Fear and loathing in Congressional District 13

I received the following e-mail from Forest Baker – the Republican nominee challenging Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont, in the 13th Congressional District – this afternoon, apparently copied from his Facebook page:

Forest BakerThis is a serious matter. I’ve waited a few days until after I spoke with local Republican Party leaders, the California GOP and the San Francisco Field Office of the FBI so that we should understand fully what’s been going on, who has been doing this stuff and what should be done about it. On Saturday, September 25th a large group of campaign workers from the Fremont Tea Party supporting a write-in campaign seeking to spoil the election of the Republican Candidate for the US Congress from District 13 in Alameda County (me) intruded into our sidewalk Rally in Union City and attempted to disrupt that event. I instructed our people not to be drawn into any arguments with these people and not to respond to or retaliate against any of their provocations…and their abusive behavior went on for 4 solid hours.

At the end of our Rally an individual known to us assaulted one of our older men who happens to be on the Alameda County GOP Central Committee. This attacker is the same heavily built individual who pushed and shoved one of our older friends (a woman) on May 24th at a Conservative Forum discussion group that I chaired. He works closely with the leader of the Fremont Tea Party, we have written evidence of this, they planned and executed that action in support of my Republican Primary opponent (who lost to me several days later) in an attempt to break up our meeting by having the police summoned. Indeed, in both cases the man shouted exactly the same words “This is America. I can do anything I want. If you don’t like it then call the police!”

Apparently the FBI agrees with him that simple assault at a political event, even when planned and coordinated in advance does not constitute a federal crime. The local police might be called, but if there are no clinically significant injuries then nothing much will happen. However, a shoving match would substantially change the nature of such a rally or meeting and that is precisely the motivation of the Fremont Tea Party…to disrupt my campaign rallies and to spoil my election events with violence if necessary. This particular attacker was very careful not to actually strike me. He pushed the person standing next to me very hard instead. A pattern of such assaults has been established now, documented and reported. If someone does get hurt as a result of more such assaults then everyone will know in advance who is responsible.

Although the Fremont Tea Party is not a legitimate GOP entity a number of local Republicans and Alameda GOP Central Committee members worked closely with them during the Primary in support of their candidate. That gentleman has recently removed himself from the Alameda Central Committee and although he is not assisting with my campaign, he is not openly opposing me as of now. Many of these folks are understandably still disgruntled that I won in June but that does not excuse their support for a non-Republican Tea Party write-in spoiler. If these Republicans find that they cannot behave appropriately regarding their own candidates then they should simply leave the GOP. Really. It might not be a prosecutable crime to commit simple assault during a political event, in order to be disruptive and hoping to provoke something more serious…but we all know that it is very wrong.

Politics can be a full contact sport. Like Football, perhaps. We know that. I don’t mind really. I played my share of Football and I hit hard. But when political thugs attack 60 year-old men and 70 year-old women, then the only word for that behavior is despicable. These are not good Americans seeking to improve our government by electing better politicians. These are venal anarchists amusing their weak egos, playing at politics, committing acts of personal cowardice and hiding behind the thin veil of the Tea Party movement. There are, of course, nations in the world where people are expected to act like that during elections. But this isn’t one of them. This is America. Love it or Leave it. The border is right there.

But Fremont Tea Party organizer John Guerrero says Baker is mistaken. “I already know who was there: It wasn’t the Fremont Tea Party, it was Chris Pareja’s people.”

Chris Pareja of Hayward is running as a write-in candidate in the 13th Congressional District, having failed to gather enough petition signatures to get on next month’s ballot as an independent candidate; he’s trying to attract conservatives who aren’t satisfied with Baker’s degree of conservatism.

“He and his people actually crashed one of my meetings, disrupted it and got into a screaming match … He’s caused me no end to grief for the last six months,” Guererro said of Pareja. “They’re just looking for a fight, that’s all.”

At Guerrero’s advice, I looked on the Pareja campaign’s Facebook page and found this statement that the candidate posted Wednesday:

I am sorry for being late saying thank you to all of you that showed up for Forest Baker’s “rally” on Saturday. THANK YOU! If we hadn’t shown up, he would have been there by himself, and that is no way to hold a rally. Luckily, he was able to call in for support from all his friends in San Jose. If it weren’t for you, there would have been no attendees from the district. GOOD JOB!

Pareja told me this afternoon that Baker’s accusation, in addition to being misdirected, is “completely unfounded.”

