Miller to Boehner: We’re not that close



Stop with the pals talk, Democratic Rep. George Miller told Minority House Leader John Boehner of Ohio in so many words today.

Boehner referenced Miller, and a bill they worked on together, as part of his speech at the American Enterprise Institute, citing it as example of how the Republican would work across the aisle as speaker if the GOP wins control of the House in the mid-term election.  Nine years ago, both men worked to pass  “No Child Left Behind” legislation.

Boehner has made this reference to Miller on several occasions now, prompting  about five high profile national reporters in recent days to contact the Democrat’s office to inquire about the unlikely pals.

Miller is having none of it.

“Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth,” Miller said. “Our work together on No Child Left Behind was one moment in time that has itself been left behind. In fact, our work together on that bill illustrates an entirely opposite point than what the Minority Leader would have us believe.”

Read on for Miller’s full statement.

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Gubernatorial and Senate poll roundup

There has been a flurry of poll results released recently in the two big races on California’s ballot this November, and although we’ve been rolling ‘em out as they come, perhaps it would be useful to have them all together in one place, so everyone can get an idea of which way the wind is blowing (with the caveat, of course, that it’s still a loooong way to Election Day).

In the U.S. Senate race between Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer and Republican nominee Carly Fiorina:

  • CNN/Time, Sept. 24-28, 786 likely voters: Boxer 52%, Fiorina 43%
  • PPIC, Sept. 19-26, 1,104 likely voters: Boxer 42%, Fiorina 35%
  • SurveyUSA, Sept. 19-21, 610 likely voters: Boxer 49%, Fiorina 43%
  • Rasmussen Reports, Sept. 20, 750 likely voters: Boxer 47%, Fiorina 43%
  • LA Times/USC, Sept. 15-22, 887 likely voters: Boxer 51%, Fiorina 43%
  • Field, Sept. 14-21, 599 likely voters: Boxer 47%, Fiorina 41%
  • Public Policy Polling, Sept. 14-16, 630 likely voters: Boxer 50%, Fiorina 42%
  • In the gubernatorial race between Democratic nominee Jerry Brown and Republican nominee Meg Whitman:

  • CNN/Time, Sept. 24-28, 786 likely voters: Brown 52%, Whitman 43%
  • PPIC, Sept. 19-26, 1,104 likely voters: Whitman 38%, Brown 37%
  • SurveyUSA, Sept. 19-21, 610 likely voters: Brown 46%, Whitman 43%
  • Rasmussen Reports, Sept. 20, 750 likely voters: Brown 47%, Whitman 46%
  • LA Times/USC, Sept. 15-22, 887 likely voters: Brown 49%, Whitman 44%
  • Field, Sept. 14-21, 599 likely voters: Brown 41%, Whitman 41%
  • Public Policy Polling, Sept. 14-16, 630 likely voters: Brown 47%, Whitman 42%
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    ALIPAC: Whitman should be arrested

    The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, among the most conservative groups calling for the strictest crackdowns on undocumented immigrants, says both Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and her former housekeeper of nine years should be arrested and charged with immigration and employment violations.

    William Gheen“We need equal justice for both the illegal alien and the employer,” said ALIPAC President William Gheen said in a news release. “Nicky Diaz should be charged and deported and Meg Whitman should face the existing penalties under current US law as well. No Amnesty for Whitman or Diaz, the Rule of Law must be restored in America.”

    Diaz, accompanied by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, claimed yesterday that Whitman – who employed her as a housekeeper and nanny from 2000 to 2009 – knew she most likely was an undocumented immigrant but kept her on until June 2009, when she was preparing to launch her run for governor. Whitman said she’d hired Diaz through an employment agency – an agency her campaign refused to name yesterday – upon which she relied to verify the Social Security number and other bogus information Diaz provided; she said she didn’t know Diaz was here illegally until Diaz confessed it to her, at which time she was fired.

    “Best illegal alien actor award of 2010 should go to Nicki Diaz for her role as the tearful victimized invader,” Gheen said in his release. “Meg Whitman’s financial gain from the movie rights should be seized by the courts to compensate the American taxpayers who have paid the price for her illegal laborer over the years.”

