Bad mailer of the week

I have a little game for you. Let’s call it the “Great Hunt for Misspelled Politicians’ Names!” No prizes, sorry.

The mailer below was put out by the California Republican Party for the benefit of Assembly District 15 GOP nominee Abram Wilson. The endorsement list, as an eagle-eyed reader points out to me, was obviously not proofread by anyone with access to Google.

He found at least fiveĀ  misspelled names. Can you find more?

  1. Bob Kockly (they meant Kochly), Contra Costa County District Attorney
  2. Cleste (they meant Celeste) Evans, Arts Council (should be Commission), Danville
  3. Jim Livington (they meant Livingstone), Councilmember San Ramon
  4. Guy Huston (they meant Houston), former Assemblymember
  5. Lynn (they meant Lynne) Leach, former Assemblymember

As the reader also noted, the Republican Party managed to misspell the names of two of its former and veteran elected officials, Houston and Leach.

“Why should voters entrust a person with the details of “lawmaking” who cannot master the simple task of correctly spelling his predecessors’ names in a document distributed to 10,000’s?” the reader asks.

Wilson mailer

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • alamodad

    That’s still a pretty nice list of endorsements.

  • Spel Cheker

    They may not be spelled right, but they’re still on the list.

    Maybe this was all a clever scheme by the Wilson campaign to get everyone to look closer and notice how many Dems and Independents there are – or maybe not.

    I still say they’ve been spelling “H. Abram Wilson” wrong the entire campaign. “Abram Wilson” is a famous jazz musician.

  • Bill P.

    Which moron at the California G.O.P. is responsible for this? The California Republican Party can’t even correctly spell the name of “Guy Huston,” one of the men running for State Party chair? (Or was this a set-up by Del Beccaro and company?) Lynne Leach ran for statewide office just eight years ago and is already forgotten? Doesn’t Mayor Wilson serve on the San Ramon City Council with Jim Livingstone? An intern spending five minutes on the internet could have proofread this document. It’s a surprise to see Gus Kramer, Contra Costa County Assessor, on this list. First, he is a tainted sleazeball who cost County taxpayers $300,000+ in that federal sexual harassment lawsuit, after trying to force himself on a young subordinate. (Is Mr. Kramer the type of public official that Mayor Wilson associates with? I guess that since Wilson thinks his city manager is worth $300k, another $300k wasted by the county government to cover his supporter’s liability is no big deal.) Second, Kramer begged Democrats to vote for him for Assessor because of his “working class” roots. Now Kramer stabs his Democratic supporters in the back. What an opportunist. And note to the California Republican Party — Richmond is nowhere near this Assembly District. We don’t know or care what Richmond’s elected officials think about the 15th Assembly District — they have enough of their own problems to deal with locally.

  • John W

    Prufing is fer eleetists!

    At least they spelled the outgoing DA’s name with a K.

    Hmmm! These are the guys who say Dems should “read the bill.”

  • Hey it got me to look… this one might backfire on the critics.

  • Proofreader

    Isn’t it Nat Bates. Not Nate Bates…

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Good eye. You’re right.

  • Joe Queirolo

    And isn’t it Hermann Welm, not Herman Whelm?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Excellent! I missed that one.