Chris Pareja“Abusive behavior? I went and bought water for him and his entire team because it was a hot day,” Pareja said, acknowledging the 15 or so supporters he brought last Saturday did dominate the four corners of the intersection where the event was held but “we were friendly with” Baker’s people. “There have never been any physical confrontations with his team or with mine that I’m aware of.”

Pareja said he and his supporters went to Baker’s event in the first place because Baker had billed it as a rally “to end political racism” to which he’d invited Stark; Pareja said he believed the open-to-the-public invitation encompassed him as a candidate, too.

As for the Fremont Tea Party, Pareja said, “I get along with a lot of the Tea Party members but John (Guerrero) and I have a personal disagreement.”

Guerrero said he thinks Baker probably assumed, based on some e-mail correspondence that Guerrero forwarded to him from a Pareja supporter earlier this year, that this supporter was a Fremont Tea Party activist, too; he’s not. As for Baker’s claim of what went down last Saturday, “that’s not how we work,” Guerrero said. “About the most outrageous thing we might do is have four or five people holding a sign up on an overpass.”

And he said that aversion to militant confrontation has made him some enemies among Pareja’s supporters as well as among the Tri-City Tea Party Patriots and Golden Gate Minutemen, who are supporting Pareja’s candidacy. The Fremont Tea Party has endorsed nobody in this race, Guerrero said – “We don’t particularly care for Forest, we won’t do anything against him but we won’t do anything for him, either – and is concentrating its resources instead on helping Republican nominee David Harmer beat Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, in the much more competitive 11th Congressional District.

Says Baker, “I have lots and lots of John Guerrero notes to me and many more to his inside crew that he does not know I have. He enjoys zero denyability [sic] regarding his hand in all of this. We have not scratched the surface of this unholy iceberg.”

I’ll give the final word here to Alameda County Republican Central Committee Chairman John Wyrwas, who said:

The voters in the June Republican Primary selected Forest Baker as their candidate for CD-13. We have invited Mr. Baker to our campaign events, and he is listed as the Republican candidate for CD-13 on our literature. The Alameda County Republican Party would like to see Pete Stark be defeated in November. With regard to this latest email, I have no knowledge of what Mr. Baker is talking about.

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Nofano Brown

    Well documented, and factual to the best of my knowledge. I would like to see Mr. Baker reveal the emails he claims to have.

  • Ed T

    Shame on you Forest Baker!
    I was present at the rally on September 25th on the corner of Alvarado-Niles Rd and Decoto Rd. The public sidewalk did have both Forrest Baker supporters as well as Chris Pareja supporters both setup a reasonable distance from each other.

    This event was friendly and a sense of common purpose illuminated with the majority of each volunteer to remove Pete Stark as you can see on Forrest Bakers Facebook page. His profile picture including all pictures under “hitting the streets” represent the 25th of September. If you view random pictures from that day uploaded by Baker you will see picture “3 of 10” and “9 of 10” show both views of the main intersection where both camps resided. In Picture “3 of 10” which is also Bakers profile image you will notice the Pareja camp is setup under the far back tree a fair distance away.

    I would assume if these claims were founded and such bullying was taking place then all of these pictures would include a Pareja supporter however there are none?

    I did have a nice conversation with a gentleman who claimed to chair the San Jose chapter of Campaign for Liberty before all the volunteers for Pareja departed; I am curious what the CFL’s position is on this.

    I have been a registered Republican since the age of 18 in 1993 and have dreamt about Pete Stark being removed since 1995 when I watched him speak at Chabot College. However, as of tomorrow I will be changing my political status to Independent and cease all future political contributions to the GOP as this is despicable. I no longer choose to be a member of a party who has to result to lies and liable remarks that are completely unfounded and a juvenile attempt to make noise.

    I have been a prominent member of the Union City community since birth involved in various organizations such as The Boy Scouts, Union City Police Explorers, Logan Band and Union City Leisure Services dating back as far as I remember. I do formally request an apology from the Forest Baker Campaign and an immediate removal of his Facebook post in reference to this event. My family and personal reputation are now being affected by these unfounded and ridiculous claims.

  • Jim Westfall

    I am a member of the Tri-City Tea Party Patriots and the Fremont Tea Party. I was not at the Baker Rally on September 25th so don’t know what happened there, but reading the above comments from John Guerrero, I’m sure neither he nor the FTP had anything to do with whatever supposedly happened. I also believe Chris Pareja’s comments regarding the situation. Chris and his followers are not the type to resort to such tactics. By the way, Tea Party members are not just Republicans – we are Americans who do not like the direction our Country is heading under the likes of Pete Stark, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama. I am supporting Chris Pareja as I know he is honest and a true conservative. I would like to know what Forest Baker stands for other than his belief that our Country would be better off as a system of communes, or “COTE’s” as he calls them.

