CoCo supervisor candidates report early cash

The cash is beginning to trickle into the into the campaigns of Contra Costa County supervisor candidates and the incumbents seeking re-election.

See below a dollar rundown of the candidates for Contra Costa County supervisor who filed campaign finance disclosures as of Dec. 31, 2011. (Download the full documents for yourself at the Contra Costa Election Division’s campaign finance web site, http://www.cocovote.us/.)

All candidates will compete in the June 5 election. If a candidate receives 50 percent plus one vote, he or she will win the seat outright in June. If not, the top two finishers will advance to a runoff in the November general election.

Keep in mind, the filing date opens on Feb. 13 and more candidates will likely surface.

But cash is king when it comes to winning elections. Folks who arrive late to the party may find those wallets already closed.

District 2 (Incumbent Gayle Uilkema is retiring.)

  1. Tomi Van de Brooke, an Orinda resident and trustee on the Contra Costa Community College District: $36,900 in total contributions; $29,766 in the bank; and no personal loans.
  2. Candace Andersen, Danville mayor: No filing. (She didn’t declare her candidacy until mid-November.)

District 3 (incumbent has no declared challengers)

  1. Incumbent Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho of Discovery Bay (sitting supervisors have two accounts, a campaign account and an officeholder account for which she may spend the money only on activities related to serving in office: Campaign account — $27,668 in total contributions, $34,527 in the bank; and no personal loans.¬†Officeholder account: $20,970 in total contributions, $3,611 in the bank; and no personal loans.

District 5

  1. Incumbent supervisor Federal Glover of Pittsburg: Campaign account — $8,355 in total contributions; $36,621 in the bank; and no personal loans. Officeholder account — $46,655 in total contributions; $53,447 in the bank; and no personal loans.
  2. Michael Menesini, deputy district attorney and Martinez Councilman: $500 in total contributions; $363 in the bank; and no personal loans.

Click here to see supervisor district boundary map.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    Menesini is running again?

    He’ll never learn.

    People regard him (and rightly so) as a perennial candidate.

    And a loser.

  • Rick K.

    Over 1 million people live in Contra Costa County, yet these five are the best that we can find to run our county government? I don’t know much about Candace Andersen (so I’ll reserve judgment), but the other four candidates leave much to be desired. Mr. Menesini is a Democratic party tool who is best suited to be a court jester and Ms. Van de Brooke is a socialite type/political opportunist who is a Republican or Democrat depending on which way the wind blows. Sup. Glover is a puppet of the public employee unions and is personally responsible for the disastrous October 2002 Board vote that handed out over-generous pension benefits. The irresponsible action alone ought to have ended his political career. Sup. Piepho used her respected Daddy’s name to win office and is little more than an uneducated Republican party hack who has been entrusted with far more political power than she ever deserved. The public employee unions and the big real estate developers care far more about the composition of the Board of Supervisors than the average citizen and it is they who will have the biggest say in who wins these local elections next June (and November, where necessary).

  • letsdothis

    Just let me know when someone decides to run against John Gioia, I have a fat check waiting for whoever runs against that guy.

    Rick K, what district are you running in? Of course the public employee unions care about who wins, just like you do. What’s your deal with the public employee unions?

    I’ll look for you name on a ballot.