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Brown to tout more biz support for budget

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 11:01 am in Jerry Brown, state budget, taxes.

Hot on the heels of a few big business-sector endorsements of his budget plan – and perhaps on the cusp of landing another here in the East Bay – Gov. Jerry Brown is spending time today announcing more business support in Sacramento.

Brown will meet at 10:15 a.m. with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and then at 1:15 p.m. with the California Small Business Association, California Black Chamber of Commerce and California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Neither meeting is open to the press, but each will be followed by a news conference immediately outside the Governor’s office in the State Capitol.

And that’s a clear indication that these endorsements are fait accomplis. It’s not as if he’s still trying to convince them of anything today; Brown wouldn’t publicize the meetings and then let these groups’ leaders meet the press literally on his doorstep unless he already had them in the bag. It’s a carefully orchestrated roll-out of support: a measured number per day, in order to keep hammering home to Legislative Republicans that business generally is on board with letting voters decide whether to extend income, sales and vehicle taxes for five more years as part of the budget solution.

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  • lars54

    Memo to Jerry Brown; The Chronicle reported today the CEO of University of California San Francisco has a salary of $750,000 annually. I think the state can easily fill this job for say $250,000 a year, so Brown can save $500,000 right there. His proposed tax hike may lose unless he starts clamping down on the public officials that are gouging the public and state treasury.

  • John W

    Not to defend UC, which has plenty of overhead-cutting opportunity — but, seriously, we could fill the top UC job for $250k? I don’t think so. We have prison guards with high school educations making $150k with overtime that is nearly guaranteed. His salary may be high, but he left a job as head of University of Texas that paid as much or more. Right now, he’s probably wondering why he ever left, given the sorry state of affairs here.