  • Elwood

    By God, he does look like Hunter S. Thompson, who was also crazy as a loon.

  • Ed T

    Forest Baker quote “I instructed our people not to be drawn into any arguments with these people and not to respond to or retaliate against any of their provocations…and their abusive behavior went on for 4 solid hours.”

    Why are his volunteers now posting on his page:
    “Who were these thugs? I was there last Saturday and it was peaceful. Did this happen after I left? I’ll bring reinforcements next time. Where’s Jim Dove when you need him? Just like the good old days.
    But seriously, isn’t these guys should back you up as a conservative.?”

    If this abusive behavior in Forest’s own words went on for four solid hours why are his people questioning him?

    Forest you are shameful I demand an apology!

  • Mango

    Though I was not present on the day in question I have no doubt that Forrest Baker is resorting to the same tactics used by the Democrats. Shame, Shame! Isn’t that always the case when someone has been unveiled and has no way out? Having read some of Mr. Baker’s book, which he chose not to publish or sell in this country, I have no doubt the Republican hiearchy in this District, who back him, are either “useful idiots” or full blown socialists. If you think that socialism with “a few controlling the many” is OK then by all means vote for Stark or Baker. If you believe in individual freedom and the Republic the Founding Fathers gave us the framework for, then vote for Chris Pareja. Loss of individual identity and being identified only by race, class or religion leads always to slavery of one kind or another. This District has voted the same person in office for 37 years!! No one has enough integrity to withstand the “call of the siren” of corruption for that long.

  • Bob J

    Mango, what are you talking about the “Republican heirarchy in this District” backing Baker? The last I heard, Forest Baker has been complaining to the California Republican Party that the Alameda GOP is ignoring his campaign or even working against Baker.

  • Ed T

    Forest Baker Post
    “It was mostly 4-hours of snotty comments to my supporters and myself, it is a very good thing that we only had about 40 of our own people out there and I was able to tell them each to ignore such provocations or something really might have gotten started. And that’s what they were going for. Disruption. As it happened they waited until the very end, after nothing too dramatic developed (as you said) and got physical with their cameras pointed at me trying for something they could use. For some of these people if it wasn’t for dirty politics then there wouldn’t be any politics at all.”

    So which is it Forest? Now Pareja supporters were just were making comments and assaulting with camera’s? yet that warranted media attention and a call to the FBI field office? I think the lies have finally caught up with you my friend and you sir should be ashamed of yourself.

    Forest Baker this is a free lesson, when you lie things catch up with you…when you tell the truth the story never changes!

    Also BTW 8 volunteers chevron corner, 2 volunteers taco bell, 4 volunteers shell and 2 volunteers near Wells Fargo = 16 not 40.

  • What a dysfunctional district, Stark raving Pete better take it easy or he’ll have an aneurysm laughing at this sophomoric Abbot and Costello display from Baker and Pareja. …Real statesmen!! No wonder the FTPP is helping CD11, how can anyone take the CD13 circus seriously…send in the clowns, CD13 is lost!!

  • deadwood

    Chris Pareja is a con artist and a spoil-sport. Anyone who writes his name on the ballot might as well be casting their vote for Stark. As he publicly stated to his supporters on facebook, and as noted above, “If it weren’t for you, there would have been no attendees from the district.” Really, Chris? Bold-faced lies? Pareja is a stooge for the Democrats, put in place to disrupt any chance of Stark being challenged by an opponent with credentials.

    Read all of Mr. Baker’s book and you will see that at the core his thesis is to revive the American economy by adding to our practice of supply-side Reaganomics, with a form of middle-class capitalism where We The People reclaim the industries of Healthcare, Welfare, Education and manufacturing. These industries are controlled by the government and Baker argues that the middle class need to cede back control and re-privatize. By doing so our country can get back into 4%+ annual GDP growth, and avoid the 1% rate of Stagflation.

    Despite offering a sound plan to fix our sputtering economy, Baker knows what it takes to create _ and retain – jobs, he is pro-life, has a sound plan to solve our country’s illegal immigration epidemic, supports repealing (and not funding Obamacare), has a plan for winning the long war in Afghanistan.

