House candidate might’ve set fundraising record

A former Obama Administration official from Fremont has achieved a rare milestone by raising more than $1.2 million for a House campaign in a single quarter – a full election cycle ahead of when he says he’s actually likely to run.

Ro Khanna, 35, a Democrat, isn’t filing his fourth-quarter campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission until Monday, but was kind enough to give me an exclusive advance look at the numbers. He says he raised $1,221,857 from a total of 923 donors in this first three months of his campaign, including $897,000 from Northern California and $357,000 from the high-tech community (including people who work at more than 175 different companies). All of this money came from individual contributions; he has banked no PAC money. He ended 2011 with $1,142,955 in the bank.

Unless I missed something in looking back through FEC records, I don’t think any non-incumbent House candidate in the nation has raised more in his or her opening “out-of-the-gate” campaign quarter in the past decade. In fact, I see only two or three instances in which a non-incumbent House candidate raised more than that in any single quarter since 2000. For additional context, Roll Call was excited this past week that Iowa’s former first lady raised a third of what Khanna did during the same time period.

Ro Khanna“I’m honored that so many people are supporting our message of a strong economy and a great America,” he said in an e-mail today. “I will strive to be worthy of their support and will work to strengthen America’s competitiveness, innovative capability, and manufacturing base.”

What’s more, he raised all this money so far ahead of when he says he intends to use it. Khanna – who in August finished a two-year stint as a deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Commerce Department, and is now at Silicon Valley legal powerhouse Wilson Sonsini – has his eye on the newly drawn 15th District now represented by Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont. Stark is now seeking re-election to his 21st term in the House, but Khanna has been telling me for months and repeated to me last week that he won’t take on Stark; rather, he’s anticipating that this next term will be Stark’s last, and he’ll run for the open seat in 2014.

Of course, all that would change in a hurry if Stark were to change his mind and not seek another term this year.

Stark, 80, does already face a Democratic challenger in this cycle: Dublin councilman and Alameda County prosecutor Eric Swalwell, 31, who – although I’ve not seen his fourth-quarter filing yet – is certainly not posting anything near numbers Khanna has. Swalwell’s trying to make up for that with a great deal of exuberance and shoe leather, tirelessly working the district at every opportunity to raise his profile. He hopes to cash in on the district’s new orientation – including a lot of new territory on the other side of the East Bay hills – and on the fact that this is the first regular House primary using the “top-two” system (in which the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to November’s general election).

But it’s an uphill battle against so veteran an incumbent, and if Swalwell doesn’t pull it off in 2012, he’s going to have one extremely well-funded and solidly backed opponent on his hands should he try again in 2014. (And I’m not talking about Ellen Corbett, who also must be looking upon Khanna’s numbers with dismay.)

Khanna made this killing mainly with big eventsl – an exclusive Oct. 18 soiree at the Portola Valley home of venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, netting about $440,000; a more grassrootsier event Nov. 19 in Hayward, netting about $220,000; and a Nov. 30 event at the Woodside home of former Symantec CEO John Thompson (the same site as one of President Obama’s big-ticket fundraisers in September), netting about $200,000.

“This shows the level of support we have in the local community given that one of our most successful events was in Hayward. We are mobilizing many local leaders who have never participated in politics before,” he said today.

Among the cast of characters dropping by those events were House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco (with whom Khanna has been building bonds ever since his ill-advised 2004 primary challenge to Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo); Gov. Jerry Brown; former U.S. Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta; Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto; Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose; plus state and local officials. His donors are a who’s-who of usual Democratic deep pockets, like John Doerr, Penny Pritzker, Susie Buell, Marc Benioff and Marc Andreessen. In short, he’s showed he has buzz where it counts.

“I am most excited by the ideas and energy brought to our campaign by some of our nation’s greatest innovators such as Reid Hoffman, Marc Andreessen, and Peter Thiel,” Khanna said today. “I learned a lot about what America needs to create an ecosystem for innovation in the 21st century.”

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    Phrases like “ecosystem for innovation” should win the nerd vote.

  • True Dem

    We already have a US Supreme Court that puts the interests of corporations first. We don’t need a new congressman who cares nothing about income inequality but will give a green light to corporations outsourcing jobs, lower environmental standards, approve the drilling of oil on the coast, favors private charter schools over supporting public education, will strip workers and consumers of their rights and dismantle social security in the name of deficit fighting.

