More CC supervisor mailers, these pro-Andersen

Voters have plenty of campaign mailers to peruse this election, especially in the highly competitive District 2 Contra Costa supervisor fight between Danville Mayor Candace Andersen and Contra Costa Community College board President Tomi Van de Brooke.

Yesterday, I posted mailers put out by independent expenditure committees who support Van de Brooke. Below, you’ll see a pro-Andersen mailer paid for by the Deputy Sheriffs Association PAC and one from her campaign.

Solar energy professor Sean White of Lafayette is also running, but he has no mailers. It takes money to send out mail and White has refused to take campaign contributions on the grounds that the process corrupts politicians.





Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • JohnW

    LISA: Here’s an interesting and surprising item — a supposedly Democratic mailer that recommends Anderson for Supervisor. Emphasis on “supposedly.”

    Today, I received a 5 x 8 mailer. A box in the lower right corner on the front says “prepared by Democratic Voters Choice, not an official party organization.” There are a couple of interesting things about it.

    On the back is a list of June 5 recommendations, starting with Obama/Biden down through Joan Buchanan, Eric Swalwell and Democratic County Central Committee candidates. It also recommends “Yes” on Props 28 and 29, “Yes” on Antioch School District Measure J and Hercules Measure N and “No” on City of Antioch Measures L and M. Here’s the kicker. It recommends Anderson for Supervisor. I heartily agree, but that’s quite a surprise on a mailer where all other recommendations are for Democrats or issues that Democrats generally favor.

    Is this maybe a piece that’s really funded by supporters of Anderson? If so, that’s pretty clever.

    The other thing that’s interesting is that the front has four pictures: Obama, Feinstein, Jerry Brown and Hillary Clinton. If a real Democratic organization had prepared this, I don’t think they would have included Hillary, since the Secretary of State is supposed to be kept out of the political fray.

  • Elwood

    Sounds like one of those things put out by the Bermans of LA.

    Some of those people pay to be included.

    As the disclaimer says, it is in no way related to the Democratic party.

    It is a for profit venture by the Bermans.

  • JohnW

    Don’t know anything about the Bermans. Couldn’t find anything online. However, the box disclaimer I mentioned does go on to say that “Appearance is paid for and authorized by each candidate and ballot measure designated by an *. The only thing asterisked on the slate is Prop. 29. Another example why we need campaign finance full disclosure laws.

    I did Google “Democratic Voters Choice” and found other mailers with the very same slate format and comments about sleaze. But it didn’t indicate who is behind the “Democratic Voters Choice” brand.

  • JohnW

    You’re right Elwood. It is the Bermans.

    I’m a slate card mailer virgin. Never knew about this.

  • Ted Lawrence

    You are mistaken it is not the Bermans and they haven’t done a slate card in many years. The treasurer of the committee who is technically the person in charge is a woman named Yolanda Miranda. However they have a committee set up to run these things. Some do it for money, some for political reasons. I am not sure about this one. But the reason that the Berman’s and other legitimate people did slate cards was that for many years, the parties were not allowed to endorse in non-partisan races and Phil Burton wanted something to get the word out about the liberal side on issues, so he got Michael Berman to do a card. After the parties were allowed to endorse, he stopped, but some other people kept going, arguing that the party process was so rigged that they could do a better job anyway. I don’t buy that, but that fills you in on what happens.

  • Ted Lawrence

    I should also add that I showed this article to a friend of mine and he said that Andersen was a registered Democrat even if she was a conservative Dem, so it could be a legitimate endorsement by the group.

  • Elwood

    Oh, yeah, Yolanda Miranda!


    And according to the CC Times Petersen is a Republican.

    Perhaps you should reboot.

  • JohnW

    Re: #5

    If you are right, I stand corrected. I’m just trying to find out. There were some online references that seemed to connect the Bermans to DVC. However, after reading your comment, I found the company website for Democratic Voters Choice. It lists Jerry Seedborg as Founder/Principal and shows a Long Beach address. I guess the real point is that it’s sleazy that these cards just have the “not official political party” disclaimer. They should be required to fully disclose who they are and the nature of these “pay to be listed” mailers.