    Forest had 40+ people who came at different times throughout the day on Saturday, September 25. Fact. Keep on spreading lies, Pareja. Ed T, despite watching us like a hawk, has faulty has bogus accounting.

  • Sandi Jacobs

    Chris Pareja is the WRITE-IN Independent Conservative Candidate and after listening to him, I bet you too would hear the sincerity in his voice and you would know that he is the true conservative that would work for us. Don’t know him, check out his website http://www.chrispareja.com and listen to him yourself and be your own judge. He is no con artist. Email him, he’ll answer your questions.
    In fact, Forest Baker, the GOP candidate in my opinion has many, many socialist tendencies and in his book titled, “”Eukariotsu Capitalism in the Post-Sovereign Economy” On page 86 of his book it reads “My answer to this is the Commonwealth Trust State.” “A Cote is an association of 500-1000 families where working members are employees of the entity. The Cote owns and operates income-producing businesses, it own schools and clinics. It develops and manages residential and commercial real estate occupied by its denizens. Each partnership organizes, owns and administers a small bank. Cote assets are held in a perpetual trust for the benefit of all partners. Each head of household should be gainfully employed by one of the entity’s business units or pursue a professional career with Cote members as clients, students or patients.”
    “Commonwealth partners will be carefully recruited in order to fully populate each campus with a statistically normal mix of direct labor workers, middle managers, technical professionals and executives. Compensation rates will be equivalent with salaries and wages in the surrounding economy. Furthermore, partners will be provided with well-built residence owned by the Cote inside a closed corporate campus.”

    I translate this as creating a DICTATOR, who will run and decide for a certain community. There is no way, in which I can support a candidate that has this mindset. I see him no better than Pete Stark!!! Forest Baker is running a silent campaign and is not scheduling any public meet & greets to be questioned by the citizens of CA CD-13. At the only public meeting he had, he called for nationalizing the banks, etc. From what I have seen he also is not accepting any donations or help with his campaign. Mmmmm…..Why???

    Pete Stark will continue to vote in favor of taxing us to death, taking away our rights to free speech, supporting foreigners over Americans, and not improving the economy.

    Knowing many members of the local Tea Party and the minutemen, I have talked to plenty of members from these groups supporting Chris Pareja’s WRITE-IN Campaign.

    Know the candidates and you won’t regret voting for Write-In, Chris Pareja.

  • I would like to add my comments to this blog by saying, those of you who support Forest Baker are not supporting the conservative candidate that you think you are. Forest Baker is not a conservative nor is he the brilliant economist you perceive him to be. His credentials mean nothing to me as I have heard him personally speak at one of the few public meetings he came out from hiding to attend. The Fremont Tea Party vetted Mr. Baker last January and I was in attendance. I sat directly in front of Mr. Baker and I could hear him speak very well, even when he whispered to the panel member sitting next to him that, “The Cloward and Piven Strategy,” is 400 pounds of B.S. For those of you who don’t know about, The Cloward and Piven Strategy, I will provide the link. When a candidate can’t put some credibility into this strategy, I am concerned. He has to be awfully dense not to see this strategy playing out in our government. It makes me wonder why he can’t see it? Where is he coming from, the left or the right?

    That was only one of my concerns about Forest Baker. I also heard him say he is for socializing medicine and nationalizing the banks. I can tell you there was a gasp in the room as he was among conservatives. Now you tell me, is this how a conservative thinks? I don’t think so. I haven’t met one yet who would agree with this stance. If you don’t believe my accusations, I am sure the members of the Fremont Tea Party in attendance that day will back me up on this.

    My concerns about Mr. Baker don’t end there. I have had people contact me, wanting to donate to his campaign but he turns them down. How can a candidate run a campaign on such a small amount of money? He doesn’t even spend enough to require by law that he report it. Now I have questions about that and would think anyone would, knowing a campaign takes money. Winning candidates spend lots of money running their campaigns. My question to Mr. Baker is, who is funding your campaign? Who is backing you because the republican party certainly isn’t? I don’t even know how you won the primary. I didn’t see you do much campaigning. The other republican candidate, Luis Garcia, whom I voted for was way more visible than you. Mr. Baker, how did you pull that one off? I have never seen a candidate such as yourself, who hides from the voting public. How can you do that and win? Who is backing you, Mr. Baker?

    Mr. Baker, there is also another matter that concerns me and it is your book. Yes, I have seen the book and I don’t like the plan you have laid out in it at all. Communes don’t belong in a free America, at least not in the America that I am fighting along side other patriots to take back from politicians who sound very similar to you. I can understand why you wouldn’t make this book available for us to buy as it would scare the heck out of any free thinking American.