  • Lars54

    I think Eric Swalwell has got a shot to beat Stark. Swalwell looks like a good candidate to me. He’s been holding down a tough job as a DA, he’s got a good backround of community service in this district, serving on the Dublin City Council. He has close ties to the community, and he know a ton of people in this district.
    Stark, in contrast, is a terrible candidate for this open seat. Stark has a lot of negatives, to say the least. Stark is 80, he’s been in Congress like 30 years at least. He is an infrequent “visitor” to his district, he’s really a Washington DC guy, and has been for many years. Few voters in this newly configured district “know” him, he’s just a remote figure they have heard of.
    On top of this, he has reputation for being just a little nutty, prone to making ridiculous statements and getting into brawls – verbal – in commitee hearings, which many believe is related to his age. He’s also unpopular with other Representative, as I understand it.
    I also recall he’s a self-described atheist, he’s like head of the atheist caucus in Congress. Apparently he’s proud of being an athiest and wants to get that “out there” to the voting public. That’s just wacky, because in that district you’ve got all these parents put thier kids through Cahtolic and Christian schools, yet here’s the local Congressman announcing solemnly that there’s no God. A congressman who would do that needs his head examined, I think.
    This other candidate, Rho Khanna, apparently doesn’t have the courage to take on the doddering Stark, and has decided to wait until he leaves. But I question whether Stark will even leave, telling possible oppoenents that you “just want one more term” is the oldest trick in the book when an aging incumbent is trying to ward off challenger. Often they welch on the promise later. Stark looks like a guy who just doesn’t want to leave office, the fact that he’s no longer effective doesn’t matter to him, hanging on to job all important.

  • Independent Voter

    Ro Khanna is a breath of fresh air. He is a rising star in the Democratic Party and the brand of candidate that this country desperately needs upon a new generation of leaders. By accepting no PAC money, he has made it abundantly clear that he will not be lobbying on behalf of special interests. He truly passionate about representing in the best interests of all people. His non-partisan message of strengthening American competitiveness has resonated across a broad spectrum of supporters. Both parties need to stop competing and bickering amongst themselves and work together to ensure that the US is number one within our global economy. As an independent voter, I am inspired by Ro and his platorm…and it’s been awhile since I’ve been inspired. It is all about keeping America great! Go Ro!!!

  • Elwood

    true dem:

    Please source all the derogatory assertions in your post about Ro Khanna.

    I also heard that he beats his grandmother.

    You sound like you’re pimping for Stark.

  • Shobana Ramamurthi

    I’m a local activist and a community Organizer for President Obama’s grassroots organization. I had the privilege of getting to know both Congressman Stark and Mr. Ro Khanna while supporting our President’s agenda. Mr. Khanna is a down to earth man who believes in working family values. Even though he was busy working for Obama administration these last two years, he always made time to meet with local grassroots organizers and stayed connected with regular folks. He is a hardworking, brilliant young man who is full of energy and enthusiasm to serve our nation. He has tremendous respect for congressman Stark and his legacy. It is time to embrace change.

  • Lars54

    If Ro Khanna is a breath of fresh air why isn’t he running now? Pete Stark is as stale a candidate you’ll find anywhere. He hasn’t been effective for 15 years, if he ever was. He’s cranky, cantankerous, prone to katie-bar-the-door temper tantrums, and that’s on a good day. Nobody wants him to run again, but apparently Ro Khanna has cut a “deal” to give him one more term.
    Meanwhile, Khanna is raising money from of every venture capitalist and high tech CEO in Silcon valley, the dreaded “1%” crowd that’s moving jobs overseas at a record pace. Geez, he doesn’t look like a breath of fresh air to me. Does he read the paper? Is he aware of all these jobs moving overseas? Has he run into any middle class people at these fancy fundraisers he’s holding with his CEO’s pals?
    I”l betcha Eric Swallwell has run into a lot of middle class people as of late. Rather than knocking on the doors of venture capitalists he’s going door-to-door talking to voters, asking about thier concerns, trying to get a fix on what’s going on in the lives of middle class people in this district. You’ve got to like that. While Stark continues to go stale in DC, and Rhonna works the CEO circuit, Swallell is wearing out shoe leather meeting and greeting voters. I like this Eric Swalwell guy, I like his courage, he doesn’t take orders from fat cats in DC. This Congressional seat belong to the people, mostly middle class people, and it looks like Eric Swallell is the candidate of the middle class. I think he’s got a shot to win.

