McNerney downplays Biden visit

The campaign of Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, downplayed this morning’s fundraiser in Oakland with Vice President Joe Biden, carefully keeping the location and details of the visit under wraps.

His campaign spokeswoman Sarah Hersh told me last night that no details were being released because the event was not open to the press.

No offense, but when did open press equate to news value? And what possible down side could there be to news of  McNerney having eggs and bacon with the Vice President of the United States?

My colleague, Josh Richman, unearthed a few morsels this morning, which you can read here. But it was held at the Claremont Hotel, where Biden spent the night. Biden was scheduled to host a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer later today.

Of c0urse, the campaign of McNerney’s GOP challenger, David Harmer, had something to say about it:

Congressman Jerry McNerney has brought to California today one of the chief architects of the overspending in Washington – Vice President Joe Biden – who is helping raise money for the embattled Congressman’s re-election.

But to avoid the scrutiny of associating with the unpopular Vice President, Jerry McNerney has quietly taken Joe Biden to a high-dollar venue in Oakland, CA, dozens of miles away from any 11th Congressional District voter.

Moreover, details about the Biden event have been carefully guarded from the public as McNerney seeks to avoid being seen in public with the Vice President.

“When a major national figure comes to town, campaigns typically announce it to the world,” said Harmer spokesman Tim Clark. “But details about today’s Biden event have been as elusive as a Jerry McNerney town-hall meeting. They just don’t exist anywhere in the public.”

“No press invites, no insider releases, nothing, nada,” continued Clark. “It must have been a real challenge for Biden to agree to secrecy, especially considering his talent for self promotion. One thing is for sure, with all the hot air from this California heat wave blowing around, Biden will fit right in.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Truthclubber

    Bye, bye, you unemployed wind consultant hack posing as a “renewable energy entrepreneur” and accidental Congressman, because there will be no more “blue tsunamis” (anti-Bush, 2006; pro-Obama 2008) that you can ride to victory, and no more opponents you can demonize (Pombo, 2006; Andal, 2008) to escape the scrutiny of your own record.

    Harmer 52%, McNerney 48%.

  • Truth Teller

    Perhaps, Lisa might be more believable with her reporting and considered impartial if she wasn’t seen falling all over herself and smiling from ear to ear while conducting the Congressional debate. I found her behavior and mannerism suspect and unprofessional. It’s obvious she’s in Harmer’s camp, there’s no denying that.

  • Vote For the Dems

    McNerney might have an inexperienced staff with blunders galore, but does this district think it would do better with a GOP Congress? I don’t think so. The region, the SF Bay Area, the State and the Country is dominated by Democrats that’s a fact. We just need to get out the vote and prove that the GOP can’t steal another election just because our party doesn’t have the money, resources or corporate deep pockets funding our efforts. We can’t allow the GOP to win with it being hijacked and funded with a corporate focused agenda while the general public begs for health care, environmental, consumer, employee and medical protections and general well being. If we can’t provide American’s with a health care plan for all its citizens, how can be call ourselves civilized? We can’t be the laughing stock of the world anymore.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Wow. The left-wing liberal mainstream media reporter is in the Republican’s camp? Because the reporter smiled and was cordial and pleasant during the Congressional forum? What a crock. If you want fear and bluster, watch cable television.

  • Watch The Debate Video and Judge For Yourself

    I suggest readers view the McNerney/Harmer debate for themselves and make their own judgments on whether Lisa appeared partial to one candidate over another. I think it’s clear she was. You judge for yourself. Being impartial and showing no favoritism over one candidate over another is crucial on validating that you’re a good enough reporter and taken seriously. I suggest it be practiced by this political journalist. That is my opinion and shouldn’t be censored by this board or the reporter. Let others have their say here, as well. We count, too.

  • John W

    I’ve said it before and will again. I’ve often speculated in my head about Lisa’s political leanings but have never seen anything in print or video to validate or invalidate my guess. I watched not only the CD 11 debate, but also CD 10 and some of the others. Not a hint of favoritism in any of them. It’s difficult to be a political reporter and not have your biases come through in some manner. But Lisa accomplishes that — the mark of a true professional.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Thank you, John. I don’t subscribe to the idea that candidate encounters with journalists ought to be unpleasant experiences unless, of course, the candidates are unpleasant. The televised previews, after all, are not intended to show voters how clever — or not — the moderator is but allow the candidates to deliver their messages.