    Now for the matter of the independent write-in candidate, Chris Pareja. You can call him a spoiler but to me, he gives me a better choice than you, Mr. Baker. Mr. Pareja is a true conservative candidate. He meets with the voting public and will answer their questions. He talks about the economy, unemployment, the free market, small government, lower taxes and family values. Mr. Pareja believes in our Constitution and protecting it. Unlike you, Mr. Baker, Chris Pareja doesn’t view the Constitution as a breathing, living document. Mr. Pareja views it as the law of the land and the blue print of our freedom.

    As for Chris Pareja’s character, he is a very honorable man and a man with integrity. I have known this candidate for sometime now and I can vouch for his good character. Mr. Pareja believes in, “We The People,” and that the people belong in the process of running the government. He believes in being peaceful and would never promote or condone any kind of radical or disruptive behavior among his supporters.

    For any of you who haven’t had a chance to meet Chris Pareja and get to know him, you should come out and hear him speak at one of the many speaking events he attends. I believe you will be glad you did and come away with a feeling of, yes, I still have a chance to make a difference for CD 13 in 2010.

    Marla Castagnolo
    Organizer, The TriCity Tea Party Patriots

    The Cloward and Piven Strategy link:

  • Frank R.

    Let’s see if I got this straight:

    1. Forest Baker won the June Primary for the Republicans. But Sandy and Marla swear that Baker is a socialist of some sort. Sandy Jacobs is President of the Golden Gate Minutemen and Marla is Organzer (what is that) for the TriCity Tea Party. When Sandy says she talked to Minutemen (and Tea Party), I guess she is probably right. LOL

    2. Pareja is backed by the MinuteMen and the TriCity Tea Party (I assume..) and Chris is an Independent Conservative Tea Party Candidate.

    3. Baker also claims to be a Conservative…so now we have two Conservatives running (although one may be a socialist?).

    4. Pareja intrudes on Baker’s Rally and Baker Blames the Fremont Tea Party. The Fremont Tea Party puts it back on Pareja.

    5. Pareja and his group, at one time intrudes and disrupts a Fremont Tea Party Meeting.

    6. The Fremont Tea Party did not support either Conservative…but both Conservative Candidates blame/disrupts the Fremont Tea Party.

    Summary: GOP Winner is Challanged by an Independent TP Candidate for the Conservative Votes. Both Candidates attack a Non Participant Conservative Group (Fremont TP).

    Conclusion: Pete Stark Wins!!!

    My, my , my….with Conservatives, MM, and TP’s like these..no wonder Pete keeps getting elected over and over again. LOL

  • Frank R.

    Perhaps I spoke too soon. I did not notice that Pareja was a write-in candidate. In that case, Baker should just ignore him. Pareja will get less “air time” and won’t get too many votes. But every vote Pareja gets is one less for Baker. LOL, Pete might win again.

    But Pareja should show some class and stop intruding on Baker’s rallys.

    I see that Pareja also tried to get on the Ballot but couldn’t. Hey Pareja, are you (and the MM and TP) going to do it again in 2012? When Pete wins in 2010 then he won’t have to worry about 2012 either!! LOL

    I saw some signs for Pareja. I could not read it but I recognized the face from this article. Nice Picture Pareja. Maybe Stark will donate some money to your campaign so you can get some signs that we can read!! Or maybe the voters will just draw your face on the ballot. (This is just too funny!!! LOLOLOLOLOL)

  • Frank R.

    Many voters I have talked with don’t even know anything about Forest Baker. If we don’t know anything about the person we are voting for, than we must educate ourselves. If we don’t educate ourselves, than we will end up in the mess we are in. Many of us have gone to the polls and voted for the D or the R, not even understanding what that candidate’s policies were. I am doing my best to spread the word about what I know about Forest Baker and Chris Pareja. You can take it or leave it, after all this is still America. You can even choose to vote for Pete Stark if you want to. Personally, I don’t feel like laughing as you do but then again I am not into socialism either. If we don’t get serious about what we are doing in this country, that is what we can look forward to. By the way, I am a busy mother and homemaker who takes time away from her family to fight for our country. I will gladly pass the responsibility on to you once you know what an organizer of a group is.

  • Forest Baker is running against Pete Stark in Dist 13. I don’t know Baker. I’ve never talked to him or corresponded with him. Yet he chose to use slanderous statements about me on his facebook page.

