Candace Andersen takes oath of office in Contra Costa County

Candace Andersen

Elegantly attired in red in honor of the late Supervisor Gayle Uilkema, former Danville Mayor Candace Andersen was sworn into office Tuesday as the District 2 representative on the Contra Costa County board of supervisors. (Click here to read story at ContraCostaTimes.com.)

Click here to watch video of Andersen take the oath of office with Clerk-Recorder Steve Weir.

Click here to watch video of Andersen’s post-oath comments.

Andersen, 51, was overwhelmingly elected to the District 2 seat in the June primary election, beating out two competitors.

But her official term wasn’t slated to start until Jan. 1, which would have left the seat vacant for more than six months. In the wake of her decisive win, Andersen, other elected officials and labor leaders petitioned Gov. Jerry Brown for an early appointment, which he did late Monday.

Andersen took the oath of office before a crowd of supporters, her husband, Phil, and former Danville Town Council colleagues.

District 2 includes the San Ramon Valley, Alamo, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga and Rossmoor.

“You will learn that Candace is truly a good person,” Danville Vice Mayor Newell Arnerich told the supervisors and the audience. “She is easy to get along with. She is bright. She has a smile even in the most difficult of times.”

Andersen expressed sadness at leaving the Danville council, where she has served since 2003. And she paid homage to Uilkema, who died in May after a battle with cancer but had endorsed the Danville mayor as her replacement on the board.

Uilkema offered invaluable advice on numerous fronts before her death, Andersen said, including a recommendation that she always keep a classic red suit in her closet for auspicious occasions.

“I have high heels to fill,” said the attorney and mother of six. “But I am looking forward to representing not just Danville but the entire county.”

Before her election to the Danville council, Andersen was elected to the Morgan Hill council.

She began her legal career as a clerk and deputy prosecuting attorney for the city and county of Honolulu in her home state of Hawaii, from 1983 to 1987. She earned her law degree at Brigham Young University.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • JohnW

    Both video links are her post-oath comments. No video of the oath-taking.

  • JohnW

    Now that I get paid to hold office, when is payday? I’m going to do something to reform pensions. In the meantime, where do I sign up?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Thanks,JohnW. It is fixed.

  • Joyce Ellis

    Dear Contra County Supervisor Andersen,

    To say we were disappointed in your first few hours on the job would be an understatement.

    Your recent endorsement of 3 major tax hikes left us disgusted:

    -A yes vote on the governor’s November temporary sales tax hike measures.
    -A yes vote on a bill lowering the voter threshold on fire/police tax measures from two-thirds to 55%
    -A yes vote to proceed with the preparation of ConFire’s parcel tax.

    Some of us who supported you were in the audience at your swearing in ceremony. We went from overwhelming enthusiasm to disbelief. We worked hard for you because you said you were a fiscal conservative and would look out for the use of our tax dollars. You did not do this.

    We hired you to help stop the waste of our tax dollars, and because you said you understood that salary and pension reform of the county workers was foremost to control costs. We know now you are another “typical” government bureaucrat, just looking for money through tax hikes. You are not willing to do the, much needed, reform that will actually help save jobs and get this county back on solid financial footing.

    The private sector citizens who pay for your salary, and other county workers have taken pay cuts, and have had to deal with increased health care costs to keep their jobs. We cannot afford to pay out more for the county’s inefficient and selfish expenses.

    We worked hard to get you elected and we can also work hard to replace you. We are fed up with politicians who promise to help fix Contra Costa County and California’s spending problems and do nothing.

    Maybe you did learn something from Barry Obama in high school: How to deceive people to get elected, and get ahead.

    Please reconsider your endorsements of these tax hikes, help government workers and agencies to find a more effective way to govern.

    This is not LEFT or RIGHT is it WRONG!

    Your fellow Contra Costa citizen,

    Joyce Ellis