CoCo supes OK new district maps on 3-2 vote

Contra Costa supervisors narrowly adopted new electoral maps today that will shift half the county’s population into a new districts just in time for the 2012 election.

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On a contentious 3-2 vote, supervisors Federal Glover, John Gioia and Karen Mitchoff prevailed after months of discord and no map had the three votes it needed to pass.

Supervisors Mary Nejedly Piepho and Gayle Uilkema, whose four-year terms end in 2012, supported a configuration that would have left the existing boundaries largely intact and kept all cities within single district.

Glover and Gioia, of Pittsburg and Richmond, respectively, had unsuccessfully pushed their preferred map for weeks, one that would result in significant boundary shifts for four of the five supervisors.

The men finally secured a third vote after they agreed to push all of Concord into Mitchoff’s district. The former Pleasant Hill councilwoman had opposed a split of Concord between her and Glover, and she refused to budge.

As the divided vote suggests, the new map has winners and losers.

Walnut Creek, Antioch, Pinole and the San Ramon Valley will each have two supervisors, an outcome the cities opposed. It’s not all bad for Walnut Creek — it has three supervisors under the current map.

Here’s an overview:

The new map shifts Piepho, of Discovery Bay, out of the bulk of San Ramon Valley and into a large, East Contra Costa district that consists of Oakley, Brentwood, Byron, Knighten and most of Antioch.

Piepho retains Blackhawk and the Tassajara Valley, which worries environmentalists. A developer has proposed a housing and orchard project in the Tassajara Valley and opponents  lobbied to shift its representation away from Piepho, a Republican considered less likely to reject the development.

The slice of the San Ramon Valley remained in Piepho’s district because in order to keep Concord whole and make the numbers work, Piepho had to absorb additional population elsewhere.

Uilkema, of Lafayette, will lose Martinez, Rodeo and Hercules and shift into the San Ramon Valley towns of Danville, Alamo and San Ramon. She retains Rossmoor and Lamorinda.

Glover’s district shifts west, stretching from an industrial area in northern Antioch along the waterfront to Hercules and portions of Pinole. He will represent Martinez. His new map means he will have a large crop of new constituents. But may work in his favor as he is widely viewed as vulnerable in his 2012 re-election bid. The move allows him to start fresh with voters who don’t know him.

Mitchoff’s territory expands into Walnut Creek, which is split into two supervisor districts under the new map. It has three representatives under the current configuration. She will continue to represent Concord, Pleasant Hill and Clayton.

Gioia will see the least change – he gains half of Pinole but the rest of his district stays the same.

The supervisors must still adopt the official district line language, which it has scheduled for Aug. 9 at 10 a.m. But the lines are very unlikely to change.

The supervisors were visibly relieved to put redistricting behind them. They have quarreled both in public and behind-the-scenes over the divisive subject, raising questions about whether hard feelings might spill into other issues.

“The one thing I can say about the redistricting map is that I am glad it is done,” Uilkema said after the meeting.

To view all the maps produced for redistricting and to see the current boundaries, visit www.ccredistricting.org.

Contra Costa Board of Supervisors 2011 district map

Contra Costa Board of Supervisors 2011 district map

Lisa Vorderbrueggen