    He professes to be a “Republican”, but even a RINO wouldn’t resort to some of the reckless statements that he makes. Conservative – I seriously doubt it. Progressive, Socialist – now we’re getting warm.

    I’m a Minuteman. I believe in immigration and how could I not? My grandparents, who raised me, immigrated here – legally of course in circa 1910. It’s illegal immigration that I’m against, as are all Minutemen. But here’s what Baker says about me:
    1) “… everyone knows that Steve Kemp opposes virtually all immigration and his views are profoundly un-American.”

    To be honest, I’ve heard the same sort of comments from some of the vile Socialists and pro illegal alien supporters in San Francisco and other cities around the Bay.

    Un-American? My stepson just commissioned into the Air Force and I’m proud of our Nation’s newest Second Lieutenant. When he was six years old, the National Anthem was played on TV and I told him to stand with me. He was a little confused, but he did stand, and he “got it”. BTW, my stepson is half black (as is his sister), which negates Baker’s next allegation:

    2) “They [John Guerrero and Marla Castagnolo] knew for certain that I would not agree to work with Steve Kemp as he promoted his racist agenda.”

    So Baker chooses to throw mud around, not only at me, but at others such as Mr. Pareja. And on that subject, I’ve met Chris on several occasions and I can tell you without reservation, that Chris Pareja is the “real deal” – an honest, polite, true conservative who cares about his country and treats his fellow citizens with respect. A real class act who has a future in politics.

    I don’t know what Baker is, nor do I much care. As I said, I don’t know him, and frankly, I don’t want to either.
    Steve Kemp

  • I’d like to know if either of these “conservative” candidates are advocating a humble, non-interventionist foreign policy where we lead by example, follow the Constitution and mind our own business?

    The Bush/Obama undeclared military police actions’ in both Afghanstan and Iraq have been going on far too long without consent from the people.

    Hint*Hint- If “conservatives” really want to cut spending, lower taxes, promote individual liberty and decrease the size of government… look no further than our policemen of the world foreign policy and the Dept of Homeland (so-called) Security. Both have BIG GOV’T written all over them.

  • Frank R.

    Forest Baker plays the race card? Why he sound’s like a Democrat Liberal. He must be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Pete must be having a good time watching Baker and Pareja go at it. A Barrel of Laughs!! With Conservative Candidates like these, who needs Liberals?

    Walter forgets that no President can wage anything without MONEY. MONEY only comes from one place, you guessed it, the Congress. And who has been in charge of the Congress? Bush?? (NO!!!) Liberal Idiots Pelosi and Reid. Oh, I guess it was still Bush’s fault. I am growing very tired of that excuse. If Obama, Pelosi and Reid cannot solve the problems, they need to step aside and let someone else in. This country is going to “Hell in a hand Basket” and these three clowns are clueless.

    But Walter is right, getting out of the war will cut spending temporarily. That is until the next 9/11 attack or worse. We could just absorb it like Obama said. But I think we will probably go after them. But then we probably will spend 10 times more than we are now. LOL

  • Frank:
    Your posts are somewhat confusing. If you support the conservative movement, you have a funny way of showing it. You seem to have more of an interest in taking jabs at good conservative people who are trying to make a difference in District 13 such as Mr. Pareja, Sandi and Marla.

    Perhaps you ought to get out and try volunteering some of your precious time to see how it feels instead of sitting behind your keyboard and playing the “Joker in the Deck”.

  • Frank R.


    It is unfortunate that my posts are confusing to you. It shows that you are not seeing the reality of the situation. I am conservative and I have done much for the conservative cause, but I am brutally honest. You must be honest to be a good conservative. But you mistake opinion for honesty.

    Be honest, putting up signs that can’t be read is not a good thing? Be honest.

    Be honest, is distrupting an opponents rally a “classy” thing to do? Be honest?

    Be honest, is attacking another Tea Party for non-support a “classy” thing to do (both Baker and Pareja)?

    So both Conservative Candidates are guilty, be honest, are these actions worthy of a Conservative Congressional Candidate? Be honest.

    If you can’t be honest with these obvious questions. Then I understand why my comments are confusing to you.

  • Frank R.


    Additionally, it is the left that usually tries to destroys a person who disagrees. Conservatives usually respect someone’s own opinion. By coming after me personally shows you are actually closer to the left in tactics and morality, then to the right.

    True Conservatives stick to the issues and win or lose on the merits of thier arguments. Liberals tend to go after individuals who disagree with them and discredit them, like you are attempting here.