CD11: McNerney launches first TV ad

Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney launched today his first television ad of his 2010 re-election campaign.

The ad focuses on veterans, a policy area that McNerney has made the centerpiece of his nearly two terms in office. Fred “Spike” Schau, a well-known veteran leader and member of Warriors’ Watch Riders of CA, touts McNerney’s promotion of pro-veteran legislation and highlights the endorsement of former Veterans of Foreign Wars State Commander Dave Norris.

It starts airing today throughout the district, according to his campaign.

Republican nominee David Harmer, an attorney from Dougherty Valley, is challenging McNerney.

Here is the ad:

McNerney’s news release:


Features endorsement by former VFW State Commander Dave Norris

Dublin, CA – Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11) today announced the launch of his first TV ad of the 2010 election. The ad focuses on Congressman McNerney’s work for veterans, including securing a new veterans’ medical facility for the area and writing a law to improve treatment for service members returning home with traumatic brain injuries.

The ad features the Warriors’ Watch Riders of CA, a pro-military and veterans motorcycle group, and highlights the endorsement of former VFW State Commander Dave Norris.

The ad can be viewed at http://www.jerrymcnerney.org/index.php/multimedia/ under the title “Patriot.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    I saw the spot run on CNBC today. Love it. Will be interesting to see what Harmer runs. We Dems are in such deep poo, but I hope Jerry can buck the anti-incumbent tidal wave.

  • Dan

    What? No mention of his good friends Pelosi? Reid? Obama? Obamacare? The “stimulus” package? The government bailouts? The $1.3 trillion deficit? The “recovery summer?”

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” — Samuel Johnson

  • John W

    You’re right Dan. No mention of the stimulus package that the Chamber of Commerce supported (although they disagreed with specifics) and that, according to CBO, created/saved 3.3 million jobs. You’re also right about no mention of the bailouts (started by Bush and his Treasury Secretary), without which, most independent economists agree, the entire economic system would have collapsed — and that Speaker-in-waiting Bohener supported until the crazies in his caucus rose up in revolt. You’re also right about no mention of the health insurance reform that helps people who have to rely on the disgraceful individual insurance market — denial of coverage for people with a history of toenail fungus or acne and retroactively cancelling policies for people who have the nerve to get sick and start costing the insurers money. I know you guys like to paint McNerney as a Pelosi puppet. Well, he is a Democrat; so it’s no surprise that he votes with them most of the time. But he also recently broke ranks with the Bay Area Congressional delegation and joined centrist Dems and Repubs in voting for the Afgan war funding — rightly so, in my opinion; even though the 11th Congressional district is deeply divided about that war. Friend of Obama? Oh my goodness, what a horrible thing!

  • Dan

    John — you are right, McNerney did the right thing on Afghanistan. But if you think all of those things have been good for America, made us a stronger, a more free and a more prosperous nation, by all means vote to send McNerney back to Congress to preserve the status quo.

    The “recovery summer” starts on Nov. 2 when McNerney and the Dem majority in the House is no more.

  • John W


    Thanks, I will take your advice and vote for to re-elect Jerry. At least for now we agree on AfPak.

    PS: What is Harmer for? Not against. For?

  • M. A. Emley

    As a Vietnam Veteran, member of the VFW, with no regrets and love of country…I am NOT proud to see Mr. Schau and Mr. Norris endorse Mr. McNerney.

    First and foremost, Veterans support and benefits should come with gratitude, unconditionally, and not with political-grandstanding by our politicians.

    Because of the outright failures of his Democratic Party, on every level, and signs of more stupidly-decisions to come, we see Mr. McNerney wrapping himself in supporting Veterans causes and unabashedly props his son up as signs of his patriotism.

    He calls himself an “independent” voice for our community in his mailers…and wants us to ignore he voted with Pelosi and team >97% of the time.

    Why am I not proud?…You ask. He made a decision in 1971 to resign from the US Military Academy at West Point in protest to the Vietnam War. The truth is I have never heard his apologies to the +55,000 courageous men and women killed during the Vietnam War who could have avoided their patriotic duty in much the same way.

    If he wants to wrap himself in Veterans affairs…making a slick “I’m a patriot, now that I want your vote”…advertisement…let him start with an apology to those +55,000 patriotic Americans. Those brave Americans who ignored the intellectual and moral anarchy of the day, showing their courage and real patriotism…gave their lives…so he could run for office.

    I have tried to forget…and have forgiven. It’s just this kind of crap-politics drives me nuts…I admit…it’s personal.

    Mr. McNerney should run for office on his record and his plans for getting us out of this current mess. Waving our flag…or draping the memory-flags of others around his shoulders should be unacceptable to us all…are we that blind?…it is his same tactics of old…back in 1971.

    Let us all look at his and his party’s results…ask what are his plans? …and no more windmills, please.

    M. Emley

    BTW, I voted for Mr. McNerney in the last election