Brown has new ad attacking Whitman for tax plans

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has come out with a new ad today, and he takes a big populist swing at Meg Whitman, his Republican opponent.

Brown takes aim at Whitman’s wealth, saying her economic plan would not only help her wealthy friends but herself, too. He has made it a point in previous comments that he believes her plan to eliminate the capital gains tax is the “worst case” of conflict interest in a campaign that he’s ever seen.

He effectively uses experts and media reports in the ad to show that her plan would blow a hole through the state deficit, already at $19 billion. Eliminating the capital gains tax, he has said, will cost $5 billion in a bad year and $10 billion in a good year.

The most effective line, courtesy of a Los Angeles Times analysis, is that her plan is a “pure handout to the rich.”

The ad, by the way, comes less than a week away from the first debate between Brown and Whitman. It’s an attempt to take ahold of the narrative after the infamous Bill Clinton ad (still on the air) drove the campaign chatter for a couple weeks.

It also comes on the same day the Whitman campaign released a new positive ad. It will presumably (checking) run concurrently with the Clinton ad, though it is doubtful it will get the same run.

Interestingly, in Whitman’s new ad, which touts her plan to restore California’s economy, there is no mention of her plan to eliminate the capital gains tax.

Steven Harmon

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Yeah, them richy rich guys and gals get all the breaks.
    I get disgusted jus’ seeing them new Jags and Beemers und Escalades crowdin around Meg’s HQ. Ya know, that Brown’s a man of the people. Why when he wants a thousand or so bucks to meet up with him in some rich guy’s house, he takes installment payments!

  • Nofano Brown

    Brown should know about conflict of interest and using political office to line his own pockets. Before becoming Mayor of Oakland, he acquired property near Jack London Square. As Mayor, he instituted ‘anti-blight’ measures, handing land over to developers via eminent domain, that doubled the value of his holdings. Talk to Al Fields, mayoral candidate, for more information on this.

  • Elwood

    Once more, with feeling, for Josh: