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Brown names Burton’s daughter to state board

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 at 3:23 pm in Democratic Party, Democratic politics, Jerry Brown.

Gov. Jerry Brown today nominated Kimiko Burton – daughter of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton – to the State Personnel Board.

Kimiko Burton, 47, of San Francisco, has been a San Francisco deputy city attorney since 2003. Before that, she was San Francisco’s public defender – a job to which then-San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown had appointed her to fill a vacancy – since 2001; she lost the 2002 election for that office to Jeff Adachi. Willie Brown is a longtime, close political ally of her father, who at that time was the state Senate’s President Pro Tem.

Kimiko Burton had been director of the Mayor’s Criminal Justice Council in San Francisco under Willie Brown from 1996 to 2000, and staff attorney for the State Board of Equalization from 1995 to 1996. She holds a law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

The State Personnel Board, according to its website, “was constitutionally created in 1934 to administer the civil service system and ensure that state employment is based on merit and free of political patronage.”

The nomination requires state Senate confirmation; the job pays $40,668. Burton is – need I say it? – a Democrat.

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  • Lars54

    Somehow I knew this “job” was going to have a good stipend, $40,000 a year. While that’s not good money for a real job, these jobs require a meeting a month or something. Burton’s daughter -obviously has good connections in Sacramento – you have to have good connections to get one of these high paying ceremonial no-show jobs. I think they are a disgrace and we ought to get rid of them. It’s an affront to the millions of unemployed in California – people desperate to work – for the big shots in Sacramento to be passing out no-show jobs to the well connected.

  • Reilleyfam

    I wish I got $40K to show up once a month and rubber stamp the recommendations of Board staff that I just perused for a few minutes on my way over.

    1 day a month for $40K – all govt boards are just like this.

  • Reilleyfam

    Oh, I forgot. The really big board jobs, the ones that the really, really connected get, like termed-out legislators. Those you get $128K for one day of sitting in a big fluffy chair and rubber stamping staff recommendations.

    So, I guess we should feel sorry for poor Kimiko, she only gets $40K to do nothing. The embarASSment she must feel when she hob nobs with the govt 1%ers.