FPPC identifies big spenders

Groups formed to support or oppose the nine statewide propositions on the Nov. 2 ballot have raised more than $84 million in contributions of $100,000 or more, according the  California Fair Political Practices Commission.

“While candidate spending invariably receives the most attention, the tens of millions of dollars from large donors flowing into the ballot initiative campaigns is once again the big story when it comes to the influence of big money in California politics,” said FPPC Chairman Dan Schnur in a prepared release. “Once again, 2010 is destined to be a record-setting year in the annals of big-dollar spending on California initiatives. I predict this record will stand until 2012.”

No fewer than 40 committees raised $50,000 or more to further their efforts of supporting or opposing the nine propositions and 23 of those committees received contributions of $100,000 or more from at least one contributor, according to the FPPC.

More from the FPPC:

Prop. 24 leads large cumulative contributions with over $22.684 million and Proposition 23 is close behind at just over $22 million. Proposition 19 raised the fewest large contributions with slightly more than $1.6 million.

A number of individuals or committees chose to support more than one measure and the total amount they contributed to all measures is included in the breakdown available under “Special Reports” on the Commission’s website at www.fppc.ca.gov.

Highlights of contributions received by committees supporting or opposing propositions include:

Proposition 19

· Over $1.5 million in support from S.K. Seymour, LLC, Oaksterdam University and Affiliated Entities

Yes on 20, No on 27

· Over $7.4 million from Charles T. Munger, Jr.

Yes on 21

· Over $6 million raised with no payments of $100,000 or more in opposition

Yes on 22

· Over $2.4 million contributed from various accounts of the League of California Cities

Yes on 23

· Over $7.25 million raised from various oil and petrochemical interests

No on 23

· 10 separate committees established to specifically oppose this measure

· More than $13.5 million raised, mainly from individuals

· $5 million from Thomas Steyer, Hedge Fund Manager of Farallon Capital Management

Yes on 24

· More than $11.25 million in support, with nearly $6.5 million from the CA Teachers Association Issues PAC

No on 24

· Nearly $11.5 million raised from 15 separate companies

Yes on 25

· Over $7.750 contributed from 12 separate committees representing labor interests

No on 25, Yes on 26

· Over $5.5 million provided by 9 separate business interests

Yes on 27

· Nearly $5.5 million raised in support

· $825,000 from three elected officials, including $625,000 from Congresswoman Judy Chu

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Prison Guard

    Well, you won’t see CCPOA’s name, (Prison Guards Union) on this list!

    Too much money spent on lawyers to defend their, (Mike Jimenez’, and Companty) foul deeds!