California GOP will challenge new senate maps

The California Republican Party announced it will file a petition Tuesday and seek a voter referendum of the new state senate maps, and perhaps the congressional maps, adopted this morning by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Here is what GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro said in a statement put out a few minutes ago:

“A referendum will be filed with respect to the Senate lines and possibly the Congressional lines. The California Republican Party will wholeheartedly support those efforts when they come about. I have been saying for months that the CRC’s actions have been unfair if not unconstitutional, and that remains the case. The CRP will do whatever it can to give voters the chance to correct what the Commission failed to do.”

 The GOP must collect more than a half-million valid signatures within 90 days in order to qualify a measure for the June 2012 ballot. It won’t be cheap.

Beccaro, of Lafayette, has been critical of the redistricting commission for months including its choice of a map-making consultant, political ties of one of its Democratic commissioners and timing of the release of pending documents.






Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • The 14th Congressional District was not changed at all due to congressional influence and money. Congressional reps including Anna Eshoo, each gave $10,000.xx for a total of $130,000.xx to fight this redistricting commission and law. Just wonder whose money that was, was it taxpayers money or campaign monies???? Redwood City, is still split in half with most of the Latinos going to Eshoo’s 14th district. Poor roads, crime, and a very large rich based district influence keeps her in power, and she votes 93% of the time for Democrat bills and worships Obama.
    Bay Area feminists rule, Feinstein, Boxer, Eshoo, Spier, Polosi, need I go on? I wish the male voters would get off their duffs and vote, enough is enough!