CD11: Harmer unveils his first TV ad

Congressional District 11 GOP nominee David Harmer unveiled his first television ad today, where he focused on government spending, and in what is likely to be an ongoing theme of the election, linked opponent and Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“We’re facing 20 percent unemployment in parts of our district and one of America’s highest foreclosure rates,” Harmer says in the ad.  “Washington’s answer? Punish success. Subsidize failure. More spending. More government. More Debt. And that means less for our families.”

Interestingly, Harmer identifies himself in the spot as a constitutional attorney. It is only a partially accurate job description.

It is true that he was a Bradley Resident Fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., in 1995-1996. And he worked in 1989-1990 as an attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacramento and the prior year as counsel for a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Senate Judicial Committee.

Harmer’s most recent employment, however, was  nine years as  former first vice president and assistant general counsel in the credit card division at Providian, which was acquired by Washington Mutual and then JPMorgan Chase. He lost his job in January 2009 after JPMorgan acquired WaMu and shut down its redundant credit card division. He collected unemployment for a brief time until he decided to run in 2009 for Congress in the 10th District special election.

Here is the ad:

San Ramon, CA) – Coming on the heels of recent polling that shows Republican challenger David Harmer has surged to a one-point lead over incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney in California’s 11th Congressional District, today the Harmer campaign announced the launch of its first television commercial, which begins airing this week.

The 30-second commercial entitled “Washington Isn’t Working” features David Harmer explaining how Congress has failed to improve the economy or control its budget. Harmer concludes with his pledge to protect taxpayers and “stand up for America.”

“Washington isn’t working. We’re facing nearly twenty-percent unemployment in parts of our District and one of America’s highest foreclosure rates. Washington’s answer? Punish success. Subsidize failure. More spending. More government. More debt. And that means less for our families. As a businessman and a constitutional attorney, I spent my career protecting taxpayers and defending freedom. It’s a fight I’ll bring to Congress. I’m David Harmer, and I’ll stand up for America. A message I’m proud to approve.”

The commercial can be viewed at www.HarmerForCongress.com.

Harmer, who trailed McNerney by 10 points just after a tough June primary contest, has now pulled to a 45% Harmer, 44% McNerney lead in this swing district, according to an August 23-29 survey conducted by Ayres, McHenry & Associates. More remarkable, 52% of voters say that they would prefer “someone new” as their congressman, rather than re-elect Jerry McNerney.

“The Harmer campaign staff and volunteers are fully energized, and our message of fiscal conservatism and job growth is having an impact with voters throughout the District,” said campaign spokesman Tim Clark.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    Hi, I’m David Harmer. I’m a Young Gun, and I want to be your Congressman. I ran last year in the next door district, but they elected that whale-naming Lt. Guv guy instead. Did I mention my daddy was Lt. Guv for a few months before he moved to Utah? Speaking of which, I also ran for Congress in Utah back in 1996. Lost there too. Most recently, I was First Vice President & Assistant General Counsel at Washington Mutual until September 2008, when it became the biggest bank failure in U.S. history due to that sub-prime lending stuff. Did I mention that one of my main functional contributions was to collaborate in simplifying and strengthening internal processes and controls to increase efficiency and reduce risk? It’s all on my public LinkedIn profile. JP Morgan came in to pick up the pieces and fired me. Don’t know why. Anyway, now that I’ve already run twice for Congress in various places, I think there’s a seat in the 11th with my name on it. So, elect me, and I will do for the country what I did for WaMu. Waaahoooo!

  • John W

    Hi, David Harmer here again. Forgot to mention, we really need to repeal ObamaCare. Like I told the Tea Party group in Lodi, it’s so odious and un-American that we need to “pour salt on it and curse it in God’s holy name!” Did I mention I’m kinda religous.

    Have a nice day.

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    Always nice to hear from John W.

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    John W continues his frenetic posting in every thread.

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    John W’s posts tend to be lengthy, boring and full of crap.

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    Gentlemen, let us have civil discourse!

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