Pittsburg elected says Seeno drove him out

Pittsburg Councilman Michael Kee says the Seeno developers threatened to wage nasty campaign against him if he ran for re-election. See Rick Radin’s story today.

Per Radin, Kee, who was first elected in 2002, said county Supervisor Federal Glover told him that the Seeno construction family was determined that he lose his seat.

“Glover told me that the Seeno family was willing to spend every last dime they had to get me out,” Kee said. “With some of the hit pieces and other things going on, I didn’t want to put my family through (a race).”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • It would be interesting to see what the Seeno’s have given to Councilmembers in the past. Without any hard data to support his claim, it comes down to little more than ‘he said, she said’. It would have been interesting to see how such an election would’ve turned out.

  • Joe Riley

    You might want to ask for the review of independent expenditures (IE) for groups like the East Bay Business Alliance/Coalition that was headquartered in Concord off of Willow Pass. What is often done is to hide the costs of hit pieces and the like by meshing them with other candidates. For example a hit piece on candidate X may be in the form of a poll. The poll is then charged to or split up as an expenditure to campaigns y-z but the real target is a negative attack on x.

  • Susan

    I have trouble with hearing a person must waste thousands of dollars to run for office. That needs Fixing!
    There doesn’t seem to be anyone else wanting the seat,
    I wonder why?

  • Dan

    Pittsburg voters: Write in “Michael Kee” this November. Let’s take back the city from the power brokers.

  • Pete

    First of all, it is not all of the Seeno Family that is involved here. It’s Albert D. Seeno, Jr. and his son Albert D. Seeno III. They both have a way of pushing people around with strongarm tactics. They really think they can get away with it. Will they ever learn? Many people dislike those two. Evola is related to them, who is on the Pittsburg city council. And whatever happened to Nancy Parent? Did they buy her too? (She is on the city council also. She once disliked them many, many years ago. Ho hum…

  • Joe D

    Pink Bunny Ears is right. A history of criminal behavior. Areen’t the politicians following Albert Seeno, Jr. or are they being bought too. Politicians are all criminals just like Albert Seeno and his son. Maybe they shoyld all sleep together.

  • Ray

    Those Seeno’s have a bad history of criminal behavior. I am not Italian, but I live in Pittsburg. When you live in Pittsburg, you here a lot of things cause everybody knoes each others business. A lot of imigrants settled here a long time ago especially from Sicily and Italy. I heard that those Seenos especially the brothers did a relly bad thing to the sister that was the pretty one, not the one with the limp. I heard she spent a lot a time healing from what they did to her. I went to a party once and heard the old man Seeno talk down to his wife, Rose. He was mean. I left the table. Those brothers shoiuld do time for what they did to their own sister. Awful stuff.

  • Jimmy

    Hey Ray I no to what those Seeno brothers did to the sister. No one and man I mean no one in her family protected her. Man if anythgibg happens to her I will go to whoever I can to be sure they know. Man I mean lots of abuse. Kinds you dont want to talk about. Criminal.