Tauscher stepping down from federal post

Ellen TauscherFormer East Bay congresswoman Ellen Tauscher is stepping down as under secretary for arms control and international security at the U.S. State Department, according to The Cable, a Washington D.C.-based foreign policy news site.

Tauscher will remain at the State Department part-time as a special envoy for strategic stability and missile defense while pursuing her work as a cancer patient advocate. She successfully fought esophageal cancer last year and began sharing her inspirational story.

The former Alamo resident represented the 10th Congressional District for seven terms. She resigned in mid-2009 and took the high-level federal post, where she reported to friend and ally, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Here’s what The Cable reporter Josh Rogin posted a few minutes ago:

Following her successful battle with esophageal cancer, Ellen Tauscher is taking a step back and handing over several of her responsibilities as the State Department’s top arms control official, State Department officials told The Cable today.

 In early February, Tauscher will formally resign as undersecretary of State for arms control and international security and be appointed to a newly created position called the “special envoy for strategic stability and missile defense.” She will be working part-time, using her new flexibility to work on cancer patient advocacy and pursuing projects outside of government. Officials told The Cable that after 13 years in Congress and 3 years in the administration, she decided that the time had come for her to take a breather and focus on other interests.

 “Ellen has been campaigning, legislating, and working at a breakneck pace for nearly 16 years and, now with a new lease on life, she wants to focus on some new opportunities while still working on critically important national security issues,” a State Department official told The Cable today.

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    All of the really great people at the Federal level are stepping down, such as Hillary Clinton and Ellen Tauscher.
    I’ve got a neme for this phenomenon; Electile Disfunction. If you can imagine Uncle Sam, holding a map of Florida, where the next Primary will be held, just below his waist, you’ll get the message.

  • John W

    Tauscher’s personal circumstances are involved here, but rotation among top people happens in any administration as the end of a term nears, regardless of re-election prospects. There’s another Bay Area person from Stanford who held top Defense and NSA positions under both Clinton and Obama while her husband maintained his medical practice back here in the East Bay. I imagine she and her family are ready for a break too. Hillary has given a thousand percent to the Sec of State job, has done a great job but looks totally fried. Geithner, regardless of what people may think of him, has toughed it out under incredibly challenging circumstances and has been constantly beat up. It’s not like the pay is great.

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    It is sad to note Hillary will not achieve her greatest ambition : Chief Justice of the US

  • John W

    If Obama should be re-elected, Hillary would be an outstanding appointment. The court used to have more people from non-judicial backgrouonds in the mix. When some of these appointees started going rogue (i.e., properly exercising judicial independence), presidents and the Senate shifted more to people from the appeals courts; so that they could look at the judges’ opinions as a way of predicting how they would rule in Supreme Court cases. That has led to a highly polarized SCOTUS, where you can nearly always predict who will vote which way before the cases are even argued.