Perata moves to Orinda

Don Perata

Don Perata

Former Democratic Senate President Pro Tem and would-be Oakland mayor Don Perata has a new home address: Orinda

He bought a single-family house valued at $998,000 and opened an office of his political consulting firm in the bucolic Orinda a few months ago.

Perata didn’t return my call, so only he and his confidants know why he moved to the sunny side of the Caldecott Tunnel just months after his high-profile loss in Oakland’s first ranked-choice mayoral election last November.

Whatever Perata’s reasons, Orinda Councilwoman Amy Worth says “we are thrilled to have someone of Don’s stature choose to live in Orinda. We welcome him.”

But will local electeds still smile if the savvy former politician gets a bee in his bonnet and runs for the Orinda City Council or perhaps the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors?

I’m just asking.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    My sympathies to Orinda and CoCoCounty.

  • lars54

    I guess after losing his race for Mayor of Oakland Perata’s love affair with Oaktown ended. He was longtime Alameda resident, moves to Oakland to run for Mayor, loses the election then moves to Orinda! Gee, as I remember it, in his run for Mayor he said he was passionately concerned about Oakland – he wanted to fix schools and stop crime in the neighborhoods, six months later he doesn’t want to live in Oakland at all!
    As I recall, during his long political career all he did was raise and spend special interest money, he was constantly running errands for rich people, doing thier bidding. Now that his political career has come to an end apparently he plans to spend his time running political campaigns, which will again allow him to live off special interest money. Boy, I have never in my life seen any poltician so badly addicted to special interest money. It’s like a narcotic to him, he can’t live without it. No wonder Oakland voters didn’t want him as Mayor, they had had enough of Don Perata and his special interest money.

  • Tom

    Does he still drive that red Dodge Charger with 22″ rims? Should be easy to spot him around town!

  • Elwood

    Re: #3

    You mean the one the fool was driving in Oakland when he got jacked by one of the indigenous tribes people?

    In order not to offend the indigenous tribes people, some of whom vote, Perata developed a terrible memory loss as to what the perp looked like.

  • Josh Richman

    Re: #4 Well, Perata did testify against the carjacker. As I’d predicted then, it was the only time we got to see the long-investigated politico inside a courtroom.

  • Common Tater

    Just what we need – another politician who lives in the union pockets.

  • keenplanner

    Orinda political hack welcomes “someone of Perata’s stature…” I believe that Oakland is relieved to rid itself of his stature.