NRCC reserves fall airtime in four CA contests

House Republicans have reserved $18.2 million for fall airtime in 27 congressional districts including four in California, reports Roll Call.

The line-up, according to Roll Call, includes $3.08 million in the Sacramento market, which covers races in Democratic Rep. John Garamendi’s 3rd District, GOP Rep. Dan Lungren’s 7th District, Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney’s 9th District and Republican Rep. Jeff Denham’s 10th District.

All four incumbents are seeking re-election in substantially redrawn districts and face well-funded challengers: Republican Kim Vann in District 3; Democrat Ami Bera in District 7; Republican Ricky Gill in District 9; and Democrat Jose Hernandez in District 10.

Click through to read the full story but here’s a bit of what Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz wrote today:

House Republicans have reserved $18.2 million in post-Labor Day television airtime, spread across 27 competitive districts.

 According to a breakdown of the buy obtained by Roll Call, the National Republican Congressional Committee’s independent expenditure arm plans to invest heavily in the Boston, Denver, Las Vegas and Sacramento, Calif., markets, with a combined $8.6 million buy. The committee’s IE reservation is split between Democratic- and Republican-held seats — an early signal that the committee plans to go on the offensive and is not content to simply defend the GOP’s 25-seat majority.

 The buy, reserved this week, marks the NRCC’s first foray into the fall advertisement air war. The Congressional campaign committees have reserved more than $100 million in television time for an air war that is shaping up as among the earliest and most competitive in recent history.

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • JohnW

    Nice to see some competitive Congressional races in CA, even if I don’t wish luck to the R’s.

    Having lived in some of the other districts around the country mentioned in the full story, I found it interesting to see which races were being targeted by the R’s — either to flip or defend. November is going to be a feast for political junkies.

  • moderate voter

    I too like to see competitive races, those gerrymandered districts were just awful, they kept do nothing Congressman – like Pete Stark – in office for years. Stark has been semi-retired for at least a decade, he does almost no work whatsoever for his constituents. With all these people out of work you can’t have a slug for a Congressman- stakes too high now. I expect voters will give Stark walking papers in November. This Congressional candidate Eric Salwell has got Stark on the ropes in the 15th district, no question.

  • Rick K.

    Bye, bye, “Live Shot” Garamendi! Here’s hoping that the “hot air” from your frequent cable TV interviews and your vacuous “I can ride a horse!” TV ads come back to bite you in your ample posterior! “The Proven Democrat” of 2009 now masquerades as “the independent fighter” in 2012. The more the people of Vacaville, Woodland, Marysville and Yuba City learn about you and your sordid history of cronyism (Garamendi Jr.’s $210,000-per-year U.C. Merced job while Garamendi Sr. sat on U.C. Merced Foundation board), ineptitude (Exec Life scandal) and political duplicity as a career politician (first elected to the Legislature in 1974) and corporate “Washington, D.C. investment partner,” the more that they will see right through your so-called “experience” and kick you into the dumpster of political oblivion.