CD11: McNerney’s lead expands slightly

Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney inched his way toward re-election with updated counts showing him with a 568-vote lead over opponent, GOP nominee David Harmer.

For McNerney, the trend is promising. He started out more than 3 percentage points behind in early returns but steadily closed the gap throughout the evening as the Election Day votes broke in his favor.

But the outcome is still far from decided.

The 568-vote gap represents a scant 0.3 percentage points of the 167,730 votes cast in the 11th Congressional District, which remains one of nine House races nationwide still undetermined.

And the latest numbers, posted last night, came from Alameda and Santa Clara counties, where McNerney was already winning.

Both camps anxiously await today’s vote count updates from Contra Costa and San Joaquin counties.

Harmer has a 5 percentage point lead over McNerney in the more conservative San Joaquin, and the pair are almost tied in Contra Costa County.

Tens of thousands of votes remained to be counted after Election Day, largely due to an influx of vote-by-mail ballots dropped off at the polls.  Most election clerks hope to wrap up the counting by the end of next week and certify the results before Thanksgiving.

If the 11th District vote remains close, there could be recount.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • If San Joaquin is where bulk of votes in district are it would follow that the absentees there might help him catch up if CoCo County is a wash.

    I smell a recount.

  • steve weir

    Harmer lead in the VBM ballots for Contra Costa. It is obvious that the vote broke towards McNerney as he carried in the precinct balloting, but not by enough to overcome Harmer.

    I have at least 20,000 VBM ballots from the 11CD to add to the totals. (Today’s update, about 4 pm should add about 12,500 vbms from the 11th CD to the count…remember, this is an estimate.)