  • Partial Reporter Planting Favorable Opinions On Herself

    Nice try to plant a favorable opinion on yourself, Lisa. Not good, not good at all. The timeline is very telling. Count how many times you smile and make eye contact with Harmer and then count those of McNerney. Media professionals do this – I did this with your mediation. It’s as plain as day, your tone, your smiles and otherwise that you have something against McNerney OR you have something for Harmer. Further more, so what if you didn’t get a heads up on Biden’s visit from the McNerney office. An good non-whiny investigative journalist would have had other means to find that information out and you did after the fact, so what? You just have sour grapes you couldn’t leak it to others, or make a headline for yourself. Now, to be fair to your audience, how about you reporting any high profile GOP visits benefiting Harmer and report that. The GOP just is sneakier on their covert communications than other political parties. I hope you’re not designated to mediate another debate, because you’re not a professional, you’re anything but.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    That’s absurd. I don’t know JW. I moderated (not mediated) 23 election previews during a three-day period, including CD11. The notion that I would spend time casting favorable glances one way or the other based on some underlying bias is ridiculous. As for having “something for Harmer,” I am a very happily married woman and grandmother to seven beautiful grandchildren. I don’t waste my time having “somethings” for candidates.

  • Truthclubber

    The overly whiny desperation coming out of the keyboards of the (soon to be unemployed) McNerdy (mis-spelling deliberate) camp is very telling, indeed — that they would stoop to demonize even the moderator of a debate (Lisa Vorderbrueggen) that their chump failed to impress at.

    My gripe at LV is that she just loooooooooves incumbents waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, so to see attacks on her as leaning against an incumbent in BIG trouble is quite telling — as it would seem she is bailing on the USS McNerdy BIG time ahead of the tidal wave about to hit it broadside.

    Harmer 52%, McNerney 48%.

  • John W

    Re #12

    Roger that. I’ve seen Lisa speak at a couple of meetings but have not met her. By the way, in case it’s not abundantly obvious, I’m a Dem and an enthusiastic supporter of McNerney. So, why would I defend somebody (who needs no defending) accused of favoring his opponent?

  • Truth Equalizer

    To # 13 (An appropriate number assigned to you, by the way) Why resort to name calling with the moniker McNerdy? How old are you? There is no tidal wave on the Dems, as you and the likes of you keep mouthing off in that ignorant echo chamber and hope it resonates. It doesn’t. Your public street corner spectacles, yelling and shouting on the streets like fools to anyone who would listen to your rhetoric is a sign of desperadoes hoping others with join you. The country is mess, thanks to Bush and his supporters. Be made at Corporate America, who shipped American jobs overseas. Wake up, stop being so angry at the wrong folks. You need to recognized that this country thinks and votes Democratic and this region has a margin of error that makes this election very close. The GOP does not have the advantage. The poll numbers reflect it and you need to realize it. No amount of yelling and name calling can change that. Good riddance.

  • Truthclubber

    Dear Truth Equalizer (you wish…)

    You’re just another example of the overly whiny desperation coming out of the keyboard of soon-to-be unemployed McNerney staff members, and I can tell you I’m not only older than you, I’m higher educated than you — here are a FEW grammatical errors you committed with your keyboard diatribe:

    “others with join you…”
    “The country is mess…”
    “Be made at Corporate America…”
    “You need to recognized…”

    You sound like Bush on quaaludes!

    Dude, get a real job and stop shilling for an unemployed wind consultant hack posing as a “renewable energy entrepreneur”, and an accidental Congressman soon to be relieved of that duty.

    Harmer 52%, McNerney 48%.

  • Truth Equalizer

    #16 You’re an immature hack (name calling on ‘McNerdy’ and using Truthclubber as a SN) attempting to drown out those who challenge Lisa’s “moderator” skills and your delusional diatribes. Obviously, you’re a GOP Operative trolling this site and hoping to silence those who disagree or challenge you. Imitation is a form of flattery, so it’s clear my choice words have been reflected in your weak imitation semantics and retorts. I must have hit a nerve with you – good! Harmer isn’t going to win. So, learn to live with defeat and lick your wounds, it’s reality time for GOP. All the shouting in the world and the complaining can’t buy votes for your three-time-carpet-bagger-unemployed Harmer.

    You really should provide the margin of error when you cite the poll numbers at the end of your diatribe and you should cite the poll. The margin of error is key, but you left that FACT out. Either you don’t know what it is, or you deliberately left it out while skewing the truth. Everyone knows this race with be close, apparently you don’t. Nevertheless, Congressman Jerry McNerney will win and you’ll continue to be a delusional GOP shrill. May I recommend you take your meds and consult someone about your OCD. Why don’t you sit down and shut up. Better yet learn to cite facts, poll numbers and statistics otherwise you’re just another misinformed Tea Bagger spewing angry BS to the closest ear or eyeball.

    Your remarks about my grammar only confirms you most likely know Lisa, work in the media or might even be a friend of relative of hers. Better yet, you’re a GOP Operative trolling around hoping your loud mouth antics will win over some voters — think again.

    BTW, “TruthClubber” you made a comment about McNerney being unemployed, your three-time-loser-Harmer is unemployed, too! Ha Ha What you have selective amnesia? Or, you forgot to state that factoid, too.

