Tauscher cancer free, says Post



Former East Bay congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, now under secretary for international security and arms control in the U.S. State Department, is cancer free, according to the Washington Post’s “What Happened To …” segment.

That’s excellent news.

Not long after her 2009 marriage to retired pilot Jim Cieslak, Tauscher  underwent chemotherapy and radiation, and then surgery to remove her esophagus.

These two make a wonderful couple and they deserve many more years together.  My best wishes for a continued clean bill of health!

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    Wonderful news!

  • Truthclubber

    First off, with all due respect to Ms. Tauscher, it’s “esophagus”, not “esophogus” — so much for accuracy in media.

    (That appeared to die some time ago, along with reporter salaries or IQ — you be the judge…)

    Secondly, with all due respect to Ellen, this just in on the causes of said ailment, from Wikipedia:

    “Tobacco smoking and heavy alcohol use increase the risk, and together appear to increase the risk more than either individually. Tobacco and/or alcohol account for approximately 90% of all esophegeal squamous cell carcinomas.”

    “Obesity increases the risk of adenocarcinoma fourfold. It is suspected that increased risk of reflux may be behind this association.”

    We are individually, and collectively responsible for our own, and our collective health — and our eating (and other) behaviors play a huge part of that burden.

    For more insight on how we have become our own worst enemy with regard to personal and collective health and the costs associated with same, feel free to go to http://www.forksoverknives.com for more enlightenment.

    I’ve been there — I’ve completely abandoned the “Toxic Western Diet” — and my metabolic numbers (in terms of improvement) are nothing less than astonishing.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Sorry about the typo. I guess I’ll run out now and have a cigarette and a nip of something with my candy bar, and see if can bump up my reporter IQ and my wilting spirits. In the meantime, hope your improved metabolic numbers bring you comfort because your acerbic prose falls well short of inspiring well wishes for your continued good health.

  • Truthclubber

    Lisa V —

    I’ll sing at your funeral — I promise.

    We all die (a shocking thought to the weaker among us) — how we live and what we contribute during that finite period of time is what matters — not the sarcasm or vitriol.

    If my link just now to that movement against the “Toxic Western Diet” helps even one person to add 10 years to their life, your selfish venom is well worth it.

    Have a nice rest of your “end of journalism as you know it” life…and enjoy a whole pack of Camels on me — please.

    BTW, Bill Clinton agrees with me on this new eating paradigm (one can’t call it a diet) — it saved his life.

  • John W

    That’s very good news about Tauscher. And, of course, we deeply appreciate the breaking news from Truthclubber about tobacco and heavy alcohol use contributing to illness. It also appears that extreme changes in metabolic numbers cause astonishing levels of rudeness, but I’ll have to check with Wikipedia to confirm that.

  • Truthclubber

    John W —

    Just so you know:

    Eating excessive amounts of fat causes Type II diabetes (and other debilitating diseases).

    Smoking excessive amounts of tobacco causes cancer(s).

    Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol causes all sorts of disease(s).

    Denying (or excusing) excessive amounts of bad personal behavior causes dysfunction — at the personal, or cultural, or budgetary level — and I am NOT into enabling or covering up root causation of what has happened, unlike apparently you (and others).

    Bill Clinton was wise enough to see that he, and he alone, was responsible, ONCE HE KNEW. for the consequences of what was happening to him.

    He admitted as much in moving to a new dieting paradigm that will reverse much if not all of what nearly caused his premature death.

    Apparently you are not that wise.

  • Elwood

    Nice to see toothsucker back and just as sweet as he always was.

    Your new regime seems to have made you a bigger sphincter than before.


  • John W

    Re #4

    Is there a diet fix that will make you more polite to hardworking journalists?

    Mike Tyson must be reading your advice. He has gone from ear-chewing carnivore to vegan in Vegas.

    In your honor, breakfast this morning consisted of Cheerios Honeynut cereal with low fat milk, a banana, red grapes, blueberries and strawberries. Happy? Now for that 18 ounce prime rib tonight! Personally, I’ve never smoked and rarely drink even a glass of wine. My maternal grandfather, on the other hand, smoked a few cigars daily, ate mostly red meat, enjoyed a Manhattan cocktail daily, and hardly exercised. I’ll feel lucky if I make it to 80. He lived to 95.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Truthclubber, to tell the truth, you’re a crude sexist.

  • Truthclubber

    To those who care to cut through the myths and distortion spread by Big Food, Bid Pharma, and Big Medicine (and Big Media, who is complicit in this sorted affair of “death by diet”) — please take the time to read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, a noted, highly respected, and widely honored scientist (UNTIL he refused to “go along to get along”, unlike some journalists with the initials LV) and then tell me I am full of male cow feces…

    But there’s a catch to that:

    You need to quote a particular page and sentence of “The China Study” to refute what I am saying (any passage will do as long as it is deep within the book so I know you actually attempted to read it) before you tell me I am “full of it” on the following two statements:

    Milk kills.
    Meat kills.

    P.S. to Johnny W. — I (like most scientists) do not care (or to be more blunt, GARA — Give A Rat’s ***) about “one-off, antedotal stories” like the “tear-jerker” you shared — we care about solidly peer-reviewed, statistically significant, and therefore undeniable studies involving tens-of-thousands of people in which actual blood work was performed to determine:

    1) What was happening metabolically
    2) What was causing it biochemically
    3) How the control group was faring

    Bill Clinton (unlike YOU) actually read this book, and he could not disagree with you M.O.R.E. — and he went on the record with his actions AND his words.

    Smoke DAT.

    In the good (for you) news department, I have just been offered a fantastic opportunity to “change the world” (purposely oblique) and will be signing off for good, effective right now — so you won’t have “Truthclubber” to kick around any more…

  • Elwood

    Promises, promises!

    To reiterate:

    Your new regime seems to have made you a bigger sphincter than before.

  • John W

    Re: #10

    Oh, please forgive my insolence in addressing you, a scientist. Or is that Scientologist? What “tear-jerker?” Speaking of a grandfather who died 36 years ago after 95 healthy years of smoking stogies, eating juicy red meat and watching Cubs games on TV as exercise? Oh, by the way, not to be picky; but I believe the word is anecdotal, not “antedotal.” But perhaps you were speaking of that which comes before (ante) a dowry (dotal). As for me, I’m counting on the fallout from Japan to irradiate the toxins in the Twinkies I eat.

  • Elwood

    Twinkies that glow in the dark are much easier to find at night.

  • Kevin

    This is wonderful news. Ellen is a fine person and I wish her well.

    As for the sanctimonious dieter on this thread . . . . one can only hope that “changing the world” will include some personal evolution, towards a more decent attitude.

    One can hope.