Video mashup sums up week on controversial Clinton ad

This is just a YouTube video, so it has limited value for Jerry Brown, but it’s an effective mashup of the Clinton ad controversy, and helps move along the storyline that Meg Whitman continues to air false charges.

Whitman defends the ad, saying the charges that Bill Clinton made in the 1992 presidential debate with Brown — that under Brown taxes rose — are “essentially” true, though this week, Clinton disavowed his own words, saying they were based on faulty CNN reporting. (The former CNN reporter, Brooks Jackson, now with FactCheck.org, also acknowledged his erroneous reporting).

She doesn’t get much sympathy from even the local TV anchors who bring her in for a rare interview.

Even John and Ken, the conservative KFI talkshow hosts, get some licks in, suggesting she should find another issue to go after Brown on.

Steven Harmon

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    According to the LWVCA Website, CA Governor candidates are Meg Whitman, Republican; Edmund Brown, Democratic; Laura Wells, Green; Dale Ogden, Libertarian; Carlos Alvarez, Peace and Freedom; Chelene Nightingale, American Independent. Who’s Jerry?

  • Elwood

    “Who’s Jerry?”

    People have been asking that question for decades.

  • For Liberty

    Elwood, Ralph and others,

    See the link below:



  • David J Fisher

    The Bible says “Let your Yes be Yes, and your No be No, anything else comes from the evil one.

    Vote: Chelene Nightingale for Governor of the Grest State of California


  • For Liberty

    Elwood, Ralph and other concerned Californians,

    May I share another:


    Please consider all candidates at the ballot box.


  • John W

    I’m still flipping a coin on this race. Unfortunately for Laura, Dale, Carlos and Chelene, the coin only has two sides. However, if the coin lands on its edge and stays there, who knows?

  • Paul Wilkes

    It is beginning to look like we won’t have to settle for Edmond or Meg. Chelene Nightingale is moving up nicely in the polls. As far as I am concerned, a vote for anyone but Chelene is a wasted vote; especially if they win.

  • For Liberty

    John W,

    With that thinking, we will continue to remain trapped in a two party system. Look at the condition of our state. Look what the two party system has gotten us. In this gubernatorial race, there is no difference between Whitman and Brown, so it doesn’t really matter which side your coin lands on.

  • CA Voter

    If Americans don’t start putting this republic ahead of their corrupt political parties we will continue to circle the drain. Chelene Nightingale is the only logical choice as governor for anyone with an ounce of patriotism within them.

  • John W

    Re: #8

    For Liberty — you are right. I should at least consider the merits of the other candidates. Let’s see now. Nightingale is a birther. Alvarez, age 23, is barely birthed. Ogden is Libertarian (nothing wrong with that, just not my cup of Tea). Wells, as it turns out, is from the same small town in the Midwest as me, although apparently not from the same high school. She is also the only third party candidate with substance. So, if the coin lands on the edge, maybe I’ll consider her.