    The ALIPAC release claims, without providing supporting data, that “the American public has indicated in numerous scientific polls that well over 80 percent of Americans want employers like Meg Whitman heavily fined. Over 50 percent want the employers of illegals, like Whitman, jailed. Americans have also shown overwhelming support for the arrest, detention, and deportation of illegal immigrants like Nicki Diaz. Both the US Constitution and the existing laws of Congress mandate that both Whitman and Diaz should be charged and treated equally under those laws.”

    “We stand with the majority of American citizens who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced!” Gheen said. “Therefore we call on all appropriate authorities to arrest and charge both Meg Whitman and Nicki Diaz.”


    Whitman: Reward state workers for losing weight?

    Reporters covering Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s visit to Cisco Systems in San Jose this morning only wanted to know what she knew and when she knew it about her former housekeeper who turned out to be an illegal immigrant.

    But there was something Whitman said during her chat with Cisco CEO John Chambers and several hundred employees that might’ve made a headline on any other day: State workers might want to start watching their weight if she’s elected.

    A Cisco employee teleconferenced into the event from Pleasanton asked the candidate about how to increase access to and affordability of health care. Whitman replied by saying there are examples to follow in corporate America; as an example she cited Pleasanton-based Safeway, which provided financial incentives for workers to control their blood pressure, lose weight and not smoke. The company’s health care costs have remained flat as a result, she said.

    “Maybe we can start with state employees,” she said, drawing a chuckle from the audience which seemed to make her realize just what she was proposing. “I’ve just made news, which is something you really don’t want to do.”

    More of Whitman’s Cisco appearance, after the jump…
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    DA candidate to consult on Mel Gibson lawsuit



    Contra Costa District Attorney candidate Dan O’Malley will serve as a victim’s rights legal adviser to the chief attorney for Oksana Grigorieva, the woman who alleges that her former lover and superstar Mel Gibson struck her in a violent rage, chipped two teeth and left her with a black eye.

    “We have hired Dan to help us link with the victim rights community,” said renowned defense attorney Daniel Horowitz, whose wife, Pamela, was murdered in 2005 at their Lafayette property by a local teen-ager. “I know his sister, Nancy (O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney) well but she is not, of course, available.”

    O’Malley, who is running for the countywide seat against Deputy District Attorney Mark Peterson, said he agreed to consult on the case based on his family’s longtime involvement and support of victims’ rights groups such as Stand Against Domestic Violence.

    O’Malley had not yet been fully briefed on Grigorieva’s allegations — Google the case on entertainment industry publications for more details — and could not comment on the specifics of the case.

    But Gibson has made counter-allegations that his one-time girlfriend, and mother of their infant daughter, tried to extort money. Los Angeles police are investigating both allegations, according to a Reuters news story.

    “When (Horowitz) called me, I said I would help out because many law enforcement officers and seasoned prosecutors don’t understand the subtleties of the larger issue,” O’Malley said. “As a society, we often blame the victims rather than focus on the crime. We say she shouldn’t have had a drink. We say she shouldn’t have been out at midnight. We say she should not have worn provocative clothing. But we should be teaching the batterers not to batter. We should not blame the victim.”

    If O’Malley is elected on Nov. 2, he could no longer work for Horowitz, of course. But O’Malley says he does not anticipate a lengthy or time-consuming role.

    “I will use my resources through my relationship with Stand Against Domestic Violation and my sister and the things I have learned in the past 25 years to help (Horowitz) get out the message, one that is really a victim’s rights issue,” O’Malley said.


    AD15: Watch debate video

    Watch my Flipvideo of this morning’s debate in the Assembly District 15 race between Democratic incumbent Joan Buchanan and GOP nominee Abram Wilson.

    The candidates answered questions posed by the Walnut Creek Rotary Club at its weekly morning meeting at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant in Walnut Creek. The moderator was Rotarian Howard Herbert of Danville.

    For a written account of the debate, click here to read my story.