McNerney launches re-election campaign

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton

On the same day the independent “citizen” mapping commission released final congressional and legislative map boundaries, Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, launched his re-election campaign.

Under new boundaries set for adoption in August, McNerney will run in a seat that largely overlaps by two-thirds his current district. The new 9th District will include the bulk of San Joaquin County and stretch into eastern Contra Costa County communities of Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay and portions of Antioch. He loses the Tri- and San Ramon valleys to neighboring districts.

McNerney doesn’t live in the new district but the law doesn’t require it.

Here’s what the congressman said:


Stockton, CA – Congressman Jerry McNerney today launched his re-election campaign for the San Joaquin County and East Contra Costa County congressional district.  Congressman McNerney has represented San Joaquin County and East Contra Costa County for almost 5 years.

“I’m proud and honored to launch my re-election campaign for the San Joaquin County/East Contra Costa district,” said Rep. McNerney.  “This area has a resilient spirit, a strong sense of community and a great future ahead.  I’m deeply committed to this area and excited to continue working for San Joaquin and East Contra Costa Counties.”

Congressman McNerney currently represents a majority of the voters in the San Joaquin County/East Contra Costa County congressional district and is the incumbent Member of Congress for the area.

“After spending so much time in San Joaquin County, it truly is my home,” continued Rep. McNerney.  “That’s why I’m planning to move my residence to San Joaquin County and put down even more roots in this community.  I’m going to continue to fight for San Joaquin County and East Contra Costa County.”

During his time as the representative for this area, Congressman McNerney led the effort to bring a new veterans medical facility and nursing home to San Joaquin County, wrote a new law to improve treatment for service members suffering from traumatic brain injuries, and helped secure millions of dollars in funding for local infrastructure projects, including for the Port of Stockton and Highway 4 in Brentwood.

Congressman McNerney also held countless public meetings in cities throughout San Joaquin County and East Contra Costa County.  He has made accessibility to the people he represents a top priority and travels home to California from Washington D.C. nearly every weekend.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Truthclubber

    Ricky Gill (http://www.rickygill.com) will kick his butt out of the newly numbered 9th CD now that Fortney Stark refused to retire and abandon his Pleasanton district to this “formerly unemployed wind consultant hack” — and I am buying a truckload of popcorn to watch THIS one!

    Gill (only 24 years old as fo this typing) raised close to $500K by the cutoff date of 6/30/11 — and that’s just getting going for this Princeton undergrad/UCB law grad and San Joaquin Valley native.

  • Elwood

    Ricky Gill? All right! Oops wait a minute! I thought you meant Vince Gill!

  • steve weir

    OMG, TC says something and E isn’t on a rant?

    Maybe there’s hope for a Congressional resolution about the second coming!

  • John W

    Should be an interesting race to watch. Has he kneeled down and kissed Grover’s ring yet? Problem is, you get a highly talented and intelligent guy like this. He gets into Congress as part of the GOP caucus, and then has to do the bidding of the lunatic right that now controls things in the House, even though he knows better.

  • Hi Lisa,
    The redistricting dance really takes one’s breath away, doesn’t it? I think Senator DeSaulnier may be running in the new district that includes Richmond and most of Contra Costa County. He told me at the Richmond meeting to welcome Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories that he was interested in representing Richmond. Garamendi announced on his web site today that he was running in Sacramento County in 2012.
    Jean Womack

  • John W

    Mayor Wilson is not pleased about San Ramon being split from Danville into Pete Stark’s district. As a SR resident, I share his angst. Makes no sense when you see how they do everything from school districts to Fourth of July parades together. My residence adjoins a Danville park on the Danville/SR line in the Blackhawk area but will be in a different district.

  • Tom Benigno

    I see this blog subject matter is a little mixed up. It starts out about Mc Nerney and ends up with Mayor Wilson. So I will respond to a little of both. Mc Nerney is making a big mistake, moving to the San Joaquin Valley and depending on those residents to elect him. As for mayor Wilson running for city council, that’s a step back for him. As for the rest of the subject matter about the redistricting, that’s a mess.

  • John W

    If I’m destined to be in Pete Stark’s district, maybe I’ll sign up to run in the primary against him on a Civility, Compromise and Reason platform. The platform will include the best governance, spending cut, tax and health care ideas I can think of, with the goal of offending virtually every interest group about something. I have no qualifications whatever, but if Joe Walsh in Illinois can have a couple of house foreclosures and be a deadbeat dad and then win as a Tea Party candidate on a platform of fiscal responsibility, what the heck!

  • BGR

    Which District will Jerry actually live in?

  • Hilltopper

    Re #9: He announced he would live in San Joaquin County, although he is eligible even if he did not move (think Doolittle and McClintock).

    The race should be another good one. The large chunk of Democrats in San Joaquin that had been carved from the district are reunited with the county and the district is now several percent more Democratic than the old 11th. And 2012 will have the heavier turn-out that 2010 lacked. Although Gill has raised a lot of money, McNerney is favored.

    Indeed, watch for the real action in the Lungren-Bera race. I’d call that one a toss-up.

  • Elwood

    Vote for Vince Gill!

  • John W

    McNerney may be favored due to slightly higher Dem registration in the new district; but there may be a strong anti-incumbent backlash due to the current spectacle in D.C., especially for Republican incumbents.

    If I were running against a Republican incumbent, especially one of the Tea Party variety, I’d run a commercial with a video re-enactment of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting with troops in Afghanistan and being asked whether they will get paid in the event of default. And him having to give an honest “I don’t know” answer.

  • Hilltopper

    John W (#12) makes a good point. 2012 may stand as the biggest anti-incumbent year we have ever seen. Nate Silver actually suggested that it is possible (albeit not probable) that 2012 could have the incumbent president lose, but his party take over the house–something that his never happened since the beginning of the modern political parties in the 1850’s. That anti-incumbent tide (if it happens) would hurt the R’s more, but hurt McNerney’s chances too.

  • Elwood

    @ Hilltopper

    I understand that 2012 is also the year that pigs will fly.