Antioch: Freitas will run for mayor again

Don Freitas

Former Antioch mayor Don Freitas announced he will run for his old seat in 2012.

The contest sets up a possible fourth mayoral showdown with incumbent Mayor Jim Davis, who took the job from Freitas in 2008 but lost his prior two attempts.

Link here to colleague Paul Burgarino’s story but here are a few graphs:

Antioch’s former mayor plans to reclaim the position he lost three years ago.

Donald Freitas, two-term mayor of East Contra Costa’s largest city from 2000 to 2008, said he intends to run for the position next year.

“I love this community. Quite frankly, it’s been very disturbing to see what’s happened here the past four years,” Freitas said. “There are a lot of residents that have become frustrated and angry; I want to move Antioch back in the right direction.”

Freitas’ candidacy likely will set up a fourth mayoral election showdown with longtime foe Jim Davis, who claimed the job from Freitas in 2008 after losing to him in 2000 and 2004.

Freitas, 56, criticized city leadership during a recent interview, saying there is a “bunker mentality” at City Hall.

“Even as difficult as the financial situation has been, it shouldn’t paralyze you. Antioch cannot have an attitude where we’re waiting for things to happen,” Freitas said.

Among the concerns Freitas raised is Antioch’s dismantling of its code enforcement program, cuts to public safety and the vacant economic development director position.



Lisa Vorderbrueggen