Stepper steps out of CoCo supervisor contest

Danville Town Councilwoman Karen Stepper will not run for Contra Costa County supervisor.

“I’ve been looking at it all week and making calls,” Stepper said. “But the timing and the need to have a strong candidate in the (San Ramon Valley) and not split up the vote contributed to my decision not to run.”

Stepper runs an accounting firm and she is headed into tax season.

Stepper will instead endorse colleague and Danville Mayor Candace Andersen, who announced her candidacy last week for District 2, the seat held by Supervisor Gayle Uilkema of Lafayette. Uilkema is retiring at the end her term next year.

The other declared candidate is Contra Costa Community College Board President Tomi Van de Brooke.


Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • lars54

    I’m disappointed Stepper dropped out, she is good candidate for this job with her accounting back round. They could use a good numbers cruncher on the board. She’s also local.
    As I understand it Don Perata – long known as Mr. Alameda – has moved to Orinda to run for this open seat. This move, in my view, is sort of laughable. Perata is so closely identified with Alameda County his running for CoCo County Supervisor it’s a akin to Rudy Guliani suddenly moving to Connecticut to run for Mayor of Hartford. This sudden move by Perata to a County where he doesn’t know anybody is just such a head scratcher. All of Perata’s friends, family, and political supporters are in Alameda County, yet he suddenly developed this overwhelming desire to move to Contra Costa in his 60’s, I mean it just makes you laugh!
    You very much get the sense Perata really doesn’t want to live in Contra Costa because he picked the town of Orinda which abuts Alameda County. The drive from Orinda to Oakland or Berkeley is about five minutes, so while he now lives in Contra Costa, he so close he can jump back into his old stomping grounds quickly. I think Perata’s move to Orinda is an indicator he has left his heart in Alameda, but had to move to Co Co County due to the fact he’s run out of political offices he can run for in Alameda! I mean that’s how it looks to me. Because of this I really think the Contra Costa Times – including Ms Vonderbruggen , ought to be pouncing on Perata for moving to our county to run for office.

  • John W

    Kudos to Stepper. Definitely increases the prospects for Anderson to win, which would be breath of fresh air. She can put some spine into a couple of the current supervisors who know the facts of life about the county’s fiscal situation but don’t quite have the political will to fix it.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    I endorsed Tomi Van de Brooke months ago.

  • Elwood

    @#3 Ralph

    Ralph, what are you expecting from us?

    Congratulations or condolences?