    Folks, watch the debate and judge for yourself whether Lisa favored Harmer with her smiles and positive body language. Count how many times she smiles at Harmer vs. McNerney. It’s clear there is a bias and it’s wrong. Be a professional and learn from what others perceive as a bias, Lisa. The public is watching and reading and we have our own judgments to make on what we see as unfair, unprofessional and suspect.

  • Elwood

    Lisa you’ve got to stop smiling!

    In the future please frown a lot and give all candidates dirty looks!

  • Truth Equalizer

    To # 10, #12 and the dubious #18 and any other stealth SNs used:

    Shakespeare’s Quote is applicable here:

    The lady (Lisa) doth protest too much, methinks.

    Just smile EQUALLY at both Congressional Candidates. Otherwise, you appear as unprofessional and biased. That should be an easy enough task, unless you are biased then it would be challenge.

  • Truthclubber

    Dearest Truth Equalizer (or is it Eat-Quaaluder?) —

    Hate to say this, because it’s going to break your little heart, but we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

    You’ve just pissed off your campaign manager, Doug Greven, big time, by confirming that the “accidental Congressman” about to lose that distinction was in fact, an unemployed wind consultant hack posing (at the time, back in 2006) as a “renewable energy entrepreneur” when the facts were anything but.

    Please make sure you run your tepid replies past his desk in case you want to keep yourself from being forced to walk precincts…again.

    Harmer 52%, McNerney 48%.

  • Truth Equalizer

    Dear Unfortunate Misinformed Simpleton aka TruthClubber GOP Operative:

    Don’t laugh yourself into a tizzy with your stupidity, snarky replies and simple minded deductions. I’m not your typical Democrat who lies down and plays nice with your elementary school yard antics and tactics famously deployed by the GOP.

    It’s clear you’re working for or with Lisa or masquarading here as some Joe-Blow. Most likely you’re working for Harmer’s campaign or a big time supporter. Apparently, your quick retorts and taunts have you spinning with your rapid responses and making you more desperate with each letter, word and sentence stroke. Don’t stroke yourself into a frenzy and remember to come up for air, otherwise it makes you MORE stupid. Ha Ha I can be just as condescending as yourself, but then I would be lowering myself to your level. I just might have to do that to make my point and aggravate you because it’s fun ruffing the tail feathers of a GOP Operative blowhard rooster – it’s not hard to do and it’s great fun and entertaining at your expense! Touche.

    By the way, you have selective amnesia or can’t comprehend questions asked of you because you’re working yourself into a little frenzy replying and working yourself into a froth. Do you have comprehensive issues? Can’t do two things at one time? Cite the poll and the margin of error on your statistics. The margin of error makes this congressional race close, everyone knows this but you refuse to admit it. Being a bully doesn’t make you the winner on this discussion, it only makes you a bully. No one likes a bully.

    Get off the “herb” Tea Bagger and smell the coffee. Harmer is an umemployed-three-time-loser-carpet-bagger and will be labeled a four-time-loser-carpet-bagger.

    Now, take a chill pill, rest up and start licking those political wounds. It’s gonna hurt on election day. Ha Ha

  • Truthclubber

    Dear Truth Equalizer:

    Harmer 52%, McNerney 48%.

  • Truthclubber

    Dear Truth Quaaluder — I’ve got your precious poll data right here:


    Dear MoveOn member,

    The new Gallup Poll came out yesterday, and it shows that this election is all about turnout.

    Among all registered voters, Democrats and Republicans are roughly tied. But among likely voters — people who say right now that they’re going to cast a ballot —Republicans are leading by double digits.1

    So it’s as simple as this: if grassroots progressives don’t mobilize en masse to help get out the vote for candidates like Jerry McNerney, the Republicans and their corporate allies are going to take over Congress. But if we work together to turn out all the folks who voted for the first time in 2008 and put President Obama in the White House, we can win this thing.

    The McNerney campaign needs more volunteers in Dublin this week. Volunteers will be contacting other voters to make sure everyone who opposes the GOP’s corporate agenda makes it out to vote. Can you help out?

    Thanks for all you do.

    –Adam, Amy, Stephen, Michael, and the rest of the team


    1. “GOP Well Positioned Among Likely Midterm Voters,” Gallup Poll, October 4, 2010


    Harmer 52%, McNerney 48%.

  • Truth Equalizer

    A male colleague viewed this McNerney and Harmer debate and he said “Lisa appeared to be on the verge of flirtation” while “moderating” that debate. That’s two individuals observing the obvious. Lisa’s previous posts indicate she’s highly defensive about her conduct and she should be.

  • Truth Equalizer

    Winner: McNerney

    Loser: Harmer

    Ha Ha Ha

  • Truth Equalizer

    Margin of error? Still no answer. I’ll research the data myself and VERIFY your spin.

  • Elwood


    This battle of the paid trolls is really exciting!