New redistricting map proposal surfaces

For all you redistricting junkies out there, political guru Tony Quinn, co-author of the California Target Book, has written a fascinating post at Foxes and Hounds about one way the new independent California Redistricting Commission might redraw the state’s congressional districts.

The map predicts the loss of a Bay Area seat belonging to either Rep. George Miller, of Martinez, or Pete Stark, of Fremont.

This could get very interesting.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    “Either Democratic Reps George Miller of Contra Costa or Pete Stark of Alameda are the likely losers.”

    Oh no, not dear old Pete Stark (38 years at the trough) or the beloved George Miller (36 years)! My heart will break!

    Thank God we still have Bobbie Lee!

  • Truthclubber

    I hardly think that either Miller or Stark are going to sit around and let McNerdly stay in Congress given his lack of…(let’s be polite, now)…”tenure”.

    CD-11 becomes CD-“somewhere-else”.

    That’s MY call.

  • John W

    This is going to be fun. Don’t forget the open primary, which will make it double fun. Then, add in the fact that somebody who loses the district he lives in can always pull a McClintock and run whereever he pleases.

  • Truthclubber

    Johnny W — you SO don’t understand how this works.

    With the redistricting, McNerdly will find himself most likely waking up one day in his Pleasanton home living in an expanded Stark CD, while much of his original CD will have been carved up to morph over to Miller, Garamendi, and Cardoza — any of whom he would lose SOUNDLY to in a primary battle, so my guess is that that he and his “loving wife Mary” (who knows where those frequent bruises on his face come from?) will be forced to accept a new life (and a far better one than what he had as an unemployed wind energy consultant hack) as a lobbyist for BIG Wind (something he should have good practice at, by now).

    That’s MY call.

  • John W


    Besides your disgusting comments about Mrs. McNerney, looks like you are having a debate about imaginary comments made by some imaginary fella named Johnny. The only people who have made comments about “how this works” or what the outcomes from redistricting will be are you and Elwood.