Alco Dems hire executive director

The Alameda County Democratic Party has hired Michael Colbruno as its new executive director.

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Alameda County Democratic Party Announces New Executive Director

Michael Colbruno named to local party post

San Leandro, August 12, 2009: The Alameda County Democratic Party has announced it has hired longtime party activist and fundraiser Michael Colbruno as Executive Director of the local party.

As Executive Director, Colbruno will be responsible for raising money, coordinating with state and local campaigns, interacting with elected officials, serving as a spokesperson for the local party, and assisting in the party’s day-to-day operations. “We are thrilled that we found someone with Michael Colbruno’s skill set to work for the party at a time when Republicans are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars around to buy an election. The Democratic Party is relying on Alameda County to organize a massive voter turnout to offset GOP gains elsewhere,” said Alameda County Democratic Party Chair Robin Torello . “We feel that we found the right person for the job.”

Colbruno spent the last eleven years as a vice president for government affairs at a Fortune 500 company. He is longtime party activist who has served as a delegate to both state and national conventions. Before entering the private sector, he worked as press secretary for the successful San Francisco 49ers stadium campaign, chief-of-staff to Carole Migden at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and State Assembly, and legislative director and Board of Supervisors liaison for Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. He has been active in numerous Democratic clubs, including a leadership role in the Alice B. Toklas Gay & Lesbian Democratic Club. He served as chair of OakPAC for the previous six years, transforming a little known PAC into one of the most sought after endorsements in Oakland. Over the last decade, he has raised hundreds

of thousands of dollars for East Bay candidates and progressive causes.

For more information about the Alameda County Democratic Party go to www.acdems.org.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen