s good for the country does not make one more patriotic than the other. A bumper sticker or a lapel pin does not make one a patriot. I’m no war hero, but I served honorably in the Army 41 years ago. McNerney went to West Point, and his son served in Iraq. And He has worked tirelessly on behalf of veterans, which is why so many of them support him. The only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient serving in Congress is Sen. Inouye of Hawaii, a Democrat. Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, also a Democrat, also received the Medal of Honor. One left his arm in the Pacific in WW II. The other left his leg in Vietnam. You don’t need to have served in the military to be patriotic or a good American. Only about 20% of adult Americans have. However, I would point out that David Harmer has never served. So, I’m not sure what makes him a great American in your eyes compared to McNerney. Just say you disagree with McNerney on the issues. You don’t need to demonize a good man.