CoCo grand jury speaks on pension reform

A month before labor contracts with the vast majority of Contra Costa County government employees expire, the civil grand jury issued its pension reform package.

The report came out today. The grand jury recommends the county:

  • Seek concessions in upcoming union talks that will offset rising pension costs.
  • Prioritize employee benefit changes that produce immediate cost savings, while pursing legislative relief in other areas.
  • Move immediately in areas where the board of supervisors has legal authority to act without union authority or legislative change, although there aren’t many and they are disputed.
  • Require employees to pay more toward their pension costs.
  • Seek legislation that would permit the placement of pension cap so that no employee receives a pension payment higher than what he or she earned while on the job.

Read the full report below.


Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Gayle Kindall

    the above should go without saying and should already have been in effect!

  • Ted Ford

    Lisa, this is a bit off-topic. I would appreciate it if BA Newsgroup could somehow post or inform readership how our local representatives are voting on legislation in Sacramento. There doesn’t seem to be any easily accessed source for this info. For example, the Assembly just passed a very controversial “immigration opt-out” allowing local districts to opt out of federal requirements immigrant data bases and crimes. I am particularly interested to know how Ms. Buchanan voted on this. I hope she voted no, i.e. against Tom Ammiano’s position.

  • Wendy Lack

    @ Gayle:

    Yes, I agree. The GJ’s recommendations can be filed under the heading of “Duh.”

    Which is another way of saying that these oh-so-obvious action steps have a snowball’s chance of being adopted by our County Sups, most of whom have established permanent residency in that happy fantasyland called Denial. Just sayin’.

  • Elwood

    The supes are all whores for the public employee unions.

    Fat chance they’ll ever go against the unions.

  • John W

    Kind of a lame GJ report compared with all the reporting my hero, Dan Borenstein, has done on the topic and compared to earlier GJ reports on retiree benefits. Ditto to what Elwood (#4) said — especially since the Supes enjoy the same benefits they approve for the workers, and spiked their future pension benefits by boosting their salaries 60%. Sweet deal!

  • Wendy Lack

    @ John W:

    Right on.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    It appears there is a bipartisan opinion that the non-partisan Board of Supervisors are jerks. The only option left is County bankrupcy.