  • Elwood

    “Rhonna(sic) works the CEO circuit”

    As Willie Sutton so famously said when asked why he robbed banks, “It’s where the money is”.

    And as Jess Unruh said: “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.

    And it will carry a candidate a hell of a lot farther than shoe leather.

    In the real world that is, as opposed to fantasy land and the story of the little candidate who could.

  • Independent Voter

    Does anyone know what Eric Swalwell stands for other than “fresh ideas and new energy”? He has been using the same recycled line since he announced his candidacy. No one really knows where he stands on the issues. As a matter of fact the issues page on his website still says “Coming Soon”. It’s been over 4 months…I think “soon” is already here. Anyone who truly knows Ro Khanna and his stances knows that the LAST thing he wants to do is to ship jobs overseas. In fact, he is looking to do the polar opposite such as working with SV leaders and local colleges on investing in educational programs to fulfill the skills gap, which will create many jobs in the Bay Area alone. That’s just one example. Too many erroneous assumptions are being made about him just because he’s raised a lot of money. Maybe the reason he has raised a lot of money is because he is the candidate that actually has real “fresh ideas” to bring to the table and voters are inspired by him. I encourage anyone with doubts to really get to know all of the candidates rather than make assumptions at the surface. As for Pete Stark cutting a “deal”, I would find that very hard to believe. Stark isn’t going to cut deals with anyone. He will go out on his own terms. I think Khanna is smart for waiting it out for a magnitude of reasons.

  • CK Prog Inde

    It is clear that the negative comments here are written by people who have not met Mr. Khanna and have not heard him speak passionately about U.S. Manufacturing and the American worker as I have. Mr. Khanna is an extremely knowledgeable person. He also has the rare quality of being a wonderful listener. You have to meet the man before you jump to conclusions about him. He has received financial support because he would make an excellent Representative and anyone who has met him wants to help him in some way. There is nothing more to it than that.

  • Lars54

    I recall Congressman Jerry McNerny – who has a district next door to this district Swalwell and Stark are running in – wasn’t the candidate of DC’s fat-cat’s, or CEO’s, back when he ran for Congress. He wasn’t backed by Nancy Pelosi either. But he ended upseting the establishment backed candidates, both in the Democratic primary and in the general election. Mcnerny rolled up his sleeves and ran a grass roots campaign, he did it the hard way, meeting and greeting voters. He didn’t have slick commercials nor was he annointed by DC fat cats, but he got his message out there and voters respnded by voting for him and they have been returning him to Congress ever since that’s a nice story, I think. One of the reasons I think Swallwell has got a good chance is because the voters in this district are not unlike the voters who put McNerny in Congress. They have an independet streak, they are open to a non-establishment backed candidate. Let’s face it the establishment has been doing a lousy job as of late, really lousy – they have only excelled in the number of US jobs sent overseas and keeping taxes low for CEO’s and plutocrats. Ro Khanna, as evidenced by his love affair with CEO’s and fatcats, isn’t going to be the candidate that brings jobs back to US, you can bet the farm on that. You get more of the same with either Stark or Khanna. I think Swallwell, like McNerny, will be the candidate that fights for the middle class. Which candidate will be a fighter for the middle class, that’s going to be a key issue in this campaign, and I think Swallwell is the guy who will stick up for and fight for the middle class.

  • J.Hines324

    What a waste of everyone’s money! People are sick and tired of Congress right now. At least Swallwell is stepping up and taking on someone in his own party now. Khanna raising this money now but for a race that doesn’t happen until Stark retires would be like telling the Titanic captain that you’re sending rescue boats, but only once the North Atlantic is a little warmer. Sorry Khanna, we need to throw the bums out NOW!

  • John W

    As noted in the paper today, the Bay Area Congressional delegation, including the two U.S. Senators, is older than Moses. Nice to see some fresh faces lining up to run. Don’t know why people seem to think Stark is so hard to beat. With the new open primary, he’ll probably be one of the two finalists. But the primary will also elevate the other finalist to a potentially strong contender status. If I were Khanna, I wouldn’t wait.

    Also, ditto to Elwood @6.

