GOP recognizes first McNerney foe

Ricky Gill

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee put GOP congressional candidate Ricky Gill on its “radar” today in recognition of the Lodi native and UC-Berkeley law student’s early fundraising prowess. Gill has declared himself a candidate in the new 9th District where incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney intends to run. (McNerney has represented the 11th District for the past six years but under the newly adopted district boundaries, he will move to the 9th District. It includes  Click here to view the new district map.)

The nod recognizes Gill’s rather extraordinary early fundraising numbers. Per the most recent Federal Election Commission report, Gill had raised $446,484 as of June 30. Even after subtracting the candidate’s personal contributions of nearly $20,000, his total is still substantially higher than what either of McNerney’s last two challengers had collected in the same point in their campaigns.

2010 challenger David Harmer posted contributions of $175,131 in his July 2009 quarterly report, while 2008 opponent Dean Andal had $288,168 in July 2007.

Comparisons are tricky, however. The district boundaries have changed and the party registration in the new district favors Democrats by 9 percentage points, a higher margin than the old district.  The shift is largely due to the inclusion in the new 9th District of the bluer portions of  Stockton.

Here is the NRCC’s full release:

Ricky Gill Advances to ‘On the Radar’

California Republican Candidate Takes Second Step to Achieving ‘Young Gun’ Status

Washington — The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced Ricky Gill as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, the important second step in the ‘Young Guns’ program. Founded during the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the ‘Young Guns’ program is a Member-driven effort that is the primary method for recruiting strong candidates for both open-seat and challenger races. Gill is running for California’s Ninth Congressional District.

“We are looking forward to working with Ricky Gill, who has already proven himself by meeting rigorous benchmarks in the ‘Young Guns’ program that will position his campaign for victory,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX). “Ricky Gill’s dedication and experience enables him to advocate effectively for pro-growth policies and fight the failed Democrat status quo in Washington. This will stand in stark contrast to the Democrats’ record of spending, borrowing and taxing that California families and small businesses know has failed.”

Specifically, the ‘Young Guns’ program encourages candidates who have proven their ability to meet crucial campaign benchmarks to develop their campaigns further in order to achieve victory on Election Day. In achieving ‘On the Radar’ status, Gill has met organizational and fundraising benchmarks and has already begun to establish himself as a strong contender. Gill will now work toward even higher goals that will help him advance in the ‘Young Guns’ program and build an effective, winning campaign.

Ricky Gill is a native of San Joaquin County, born and raised in Lodi, California. In 2004, Gill was named to the California State Board of Education, making him the youngest member of the administration. Gill graduated from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Gill will use his experience in leadership and discipline to fight the failed big-government status quo in Washington championed by Democrats in order to restore pro-growth policies that will promote fiscal responsibility and job creation to America.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • lars54

    I don’t believe Republicans will target this district, they threw a lot of money at McNerny last time – they had a good candidate too, all to no avail. The fact is McNerny has done a pretty good job as Congressman, he’s a good guy, people can see that so they keep voting him in. When a guy does good work and he’s a decent person – which sums up McNerny in a nutshell, all the money and all the political consultants in the world aren’t going to matter. Voter’s just seems to like McNerny, bottom line.

  • Truthclubber

    “Lars54” — If you like him so much you could learn to spell his name correctly — it’s McNerney, not McNerny — but for those of us who know him well, it’s “McNerdly” and he is tost (no need to waste an “a”) when Ricky Gill gets this unemployed wind consultant hack to summon enough courage to stand side-by-side with Gill in a debate.

    Dude, do you NOT read election results? McNerdly got only 47% of the vote last time, and Harmer did not win because there was some extremist uber-wackjob that sucked up 5% of the vote that should have gone to Harmer.

    There will be no voter suppression tactics to save McNerdly’s @$$ this time around (as in 2006 and 2008) — he has to run on his record and he is T-O-S-T.

  • Rick K.

    Gill seems like one of those cocky guys who want to go directly from student body president to congressman. Doesn’t this guy need some “life experience” first? Shouldn’t he get a real job and get some private sector experience, to be specific, first? We don’t need any more career politicians at any age. At least McNerney is a real person with a family who has held real jobs in the private sector.

  • Truthclubber:
    That “extremist uber wackjob” you talk about, qualified for the ballot and did get some real votes. You should try it sometime?

  • Readers:
    I’m sure there will be more entering the race, against Gill the republican, as well as Mc Nerney the democrat.

  • Bob

    McNerney is one of the most extreme leftists in Congress. He is supported largely by the Communist-affiliated SEIU. McNerney is a co-conspirator with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. in the deliberate destruction of America’s economy.

    If we don’t remove this uber Marxist McNerney, we are in even bigger trouble than we’re in now.

    When will the democrats realize this?

  • John W

    Re #6

    “McNerney is one of the most extreme leftists in Congress.” “He is supported by the Communist-affiliated SEIU.”

    This is perhaps the most ridiculous comment I have ever seen here. Got some proof on SEIU? I suppose the veteran’s groups who supported McNerney in the last election are Communist-affilitated and Marxist too.

    What are you, Chairman of the John Birch Society?

  • Truthclubber

    I just love the FEC online database — I learn soooooo much about this “Stockton shoot-out” aka the new 9th CD 2012 election!

    For the quarter just ended (9/30/11), Ricky Gill raised an eye-popping $283,416 — and none of that was PAC money. He has cash on hand of $647,878.

    Meanwhile, McNerdly has barely raised $216,142 in the same time period — and $77,000 of THAT was PAC money, not private donations. He has only $613,711 in cash on hand.

    Run, Ricky, run!