Remember the phrase ‘never say never’?

You know the phrase “never say never”? It is meant to remind you that you don’t want to box yourself in to an intractable position lest an intervening epiphany of good sense overtakes you.

For one thing, if you show fierce loyalty (or fealty, depending on where you view things from) to a principle, and subsequently back down, you tend to disappoint some of your ardent defenders.

Take former Assembly GOP leader Mike Villines, a symbol of villification among his own party members who recall his treachery on taxes in 2009, when he was one of six Republicans to support a two-year tax hike and a ballot measure that would extend it another two years.

His fall may not have been so precipitous, but for how strongly he protested the idea of a tax hike. Here’s what he told the Los Angeles Times just months before helping shepherd the tax hike through:

“The legislative leaders understand we will not support a tax increase,” said Mike Villines, who stalked out of budget talks in anger Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t think the governor understands that. . . . It is so frustrating to sit through these meetings in his office. How many times can we say no to taxes?”

So, as the current crop of GOP leaders approach negotiations with Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders, it will be interesting to see how far they will go (rhetorically) before/if they allow themselves to be talked back in from the ledge.

Steven Harmon

  • Bob

    Today, I watched the California Government Channel, where the State Senate was reviewing infrastructure cuts, predictable years ago, since they have been letting former Gov.Davis’ 2001 deregulated energy deals pump inflation, around the world, as California’s economy shrank, from 5th to 9th, in the world.

    I personally informed State Senator Elaine Alquist, how the Davis deals would gather perverse steam, during war, as far back as 2004. One of her staffers cut me off, at our encounter, at Mtn.View City Hall.

    I personally informed Budget Committee Chair, former SF Supervisor, Senator Mark Leno, several years ago, when I recognized him, in front of SF City Hall, how the deregulated deals would eat our infrastructure. He ignored me, but today, he wondered to Finance Department wunderkind Mr.Cohen, if subsidies to AIDS patients would be cut.

    Gab, gab, gab, went the committee, until it dismissed, at 4 pm. Not one media or representative has admitted how deregulting energy and then waging war on drugs, Iraq, and Afghanistan has spiraled costs, since 2001! And so, they all get to funding courts which hear no habeas corpus and medication, without protecting borders or controlling births of children to aliens. They send money and jobs, across borders, even overseas.

    GAB, GAB, GAB! Got dialogue? I’ve been wanting some, without being blown off or ignored. We suffer S0 senates, in the USA. Nebraska already divested its senate, or never had one. They are about as useful, as a hole in the head.