Ex-Pinole councilman to be fined $111,500

The Fair Political Practices Commission will consider levying a fine of $111,500 on  former Pinole Councilman David Cole for repeatedly failing to disclose a financial relationship with a company while simultaneously casting votes that involved the business.

The FPPC will meet Dec. 8 in Sacramento.

Here’s what the staff report summary says:

In the Matter of David Cole, FPPC No. 06/1148 (Default Decision). Staff: Senior Commission Counsel Angela Brereton and Special Investigator Leon Nurse-Williams. Respondent David Cole was a member of the Pinole City Council and also a board member of the Pinole Redevelopment Agency in Pinole, CA, from 2000 to 2007. Respondent Cole owned and operated Pinole Valley Landscape (PVL). PVL provided services to and received substantial income from The Kivelstadt Group (TKG), a real estate developer and property management company active in the City of Pinole. Respondent Cole, through PVL, earned $253,353 from TKG from 2003 through 2006. On at least 16 occasions from 2003 – 2007, Respondent Cole made governmental decisions in which he had a material financial interest, by voting on matters before the Pinole Redevelopment Agency and the Pinole City Council involving TKG, which was a source of income to Respondent Cole, in violation of Government Code Section 87100 (16 counts); failed to disclose his income from and business position with PVL in his annual Statements of Economic Interests for 2003 – 2006, in violation of Government Code Sections 87207, subdivision (b) and 87209 (4 counts); and failed to disclose TKG as a source of income to him through PVL in his annual Statements of Economic Interests for 2003 – 2005, in violation of Government Code Section 87207, subdivision (b)(2) (3 counts). Total Proposed Penalty: $111,500.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    Respondent Cole should pay a stiff fine for stupidity.