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Watch Solyndra execs take the Fifth

By Josh Richman
Friday, September 23rd, 2011 at 10:22 am in Uncategorized.

Here’s a clip of the Solyndra executives taking the Fifth:

And here’s the complete hearing:

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  • Elwood


    “The case is an acute embarrassment for the Democrats because Solyndra was the first loan guarantee approved by the Obama administration under a program designed to generate jobs and invigorate the American solar industry. When the loan was approved, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced it, and later, President Obama visited the factory in California.

    “How does a company go from having the president of the United States visit it to having the F.B.I. come in and confiscate its files?” asked Representative Joe L. Barton, a Texas Republican.”

  • For Liberty

    Now this case is a perfect example of the erosion of our liberties!

    A strangle hold on the American public!

    For an explanation of this simple principle, see the short video link below: