Richmond real estate ad? Not!

The couple with the cheapest house in the Bay Area have produced a catchy real estate ad for Richmond.

But the city probably won’t be using it in its promotional material!

Jason Myers produced this cheeky little ditty (see below) in response to his longstanding fight with City Hall over its inability to fix the repeated flooding in his neighborhood. His house was recently assessed at an astonishingly low $4,000.

“I was smitten by the muse for this song about two weeks ago,” Jason emailed me. “During its writing, I met many outside distractions that threatened to thwart my ability to finish it, but I was determined with my nose to the grindstone, come Hell or high wa …Well, you get the idea. This is the first installment of a larger work entitled ‘The Ballad Of The Bungled Bureaucracy.’ Stay tuned ’cause there’s more to come!  (Signed) Swimmingly,  Jason”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen