CD11: McNerney officially wins re-election



Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, has officially won re-election to a third term.

Contra Costa County, the fourth and final county in the 11th Congressional District, certified its election results late this morning, which widened McNerney’s final margin of victory over GOP nominee David Harmer to 2,658 votes.

The final vote tally: McNerney, 115,361 votes, or 47.97 percent; Harmer, 112,703, or 46.86 percent; and David Christensen, American Independent, 12,439, or 5.17 percent.

McNerney had been trailing Harmer in Contra Costa County, but overtook him as the final votes were tallied. He eventually beat Harmer by 92 votes in Contra Costa and prevailed in Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

Harmer won in the more conservative San Joaquin County by 4,493 votes, or 3.6 percentage points. This result could prove telling for McNerney’s 2012 re-election prospects, as redistricting next year will almost certainly shift his district’s boundaries eastward.

While the final vote count was tight — 1.1 percent of the 240,503 votes cast — it’s probably not close enough to warrant an expensive recount.

Any registered voter may request a recount but must pay for it. If the election results are overturned as a result of the recount, the county will refund the money.

The Republican Party had been watching this race closely, although both parties sent observers to watch vote counting in all four counties. The California Republican Party has said it will pursue a lawsuit in Contra Costa County in a dispute over the rights of observers to challenge vote-by-mail signatures but the outcome would unlikely impact the 11th District results.

The full county results are posted on its Web site, www.cocovote.us.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    I believe this was the last House seat in the Nation to be decided. After Meg, what’s money? You’re correct, Lisa; in 2012, expect redistricting to shift some CA House seats to the GOP.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    I believe the Secretary of State has up to 4 days to certify the results of the 4 Counties. Then its up to Congress to certify its election results.

  • John W

    CD 11 may shift Eastward and become solidly Red, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that McNerney’s hometown of Pleasanton would be included in the district. Perhaps he and Pete Stark will have to fight over the same turf. Of course, in that scenario, with the new open primary system, they wouldn’t just be competing with each other in the primary. So, lots of fun things could happen on this side of the Bay. Since people don’t have to live in the district, there could be a mad scramble.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    My guess is CD11 and CD10 will both shift northward and CD7 will shift eastward.

  • Tom Benigno

    In the next redistricting period we will not see the San Joaquin County, in the in the 11th district. IF IT DON’T MATCH YOU MUST DETACH IT FROM THE 11TH. Why?

  • Elwood

    And from this day forward he shall be known as Landslide McNerney.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    “A politician…one that would circumvent God”

  • John W

    Did Mr. Harmer get the memo yet?

  • Tom Benigno

    The San Joaquin County has 36% unemployment and about 11,000 foreclosed homes to date, not including businesses that have gone bankrupt. No Jobs for these poor folks who have given their lives saving to be part of the valley towns to own their first home.
    Also many have lost their quality of life by locating to the valley.
    They will all tell you they had to get away from the bay area, because of the crime, and were willing to commute to the bay area to work. Now they are witnessing layoffs in the bay area,and crime in the valley.

    Even low paying jobs are hard to find, fast food and house cleaning and especially agricultural. So when our elected officials go to their jobs in Sacramento and Washington D.C, they have no clue on how to solve the problems. Exporting jobs won’t do it.

    One party wants to spend money and create jobs and the other party wants to cut projects and spending and taxes, to shut down big government. How is that supposed to work for the people?

  • DanvilleDemocrat

    Elwood, funny you should mention nicknames for Congressman McNerney.

    After his defeat of disgraced Rep. Dick Pombo, Rahm Emanuel apparently nicknamed Rep. McNerney “Dragon-Slayer” … rumor is the new nickname shall be “Double-Dragon-Slayer”.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Secretary of State Debra Bowen reported the above votes at 4:33 p.m. Tuesday, stating her office will certify the outcome by next Monday.