Contra Costa DA lobbies for gang injunctions

Mark Peterson

Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson is furiously lobbying fellow elected officials for their support of the use of gang injunctions in high-crime areas such as Richmond.

Find links below to video of his recent speech at the Contra Costa Mayors Conference and view his Powerpoint slideshow. (Apologies for the late posting. We have been having technical difficulties with embedding of videos and document links.)

It’s a highly controversial technique in which prosecutors seek a court order that prohibits known gang members from congregating in certain neighborhoods and allows police to arrest the violators.

Contra Costa has never used the technique but Alameda County has had two approved injunctions in the past year and survived legal challenges.

Whether or not Peterson — a new elected district attorney with an eye on making his mark — can cultivate political support for gang injunctions is an open question.

Critics call it an horrific abuse of civil liberties while crime-fighters tout its effectiveness at curbing gang violence.

Its most likely use would be in Richmond, where progressive city leaders will almost certainly oppose it. But Antioch and Concord have had gang-related crime issues, too.

Peterson also outlined during his speech other pieces of his agenda including an anti-truancy campaign.

Click here to watch video.

Click here to view slideshow.




Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    Progressives with bleeding hearts risk becoming bleeding extremities progs if gangsters roam freely in Richmond.

  • lars54

    The head of the narcotics strike for in CoCo County is currently be prosecuted for drug dealing and running a brothel, according to the Times. Given this, I think the timing for this gang injunction crackdown is a little ridiculous. Imagine you are a gang banger-drug dealer – you are reading front page story after story about a Co Co County narcs drug dealing – the top guy mind you, I mean you’d have to consider law enforcement to be like totally corrupt and absurd. I think before you crackdown with gang injunction law enforcement needs to do some work in the community, tell the folks in Richmond, hey, that’s not us, were the good guys, but Peterson seems to be like ignoring this, like it didn’t happen. Hey, it happened, the police were dealing drugs, bottom line, so maybe a mea culpa is needed before crackdown. Look, Peterson’s idea is good, let’s make community safer, let’s crackdown on guns and drugs, but I feel law enforcement needs to regain trust of the community first.