Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today announced the support of businessman and reality television star Donald Trump.

“I am humbled by the endorsements I have received from Republicans across the political spectrum. Donald Trump’s endorsement of me today sends a strong signal that he believes we have the best chance to make President Obama a one-term president,” Romney said in a news release “We share both a background in the private sector and a belief that Washington needs to get out of the way of small business. His support is a sign that business leaders are fed up with Washington and want someone with actual experience creating jobs and working in the real economy in the White House.”

Is that what it’s a sign of? I’m not so sure. Trump is more showman than businessman, and poll results released last month by the Pew Research Center and Washington Post showed that almost three times as many voters would view a Trump endorsement negatively (28 percent) as positively (8 percent) with 63 percent not caring at all.

Naturally, Newt Gingrich’s campaign was quick to roll out evidence that Trump wasn’t always so warmly inclined toward Romney.

For example, Trump said on the Fox News Channel last August – as Republicans warred with President Obama about raising the debt ceiling – that “Romney has been missing in action. He hasn’t done a damn.” Trump the same day noted he “wasn’t in love” with Romney’s tenure as Massachusetts’ governor: “He wasn’t popular; he was a one-term governor; he didn’t have high approval ratings.”

And way back in April, Trump had told CNN that Romney “is a basically small business guy. He was a hedge fund guy, a fund guy, he walked away with some money from a very good company that he didn’t create; he worked there. He would buy companies; he’d close companies; he’d get rid of jobs.”

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.