DA candidate to consult on Mel Gibson lawsuit



Contra Costa District Attorney candidate Dan O’Malley will serve as a victim’s rights legal adviser to the chief attorney for Oksana Grigorieva, the woman who alleges that her former lover and superstar Mel Gibson struck her in a violent rage, chipped two teeth and left her with a black eye.

“We have hired Dan to help us link with the victim rights community,” said renowned defense attorney Daniel Horowitz, whose wife, Pamela, was murdered in 2005 at their Lafayette property by a local teen-ager. “I know his sister, Nancy (O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney) well but she is not, of course, available.”

O’Malley, who is running for the countywide seat against Deputy District Attorney Mark Peterson, said he agreed to consult on the case based on his family’s longtime involvement and support of victims’ rights groups such as Stand Against Domestic Violence.

O’Malley had not yet been fully briefed on Grigorieva’s allegations — Google the case on entertainment industry publications for more details — and could not comment on the specifics of the case.

But Gibson has made counter-allegations that his one-time girlfriend, and mother of their infant daughter, tried to extort money. Los Angeles police are investigating both allegations, according to a Reuters news story.

“When (Horowitz) called me, I said I would help out because many law enforcement officers and seasoned prosecutors don’t understand the subtleties of the larger issue,” O’Malley said. “As a society, we often blame the victims rather than focus on the crime. We say she shouldn’t have had a drink. We say she shouldn’t have been out at midnight. We say she should not have worn provocative clothing. But we should be teaching the batterers not to batter. We should not blame the victim.”

If O’Malley is elected on Nov. 2, he could no longer work for Horowitz, of course. But O’Malley says he does not anticipate a lengthy or time-consuming role.

“I will use my resources through my relationship with Stand Against Domestic Violation and my sister and the things I have learned in the past 25 years to help (Horowitz) get out the message, one that is really a victim’s rights issue,” O’Malley said.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Djundrcover

    Of course as a criminal defense attorney, O’Malley would have a deep understanding of victim’s rights. It’ll be quite a jump for O’Malley to enter the victim’s rights arena, after all these years abusing them by helping their rapers, molesters, attackers and muggers stay out of jail.

    So what would make O’Malley want to do this? Maybe because he is way down in the polls, got crushed by Peterson in the primary and if you scroll down, has committed campaign violations by using the term retired judge instead of former judge. Just another scam to divert voters attention from the fact he is a criminal defense attorney.

  • Elwood

    What are the sentencing guidelines for being a criminal defense attorney?

    Surely it must be a crime which should be punished severely.

    You are a loony.

  • Djundrcover

    Wow, Elwood, two sentences this time, good improvement. By the end of the night, you might actually be able to make a sensible argument.

    It’s not against the law, it’s the fact Dan is a criminal defense attorney and that is fine, the system needs them. But he should not be hiding it and step up and be proud of his chosen career. He knows it turns voters away and is trying to hide it. And, being a defense attorney weighs heavily on his credibility. The job of the prosecutor is to seek the truth and put criminals in jail and Dan is working to get criminals out of jail. That is a fact. Undisputed.

    And again, loony? What are you, 12?

  • John W

    Now, O’Malley can change his TV spot to say he is both a victim’s rights and a constitutional attorney. Daniel Horowitz needs him as a legal adviser in this case like Stephen Hawking needs a science adviser. He’s just trying to help out a buddy with his political campaign. Nothing wrong with that, as long as people see it for what it is.

  • Common Tater

    I’m glad to see this sort of Hollywood grandstanding because I finally know who to vote for:

    Mark Peterson

  • Your kidding me!

    You’ve got to be kidding me!

    “When (Horowitz) called me, I said I would help out because many law enforcement officers and seasoned prosecutors don’t understand the subtleties of the larger issue,” O’Malley said. What does Dan know about Domestic Violence that LAPD/LASD and the DA’s office doesn’t know. Subtleties—-really?

    That is insulting to everyone in the law enforcement community. This is nothing more than grandstanding and exposure for O’Malley. He better hope that negotiation are slow; because on November 2nd, he will be able to Oksana he can work on her case until 2014 election when he makes another attempt to run for DA.

    If Dan is such a victim advocate, then why did he threaten a elderly victim in a financial elder abuse case (People v Kari Spitzack) that he would sue her? In this matter Spitzack defrauded her mother of more than $80k and paid her attorney fees with the money. Dan as a so called “victims advocate” threatened to sue a real victim for attorney fees.

    The fact is Dan does not have an “in” the LA County DA’s office.

    How is it that O’Malley has a Deputy DA who accused a co-worker of rape; then O’Malley get a hooker to gin up another false allegation against the same co-worker.

    I guess he has an affinity for person with the last name initial “MG”

    Citizen of Contra Costa County, we do not need a celebrity lawyer running our DA’s office.

    So Dan is qualified to be an expert of Domestic Violence because of his career prosecutor sister ?


  • John W

    If I were Daniel Horowitz’s client, I would feel slightly used.

    Other than seeing the debate Lisa did and once seeing Peterson in action in a trial, I don’t know either of these guys. My impression is that one may be a bit too Type A (Peterson) and the other an empty suit with clubby connections. For the DA job, I’ll take the former.

  • Djundrcover

    Your Kidding Me….

