‘Occupy Wall Street’ comes to Walnut Creek

Are you in the mood to protest today?

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement comes to Walnut Creek on Wednesday in a “Main Street Meets Wall Street” demonstration at the corner of Main Street and Mt. Diablo Boulevard from 4-6 p.m.   If you can’t make it, they’ll do it again on Oct. 19, same time, same place.

The organizers will have signs but you can bring your own.

“Occupy Wall Street” has occupied the front pages and television newscasts in New York and Boston, where demonstrators have set up tents and gotten themselves arrested. The Walnut Creek edition is likely to be quite tame in comparison but no one wants to be left out of the action.

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Read the full release below:Main Street Meets Wall Street

Main Street and Mt. Diablo Blvd (Bank of America)

Walnut Creek, CA, USA

This Wednesday, October 12th, 4:00 PM and Wednesday, October, 19, 4:00PM

Protests are happening all over the country along with the 99% protesters occupying Wall Street in an unrelenting, nonviolent campaign against the corporate takeover of our democracy. Their passion is amazing and they have inspired us to get (more) involved.

Please join us in downtown Walnut Creek on the corner of Main Street and Mt Diablo Blvd for our voices to be heard both this Wednesday, Oct 12 and Wednesday Oct 19.

Some signs will be provided and bring your own, of course. Please forward this email to your friends and neighbors.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen