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East Bay prosecutor to roll out SF D.A. campaign

By Josh Richman
Monday, May 16th, 2011 at 11:21 pm in Jackie Speier, San Francisco politics, U.S. House.

Five months after I reported here that Alameda County Assistant District Attorney Sharmin Eshraghi Bock was considering throwing her hat into the ring for San Francisco District Attorney, she’s formally rolling out her campaign tomorrow with help from a prominent name in Bay Area politics.

Sharmin BockRep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, will join Bock for a news conference Tuesday morning at Golden Gate University School of Law on Mission Street in San Francisco; National Women’s Political Caucus President Lulu Flores of Austin, Texas, is scheduled to attend as well.

Speier and Flores are expected to endorse Bock and “highlight the lack of women citywide elected officials in San Francisco,” Bock’s campaign said in a news release, while “family members of crime victims will discuss Bock’s work.”

Bock, 48, has been a prosecutor for 21 years and is a nationally-recognized expert in human trafficking who created and leads the Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit in Alameda County, prosecuting complex human trafficking cases with a focus on sexually exploited minors. She also directs a H.E.A.T. Watch program, providing communities, prosecutors, and police departments with the blueprint that has made Alameda County a role model in combating these crimes.

Other announced candidates for San Francisco District Attorney include George Gascon, the incumbent and former police chief, who was appointed to the job and subsequently endorsed for election by Gavin Newsom; and criminal justice expert and former police commissioner David Onek, whose political connections include his father – a former senior counsel to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – and father-in-law, former Massachusetts governor and 1988 Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis.

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  • RR, Senile Columnist

    She’s cute. She has my vote.

  • rew

    George Gascon isn’t qualified to be District Attorney. He was a fine police Chief, but he has zero experience as a prosecutor. He’s never tried a case, never appeared in court as a DA, basically he’s just taken some law classes at night school. This is the most perplexing apointments I’ve ever seen, there are so many quality prosecutors and US Attorney’s available – like Sharmin Bock – yet you select somebody with no experience whatsoever? Would we appoint a DA – a DA with no experience as a cop – to a position as Police Chief? I don’ think so, so this appointment makes no sense. I’m glad to see Charmin Bock running, she’s a fine candidate, totally qualified for the job. Voters should have the chance to undo this incredibly poor appointment made by Gavin Newsom. Go Sharmin!

  • js

    Gascon is not qualified…correct
    Sharmin is? no

    Alameda County is not = CCSF. How about someone from this Court system? Its nice that she can roll out the Hillsborough MC and Lulu the Texas gyno-American, but so what?

    Serious felonies gounprosecuted, uncleared and pled to infractions because the leadership since the time of the Great Kamala stunk.

    But I am attracted to the idea of voting for toilet paper.