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Ong, like Perata, proves too hot to handle

By Josh Richman
Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at 10:16 am in 2012 Assembly election, Assembly, Don Perata.

My household yesterday received the latest of many, many mailers from the campaign of Jennifer Ong, an optometrist from Hayward who’s running for the 20th Assembly District seat. But this one was a little different, a little more… substantial…

Ong letterOng potholder
(click to enlarge)

Thanks, Mrs. Ong. I must say, this gave me a mild case of the warm-and-fuzzies – not because of the charming mother-daughter narrative, and not because I desperately needed a potholder. No, it was nostalgia, as I recalled one of my favorite political keepsakes:

Perata potholder

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  • Cindy Corrello Hilke

    Got this yesterday which is weird since I don’t live in the 20th. Unfortunate when consultants can figure out their own clients districts. So okay, I live right across the street but still….

    The letter was either patronizing or nonsensical – weird really and the pot holder was reminiscent of a 1950’s gender stereotype since it came to me and neither my husband or son. Oddest damn thing – and this in an election season where nothing has made sense.

    In the spirit of transparency, my son works for Ong’s leading opponent – he sure as damn hell won’t put anything this stupid in the mail.