Cowboy libertarian starts radio show



My favorite cowboy libertarian, former California GOP communications director Patrick Dorinson, has started his own radio show on Sundays 3-5 p.m. at NewsTalk 1530 KFBK in Sacramento.

Dorinson bills the show as, “saddle up for some straight talk, good old fashioned common sense and a little cowboy wisdom.”

Cowboy Libertarian fans may also want to read his blog on Fox about how the cowboy code is not frivolous.

Last week’s show featured Idaho Rancher Jennifer Ellis discussing the constant struggle to survive against Mother nature and radical environmentalists who want to stop ranching and all energy development on public lands.” He also talked with James Owen, author of “Cowboy Ethics, Cowboy Values and The Try” talking about the “need to return to the basic principles that made America exceptional.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    This reminds me of some EBRPD directors who want to buy land, fence it off and keep anyone from setting foot on it.

    A director once told me that his goal for a newly acquired 1880s farm stead was to eradicate any trace of man’s presence on the land.

    Can you say elitist twit?

  • John W

    If EBRPD acquires the land by paying more for it than somebody else is willing to pay; or if the owner chooses to sell it to EBRPD at below market, isn’t that the free market at work?

  • Elwood

    I really don’t care what they pay for land, it’s their elitist twit attitude of locking it up and preventing anyone from setting foot on it even though it was purchased with public money that pisses me off.

  • Michael Harrigan

    I want to thank Mr.Dorinson for giving us some local flavor and original insight with regards to the political
    scene both locally and globally.
    Patrick,you have lots of listeners out here,and I found
    out by listening to your show today,that I’m not the only one out here on the conservative side who would like
    the old Senators visiting Libya,to come home and shut up.I am sick and tired of America’s expenditure of lives
    (and money we do not have)of our best and most committed
    citizens;our Military in wars that have no end.
    Thanks again for your show;and I’ll keep listening as long as you keep doing it.

  • Jerry Vinnola

    Hey Cowboy I think you might remember me the only other cowboy and his (hat)in all of New York! I sure hope things went well for you with your meeting. Not so for me, but I have to tell you the first words out of your mouth made me smile, seeing your hat helped to. I prayed things would go well for you on that day. You said “thank God for you” LITTLE DID YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SAID, “THE HANDS of Freedom campaign” (That is what we are working on), is a way to HONOR VETERANS in a way that has never done before, there is a free gift in this kit we are doing, and on it are the engraved words
    “THANK GOD FOR YOU.” THANKS, before I left we knew it was a good idea, but when you said that, I knew this was a good idea and that we are on the right track. Hope you have a great day. Jerry
    p.s. Keep up the good work.