Watch Van de Brooke vs. Andersen ed board interview

Van de Brooke


The Contra Costa Times’ editorial board interview with Contra Costa County supervisor candidates Tomi Van De Brooke and Candace Andersen on Tuesday afternoon starts with fireworks over social issues. Read full story here.

But the candidates also speak at length about a wide range of policy matters closer to the work of a county supervisor, such as budget priorities, whether or not general fund dollars should subsidize the county hospital and pension reforms.

Watch video here:  http://bcove.me/twuc0kwx




Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette

    Sean White should be included in all events. He seems to be as qualified as any one else. It takes education & skill to be a chiropractor. It looks like the so called free press, is really the pay to play press. Let the public have some information about him, so they can decide to vote for him or not.

  • JohnW

    Thanks for putting this up. Dan and whoever the other voice was did a great job on the interview. Once the interview got beyond the irrelevant social wedge issue stuff, I thought both Andersen and Van de Brooke were impressive.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    It was Dan Borenstein and Dan Hatfield, the opinion page editor.

  • JohnW

    @ #1

    As stated in another story on this board, there is a debate sponsored by the Contra Costa Council 4/23. It appears that Mr. White was invited but will be out of town.

    Nothing in his resume (see today’s paper or click on the full story for this article) or on his website indicates that he has any record of involvement in community affairs — elected, appointed or volunteer — or any positions on issues of specific importance to the county.

    As for the “pay to play press,” I’m pretty sure that the newspaper did not receive any money from the candidates to participate in the editorial board interview. However, given the state of the newspaper business these days, perhaps that’s a new revenue stream they might want to consider.