CD11: Debate in Tracy generates heat

While the rest of you were stuck watching the San Francisco Giants game on Saturday night, I was sitting in a Tracy elementary school gymnasium watching the 11th Congressional District candidate debate.

No, seriously, I was happy. I’m not a sports fan.

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It was a rowdy evening full of good, old-fashioned political heat.

But it was also wildly crowded. The media table was stuffed against a side wall and people stood three and four deep in front of me. Since I couldn’t get a clear video shot of the candidates, I relied on the daughters of one of the campaign consultant with seats in the front row to hold up my FlipVideo. (Yes, it was a GOP consultant’s daughter but there was almost no one in this audience who didn’t have a preference, so I went with the first willing volunteer. And since I was there and I retrieved the video immediately afterward, I’m confident there was no funny business.)

I took the the first short video, which is a sweep of the crowd.

The second video, thanks to my video-camera-holding volunteer, is the majority of the debate. (My FlipVideo only holds an hour. As a result, I’ve persuaded my editor to let me buy a new micro-camcorder that will hold up to four hours.)

Lisa Vorderbrueggen