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. As a police officer, I was highly offended to have this ambulance chaser tell us he knows more about victims rights than we do. “We” being law enforcement and prosecutors. If he is such a victims right advocate, why be a defense attorney. Why doesn’t the state BAR investigate O’Malley for trying to take money from that elderly victim? So one day O’Malley represents wife beaters and the next their victims. Typical defense lawyer, following the money. What an ambulance chaser.

    And his choice in Horowitz is interesting also. Horowitz has represented some of the biggest scum in the county (I am thinking of a 2007 or 2008 kidnapping case..Eric Parker? something or another) and tried to get that guy off his charges. So how is Horowitz even qualified, except to represent Gibson. Why doesn’t O’Malley put Horowitz on his list of endorsements.

    And it was O’Malley whinning and complaning that Peterson took him to task over his illegal and misleading campaign flyers touting him as a retired Judge. O’Malley said Peterson was taking away time he could be spending raising money and making appearances. Must be a lot of voters in LA couny. I guess trying to represent someone in a high profile case is more important to O’Malley.

    If it wasn’t clear before, it should be now. Peterson is the clear choice. You don’t see him running around pulling these stunts. Mark is putting murderers in prison. Not just talking about victim’s rights, but actually doing it. Peterson is a 25 year career professional crime fighter.

  • Elwood

    My goodness, the right wing loony tunes law enforcement lobby appears to be terrified of O’Malley.

    Otherwise why would they sling so much mud at him?

    Unfortunately for them, none of it sticks.

    When does O’Malley’s trial for being a defense attorney start? I guess he must have made bail so he could run for DA.


  • seeno’smom

    djundrcover: Being a police officer does not make you an expert on human rights – maybe an expert on the location of every Starbucks in COCO county perhaps. O’Malley has seen all sides and can apply that experience to objectively assess cases as DA. Peterson is a politician, bankrolled by a crooked construction family who aspires to be much more than DA – plastic hair, nucleay family dressed in black, non-drinker (wonder why Mark – too much as a young DDA with Gressett?). Cops hate him, judges hate him, his colleagues hate him and he feels it necessary to continually overburden our court system with frivilous lawsuits agaainst O’Malley – each of which is tossed on its ear. Peterson feeling the heat – what other explanation is there for your repeated BS. Stop stealing O’Malley’s signs please – go get a job.

  • Crystals and Pistol

    Seeno’s mom—pretty funny

    Colleagues do not hate him, cops do not hate him and certainly judges do not hate him…Dan O’Malley could not ever carry Mark Peterson’s brief case-

    As for politician, Dan ran for judge, he was not appointed by the governor as most judges are. If you go to Wikipedia for the definition of politician, you’ll find a picture of Dano.

    As for you comment seeing “all sides” – You are right, Dan brokered a deal to free Roy Gordon from jail after bludgeoning a man with a sledge hammer, committed a home invasion robbery of a Pittsburg family; and two days prior to the home invasion, Gordon


  • Crystals and Pistols


    —Gordon was arrested for being under the influence of crystal methamphetamine—-Gordon offered the government nothing! he was just a third party benefactor of a lying whore.

    Dan and is lackey, O’Connor met with the hooker at their office. Hooker was their to retain Dan for her boyfriend Gordon. During that visit, the hooker overheard a telephone conversation O’Malley and O’Connor discussing the Gressett matter. (Interesting) This conversation was the impetus for hooker to fabricate a story with ‘O’ brothers encouraging her. This fabrication, similar to the false allegation by a former deputy DA, again led by the O’Malley train to the DA management, Kochly, Baker (his next door neighbor-convenient) and Sequeira.

    Apparently O’Connor did not get the “all clear” when he testified at a hearing—O’Connor denied any deal was made, however Sequeira was told the CCTimes he in fact released Gordon in lieu of the hooker’s information.

    Judge Brian Haynes, (a former deputy DA) was told by O’Connor that Gordon, not Hooker, was cooperating with law enforcement in a ongoing criminal investigation. The nature of the investigation was not revealed. Judge Haynes was intentionally misled by both the DA’s office and the O’Malley train.

    These are the facts, (condensed i might add) but they demonstrate the conduct of a candidate seeking a powerful office- All of these facts are verifiable- and are not political spin.

    Dan is not a retired judge– if you serve in the military and honorably discharge, you are not a retired Sailor or Soldier. Dan left the bench for private practice.

    The only heat Peterson is feeling will be the heat of Kochly. Baker and Sequeira running out the front door on January 4th 2011.

  • Djundrcover

    Seeno Mom,

    Yes, I do know where all the Starbucks are in my city, just as I know where all the banks are, schools, parolees and sex offenders live in my beat. Your a cop hater.

    As for Mark feeling the heat, I would direct your attention to the June primary results, Mark crushed Dan and had it not been for Elle, this whole issue would be moot. I’m sorry you like defense lawyers and hate cops.

  • Elwood

    “Your a cop hater” (misspelled of course)

    That’s just pathetic. Like the pimp or dope dealer who gets busted and says that the cops are player haters.

  • stumpy

    “When (Horowitz) called me, I said I would help out because many law enforcement officers and seasoned prosecutors don’t understand the subtleties of the larger issue,” O’Malley said.
    The same way juries don’t understand why the little darlings he represents aren’t responsible
    for their actions due to whatever reason he can think up?

  • joe

    Dan represented spitzack because she was falsley accused by her money hungry brother