  • I’m a Bay Area community organizer and have worked with Mr. Ro Khanna on several occasions over the past two years. He has raised a large amount of money from supporters who are home-makers, teachers, bookstore managers, IT specialists, and, yes, CEOs because we share the belief that everyone belongs at the table. We see how hard he works to bring new jobs and funding to the Bay Area. We have personally experienced his thoughtful, thorough, honest answers to tough questions from people who are unemployed or concerned about how trade will affect their job industries.

    I appreciate that Mr. Khanna keeps in touch with grassroots organizers because it assures me that he’s not living in a bubble. He is well-aware of the struggles that the average Bay Arean faces, and understands the international and national economic environments. If Mr. Khanna decides to run for a House seat, I will happily support his candidacy..

  • RR senile columnist

    Ro schmo! All these eager to serve guys are egotistical smarty pants elitists. They are all out-of-touchers. As for Stark the ageless wonder, give him this simple test: If he can find the lavatory without any help, he is fit enough for his duties.

  • Lars54

    I think having a Democratic Congressional like Ro Khanna “on deck” like this is unprecedented. Raising money for the next Congressional cycle? It seems clear bigwigs in DC have “annointed” Ro Khanna as the next Congressman, while simultaneously backing Stark for one more term, even though it’s well known Stark has become a .125 hitter, he’s clearly no longer up to the job.
    It looks to me like Washington bigshots are signaling to Congressional candidate Eric Swalell the following; even if you beat the elderly, unpopular, slightly wacky Stark, we are coming at you in the next cycle with slick, fast talking Ro Khanna, who is raising millions from gucci gulch and bay area plutocrats.
    As a blue collar worker I must tell you, these fixers in gucci gulch and these CEO’s in Silicon Valley – the people Ro Khanna is tapping for money, they could care less about the middle class, they don’t know any blue collar workers, they could care less about what’s going on in the lives of regular working people, in the 15th district, or any other. Greed is the order of the day with this group, all they care about is stock options, which is why all these US jobs are going over seas.
    If compare these three, the doddering Stark – a 35 year creature of the beltway, and this Ro Khanna – never met a CEO he didn’t like, this local prosecutor running for Congress – Erick Swalwell, he looks pretty good to me. I like to send guys to Congress that are watching out for working people, I think he will make a terrific Congressman.

  • Martin F

    Why would Ro Khanna want to basically steal money from the Democrats who need that money to take back the House? That money could be going to competitive races to help us now. This guy seems too slick and opportunistic. And hey Josh, where is he from? I grew up in Fremont and have a business there, I’ve never heard of this guy. Did he just carpet-bag in here? A Google search shows he ran for Congress in 2004 against Tom Lantos! The Holocaust survivor beloved by our party! Is he another David Harmer, willing to run anywhere?!?! Either run against Pete or give that money to Dems who need it.

  • Rick K.

    Next target: “Live Shot” Garamendi. That professional politician has been serving his cadre of special interests since the mid-1970s. As insurance commissioner in 1991, Garamendi irresponsibly sold the Exec Life insurance company for a song to Leon Black. Even Democratic Attorney General Bill Lockyer criticized Garamendi for his role in that scandal. A few years later Garamendi got paid big $$$ as “Washington, DC investment partner” at a company associated with Leon Black. Look at the 1999 Forbes magazine expose-

    In the 2000s, Garamendi helped to get his 30-something year old son John Garamendi, Jr. a $210,000 a year U.C. job. No wonder U.C. Davis students now pay higher tuition! Garamendi, the career politician, is using nepotism and cronyism to divert public resources to family and friends. Boot Garamendi out of office in 2012!

  • Independent Voter

    I would bet a C note that Lars54 is being paid by Eric Swalwell to post comments on this blog. Heck, it may even be Swalwell himself posting on this blog. Come out come out wherever you are.

  • Irene Smith

    Im a long time resident of Fremont’s and former 23 year UAW member at NUMMI It is clear that the negative comments here are written by people who have not met Ro and have not heard him speak insiders is that
    Ro is the national party’s strong choice to be the heir apparent to Pete’s seat. Several staffers for members of Congress recently have mentioned that the party is viewing him as a rising, national star. He may even be in leadership in a few terms. We are lucky he’s going to represent our area, and he has such a passion for manufacturing. I know his heart is in the right place from having worked with him during the NUMMI crisis when he was in the Administration. I urge everyone in our labor movement to build a strong relationship with Ro. I think it’s important we do that now, as he is likely to be a player in the Dem party for many years to come.

