Brown to drop in on GOP strategy retreat

Gov. Jerry Brown will address legislative Republicans next week at their annual policy retreat, according to a staffer for GOP Senate Leader Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga.

The Assembly and Senate caucuses are holding closed-door strategy sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday at the California Farm Bureau headquarters in Sacramento.

“The governor is planning on dropping in on our planning meeting the 8th or 9th,” said Jann Taber, spokeswoman for Dutton.

The governor’s office would not confirm the meeting but one person close to the administration said “in coming days, you will see him at meetings with Republicans and Democrats again.”

Brown won’t be privy to the secret sessions, but continues to make himself available to Republicans.

After his State of the State address, Brown and his wife Anne Gust dropped in on the California Republican Party’s “Back to Session” shindig at the fancy Ella Restaurant, chatting with Assembly GOP Leader Connie Conway, R-Visalia, among others.

He’s already appeared at GOP caucus breakfasts and luncheons, and met with a number of lawmakers privately in his office.

Steven Harmon

  • Ken Schepers

    Steve, great to catch up on your new (renewed) Guv. With the dire financial straits your state government is in, you need nothing less than a true thinking outside the box (or as we used to say, “Radical”) leader. He was creative enough to get labeled “Moonbeam” his first time around for his thinking. Let’s see what comes with his approach and if he has the ability to piece together a coalition that your prior leader didn’t.
    Michigan now has a Repub businessman, Rick Snyder, from Gateway Computers, with a Repub House and Senate and State Supreme Court.
    It will be a good comparison is leadership.
    Take care and congrats on your exciting 2010 Giants. I remember being at a Giants game in SF in 2004 and calling a friend in Michigan and giving him a pitch by pitch account of a Barry Bonds at bat and he drove one deep into the left field stands. Not Ernie Harwell or Vince Scully, but it was great to be there.
    Ken Schepers

  • Steven Harmon

    Hey, Ken. thanks for keeping in touch.And let’s see what kind of followup the Giants have. It’ll be tough to repeat.