    In this case, it appears that Prop. 29 was the only candidate/ballot measure that paid to be included on the card. A Don Perata move, no doubt.

    As noted by Elwood, you might want to fact-check your info on Anderson’s party registration.

  • Steve Weir

    This is a non-partisan contest; fyi, Candace Andersen is a registered Republican.

  • JohnW

    Re: #9

    Yes it is, and should be. However, Van de Brooke has tried to make it a partisan contest with campaign literature emphasizing that she is the “Only Democrat in the Race” and by highlighting her laudable but irrelevant Pro-Choice and Marriage Equality positions. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out Tuesday.

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    Tomi is hot and Candace is not.

  • Elwood

    So, how does this top two thing work?

    Even though Candace got 60% of the vote to Tomi’s 28% do we have to have another *** kicking in Nov., or is Candace elected?

  • Elwood

    Never mind! Got the answer from Lisa V’s post on FB.

    Congratulations to Candace Andersen, newly elected CoCo Supervisor!

  • JohnW

    Re #12

    As I understand it, she’s in by virtue of getting 50%. That doesn’t seem to be the case for other offices, and I’m not sure why 50% closes the deal for the BOS race and not others.

    She doesn’t take office until January. So, Brown still has the option of appointing her or anybody else to fill the seat between now and when her elected term starts.

  • Josh Richman

    @14 – John, the new top-two system does not apply to local, nonpartisan races such as the BOS, so by exceeding 50 percent of the vote, Andersen won with office outright without need for a runoff.

  • JohnW

    Thanks Josh.

  • Elwood

    Oh, boy!

    I’m really looking forward to moving to Brigham Young Estates, the new 5,000 home LDS subdivision just east of the current ULL.

  • June 7, 2012
    Letter to the Editor
    We should be appreciative that there was at least one candidate running for a seat on the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors who addressed the most important problem we face in American politics. Corruption. Dr. Sean White did not accept campaign contributions of any kind, and did not put up a single poster asking for your vote. His campaign consisted of public meetings and word of mouth. While many appreciated his intentions, the vast majority of our citizenry was far more interested in issues that affected their pocketbook. Dr. White did not have a large political machine to promote his political views, and he did not even receive anywhere near equal exposure from our newspapers as did his opposition.
    Sean White’s goal has been to clean up politics in Contra Costa County. Quite frankly, he did not expect to win, but if he had it would have marked the beginning of a new era in American politics that is needed more than ever before in our history. Being elected to office still depends far too much on who you know and how much money is donated to your campaign fund, which is used to familiarize the public with your name. Dollars come with strings attached. We desperately need a grass roots driven change in our political system that is oriented to doing the right thing and providing fair governance and needed services to the community rather than to special interest groups that can afford to purchase the vote of a politician.
    We live In an era where we Americans have lost confidence in our government for good reason. The wealthy, especially corporations, have far more influence than the working class at every level of American government. I support the position of the League of Women Voters who advocate that every candidate receive equal funding for their political campaigns.
    There’s no question that political issues are important, that is why we have elections. However, the most important issue we face in American politics today is that conflicts of interest have taken precedence over democracy. Unless we clean up our political system the American Dream will be just that…a dream.
    Thank you, Dr. Sean White, you have been a breath of fresh air.
    Len Saputo, MD

  • RR senile columnist

    In re Sean White: Show me a thoughtful loser and I’ll show you a loser.

  • JohnW

    Re: #17

    Along with that LDS subdivision comes the affordable housing section, Joseph Smith Village, and the senior housing area, Celestial Kingdom. And, of course, there is the Degrees of Glory Golf Course.

  • Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette

    @ #18 I voted for Sean White. The alternative to none of the above. More people would have voted for him if they knew anything about him. I live in the same town & don’t know him, his friends or his viewpoints.
    He did get the most votes per dollar spent.