    In Solidairty,

  • John W

    Between Khanna and Swalwell, I don’t have a clue at this point as to which would be best. All I know is that, as a newcomer to the district by way of redistricting, I have no intention of voting for Pete Stark. So, if Khanna holds out until the next cycle, he’s taking a chance.

  • Elwood

    Anybody but me think that Swalwell and Stark might stoop to using sock puppets?

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    Would Ro pass the Mitt test? Does he enjoy firing people who provide services for him?

  • Elwood

    I enjoy firing people who provide lousy service, which is what Romney said if you listen to the entire quote and don’t cherry pick the sound bite.

    Who would keep a lousy service provider around?

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    I ‘ll bet $10k Mitt will be haunted by that remark. Huntsman has already said Romney “enjoys firing people.”

  • John W

    Re: #25

    Romney may have fired a few of his opponents today with his win in New Hampshire. I’m pretty sure he really does enjoy that.

    I’ve seen many reports on the quote on every media outlet from Fox News to MSNBC. Not one of these reports has failed to report the full context. What they’ve reported on is how the other GOP candidates are exploiting the quote.

    What nobody has commented on is what he was trying to sell with that quote — the idea of no group insurance (either employer plans or organized exchanges) — just everybody going into the dysfunctional Wild West individual insurance market with no protections against denial of coverage, denials of claims, policy rescissions, no community rating etc.

  • Laras54

    This “rising star” Rho Khanna was crushed in a previous run for Congress in San Mateo. After that debacle, he has apparently decided to parachute into the 15th district, he got out the map and decided this is where the next seat will open up – two years from now. He is now furiously raising money from CEO’s in the silicon valley, the same CEO’s these noisy knuckleheads in the Occupy movement are protesting because they keep moving jobs overseas.
    In the meantime voters in the 15th district are being encouraged by Washington Democratic bigwigs to give 80 year old Pete Stark a two- year lame duck “farewell” tour. In fact, this is newly re-configured Congressional district, Stark hasn’t even represented large parts of it. Yet Democratic bigwigs seem to believe he’s the incumbent.
    This plan by Democratic bigshots is just ridiculous, so half-baked you’ve got to laugh. How are constituents in the 15th Congressional district going to benefit by having a 80 year old lame duck Congressman? If Stark is re-elected he would spend his final two years going to farewell parties.
    The best candidate in this race is this go getter Eric Swalwell. He’s local, he’s got a distinguished record as a prosecutor, he serves on the Dublin City Council. He’s also just 31 years old, just about the perfect age for a newly elected Congressman, you want a guy or gal with a lot of energy in this job.
    Yet, Democratic bigwigs have come up with this ridiculous half-baked plan to give Stark a “farewell tour” – like he’s Maurice Chevalier or something – and then they are going to give the job to this CEO loving carpet bagger from San Mateo. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised these Washington big shots would come up with such a half-baked plan, lots of half baked plans coming out of DC lately. Sorry Washington bigshots, I’m voting for this Eric Swalwell.

  • Elwood

    @ #26

    Huntsman will soon be a footnote to history.

    Or perhaps that’s giving him too much credit.

    He may become the answer to a trivia question.

  • Truthclubber

    I’m for Ron Paul!

    “End the Fed,
    gold instead!”

    “Status quo,
    it’s gotta go!”

    Peace out.

    Huntsman 2016!

  • John W

    With a core of about 20%, Ron Paul has some leverage — namely the threat of doing a Ralph Nader, only with more funds than Ralphie had. He probably won’t go that independent route because of the potential fallout for his son’s (KY Sen. Rand Paul) career in the GOP. But he can give the Mitts fits by keeping the Repubs guessing.

  • Elwood

    It appears that the Republicans have a death wish.

    Rather than a candidate saying here I am, this is what I stand for and these are the reasons you should vote for me, they savage each other like a bunch of hyenas.

    The dimmiecrats love it!

