Failed Contra Costa water fee flopped in 18 of 19 cities

The failed Contra Costa clean water fee sank in every city in the county except El Cerrito, according to a vote breakdown.

As you may recall, the county and its 19 cities attempted earlier this year to persuade property owners to pass an annual fee to pay for programs associated with tightening state and federal anti-pollution regulations on stormwater runoff.

The unusual property-owner election coupled with the bad economy and campaign missteps doomed the effort, which went down 59.4 percent to 40.6 percent.

Here are the final numbers ranked by the percentage of support, as provided by the Contra Costa Clean Water Program:

AREA YES (%) NO (%)
El Cerrito 54.9 45.1
Walnut Creek 47.3 52.7
Moraga 45.6 54.4
Orinda 45 55
Richmond 43.5 56.5
Hercules 42.8 57.2
San Ramon 42.6 57.4
Lafayette 42.4 57.6
Danville 42.3 57.7
Pleasant Hill 39.5 60.5
Pittsburg 39.1 60.9
Unincorporated 38.6 61.4
San Pablo 38.2 61.8
Martinez 37.9 62.1
Antioch 37.4 62.6
Concord 37 63
Brentwood 35.7 64.3
Clayton 35.7 64.3
Oakley 33.3 66.7
Pinole 33 67
COUNTYWIDE 40.6 59.4


Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • JohnW

    Any theories as to why El Cerrito was so lopsided in the other direction?

  • Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette

    I guess I will have to ask my contact in El Cerrito. I sent them an e-mail about the tax for the clean water that lands on your roof. My contact in Happy Valley took the message to their homeowners meeting. I will also contact Larry Pines. He alerted the C. C. Times writers about the sham.

  • Elwood

    A true monument to stupidity!

  • LMAO. Great work, losers!

  • Arne Simonsen

    It clearly was not popular is East County!!! The folks in El Cerrito seem to be out-of-step with the rest of the cities 🙁

    But it was only right that only property owners were able to vote on a parcel tax on their properties IAW Prop 218.

  • JohnW

    Re: #6

    “It was only right that only property owners were able to vote…”

    I’m happy about the result and agree that letting non-property owners might have made it harder to defeat the tax. I hate that seniors can vote on parcel taxes but then be exempted. However, I have to ask myself why it is right that only property owners should vote? Everybody gets to vote on parcel taxes, whether they own property or not. Property tax-like taxes are just another way of funding local services and infrastructure, along with sales taxes and fees. We will all vote on Brown’s “temporary” income tax increases, even though only one percent of taxpayers or so will have to pay them.