Oakland firm wins redistricting contract

An Oakland firm co-owned by UC Berkeley Statewide Database Center director Karin Mac Donald was chosen to redraw California’s political districts under the direction of the new, voter-created independent redistricting commission.

The 14-member panel unanimously awarded Q2 Data and Research the $510,000 contract but not before engaging in pointed partisan discourse about the other bidder and Mac Donald’s ties to UC Berkeley professor Bruce Cain, a Democrat who drew lines for his party in the 1980s.

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood
  • John W

    I can hardly wait to see what the new districts will look like and the fun and games that will ensue.

    As the story notes, it would be impossible to find political eunuchs that have any experience or expertise in this. I would hope that, regardless of personal political affiliation, whoever does this work would have the integrity to play it straight with no agenda. It’s in their enlightened self interest. Their credibility of their consulting business is at stake. The debates will be within the redistricting commission itself. That’s unavoidable, since there are guidelines but no perfectly objective standard to determine what non-gerrymandered districts look like.

  • Allen Payton

    Hopefully, the commission will choose The Rose Institute to do the peer review, so as to reduce the concerns about partisanship, since they were the only other ones to submit a bid.

  • Tom Benigno

    As for the redistricting of California congressional districts, the plan it is going on according to schedule. By the time of the 2012 election Jerry Mc Nerney will loose a major part of the San Joaquin valley as part of the 11th district. The reason is that cities in the 11th district in the valley, such as Tracy, Stockton, Manteca, Ripon & Escalon will be in another district. That district could be the part of the 19th district which is now represented by Jeff Denham. Jeff Denham will be the congressman unless “you know who runs against him.