  • Irene Smith

    Lars 54,
    sit back, read, and listen to what your writing. You sound desperate. Are you sure your not Eric Swalwell hiding behind Lars54

  • lars54

    Nancy Pelosi’s “plans” for the 15 Congressional district are laughable. Apparently she was unable to talk Pete Stark out of running for re-election even though he’s just about ready for assisted living facility. Apparently she talked him to running for a “final term”, so the 15th will have a lame duck Congressman. Stark – who at age 80 is slightly batty – thinks he’s still the incumbent Congressman when in fact this is a whole new district, many of the voters don’t have a clue who he is, and will be readily able to see it makes no sense to elected an 80 year old to Congress. She also has this pushy wannabee Ro Khanna guy from San Jose. Ro Khanna, who is pals with all these Silicon Valley billionaires,is pressuring her to support him in the next election cycle for the 15th district, even though there is scant evidence he is electable, he’s already run one failed campaign for Congress – in San Mateo County. While he looks like a terrible candidate she’s going along with it because he has all these ties to CEO’s in the Silicon Valley.
    Missing in all this inept, goofball politicking by Pelosi and her braintrust in DC is the understanding that both these candidates, Pete Stark, and Rho Kanna, are just awful candidates for Congress, the voters in the 15th district can readily see this. I’m a voter, I can see it. Meanwhile, you got this terrific local candidate, respected 31 year old prosecutor Eric Swalwell running, he is dream candidate for this job – but in DC they are backing these two turkeys, Stark and Khana. Yes, I would agree Irene, I’m ranting a little but I feel compelled to speak out in protest of this scheme they have hatched in DC. I think a “farewell tour” for Stark is bad idea, not in best interest of 15th district constituents. Nor is Rho Khanna a good choice for 2014, he take orders from CEO’s obviously. I think it’s in best interest of 15th district voters to have independent leadership that will do what’s best for regular working people. That;s why I think Swalwell right choice.

  • Elwood

    Lars54 = Swalwell sock puppet.

  • Truthclubber

    Lars54 = LSD-25.

  • MP

    Rho Khanna is Indian and has a foreign sounding name who is a high tech lawyer. I agree with Lars54. The district will not go for him. Swalwell is an all American prosecutor, middle class background. Ellen Corbett is a white women. Let’s not overlook race in this campaign. This is not the place to have an Indian American Congressman. There is a reason Indians don’t win elections. That’s the reality. I don’t care how much money is spent. Look at the Livermore or Pleasanton or Dublin city council and you’ll get a sense of the demographics.

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    MP is absolutely right. Barack Hussein Obama could never carry Pleasanton, nor could Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley.

  • Elwood

    Racism is alive and well on this board.

    Vote for the white guy!


  • John W

    Re: #38

    Well said, RR!

    Methinks MP is more tasteless seeker of attention than true bigot.

  • Truthclubber

    @37 — Could not agree more — who needs someone in Congress whose first name is a Greek letter, eh?

    What have we in America become, a nation of immigrants from countries where alien foreigners are from? O-M-G!!!

    Let’s only allow naive, er, native Americans the right to serve in Congress, unless they are true Native Americans (like Geronimo, for example) in which case let’s round them up and shoot them down before they breed us into a minority in this land we love!

  • Lars54

    Negative comments about a person nationality never welcome on Iabuzz, never. Period. Comments on the Pelosi “plan” for the 15th Congressional district are welcome. This idea of Stark in 2012 and Khanna in 2014 has created a hydra-headed candidacy, Starkanna? Half of the hydra headed candidacy -Pete Stark is a fiery liberal – committed to putting 15th Congressional district constituents back to work, while the other half – Ro Khanna, quietly builds alliances with CEO’s in Silicon Valley, CEO’s who are putting 15th district constituents out of work by “outsourcing” jobs to other countries. Gee, I don’t think I like this hydra-headed candidacy of Pete Stark and Rho Khanna too much. Too many of my friends have lost their jobs, lost thier homes in this horrific recession. Why are so many out of work? Why are all these jobs moving overseas? What about economic inequality in the US? Have corporate leaders been acting responsibly in recent years? Has Congress done anything to put the breaks on the “outsourcing” of jobs? These are important issues that need to be debated in the race, I think.

  • Elwood

    Lars54 = Salwell sock puppet

  • Truthclubber

    When Lars54’s IQ hits 50, he should sell…

    (He’ll get that, trust me — since he and I both know where that comment comes from…)

  • Alice Smith

    I hope that these good Democrats are all supporing the 2 really important races for Congress: Ami Bera and Jerry McNerney’s campaigns. I know I am .

  • Elwood

    What the hell is an Ami Bera?

    Is she any relation to Yogi Berra?

    Yogi Bear?

  • Truthclubber

    God, I love this thread — it’s like the Energizer Bunny — just keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’!

    Can’t Stop the Music!

    Post #47 and growin’!