Five West County youths to attend Obama event

Five youths from two Boys & Girls Clubs in West Contra Costa County have been picked to attend President Obama’s fundraising rally on Monday evening at Oakland’s Fox Theater.

Boys & Girls Club of El Sobrante executive director Billy Zeier, who will act as the kids’ chaperone, called it “a great opportunity … a once in a lifetime chance for these kids.”

“This is a game changer for them … that will be emblazoned and imprinted in their minds for the rest of their lives,” he said.

Zeier said Friday afternoon that five youths ages 10 to 18 are being selected from his club and from the West Contra Costa Salesian Boys & Girls Club in Richmond. A staffer from Rep. George Miller’s office called earlier Friday to notify him that the clubs had been awarded the tickets; Miller himself is a Boys & Girls Club alum, Zeier noted.

As of late Friday afternoon, he hadn’t received information about where in the theater they’ll be sitting or whether they’ll have any access to the president, and he said he was still locking down exactly which youths would attend.

“It’s going to show them they can get to the highest level of our world,” he said. “It’s going to show them their lives are limitless.”

As of late Friday, the $100 balcony seats, $250 general admission seats and $1,000 VIP seats for Monday night’s event are all sold out. Event-sponsor tickets costing $7,500 still remains; that gets you into a photo reception with the president as well, to which you can bring additional people for $2,500 each.

The president earlier Monday will attend a $35,800-per-person roundtable with tech leaders somewhere in the East Bay, and a $35,800-per-plate fundraising dinner at the Piedmont home of progressive activist/attorney Quinn Delaney and real estate developer Wayne Jordan. Jordan is among Obama’s leading “bundlers.”

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • RR senile columnist

    The youths will be asked to help clean the seating area after the Prez departs the building.

  • Elwood
  • Elwood

    Obama spends $2.6 million on polling


    He has to know what people want so he’ll know who to pander to.

  • JohnW

    Re: #3

    Ha! Unlike Mitt, the RetroMan?

    Retroactively retired
    Retroactively against individual health insurance mandate and using RomneyCare as a national model for reform of the individual health insurance market
    Retroactively for “pro life” laws
    Retroactively against gun control
    Retroactively not going to be more pro gay rights than Ted Kennedy
    Retroactively used IRS amnesty program to pay taxes on Swiss UBS bank account (okay, that’s just one of the speculative ideas about why he won’t release tax returns for 2009 or earlier)
    Retroactively believes “blind trusts” are truly blind.

    Good to know Obama will be replaced somebody who doesn’t change his tune just to get elected.

  • Elwood

    “Obama will be replaced”

    Glad to see you’ve figured that out, John.

  • JohnW

    Re: 5

    I’m a realist. With the assistance of Citizens United, Voter ID in Pennsylvania and Florida and absolute ignorance about both the short and long-term causes of the current domestic and global economic mess, how could it be otherwise?

  • Truthclubber

    @6 —

    RCP doesn’t see it that way — they still see it as an ‘O’Bammy the Kenyan Gay Atheist Socialist Treehugging Stoner’ blowout with little more than 100 days to go.

    This from a right-leaning website that doesn’t even want to update their polling data for the US Senate seat since it would show that the Commiecrats are going to keep the Senate with Tailgunner Joe Biden as the tie-breaking vote in 2013…

  • Truthclubber

    @7 — the US Senate seat for Indiana, that is. Call me Ishmael.

  • Elwood

    I can’t decide which I should be more concerned about:

    Romney’s money or what Obama is doing with mine.

  • Truthclubber

    @9 —

    @9 —

    I’m still concerned about what Shrub did with MY money in Iraq — what was it, around $797 billion?

    That’s more than “O’bammy the Kenyan Gay Atheist Socialist Treehugging Stoner” blew on the stimulus that everyone says was wasted, since GM, and Chrysler, and Citibank, and Bank of America are still around, and the price of gas is well below the $4 per gallon it was when Shrub left office.

    Go figure — O’bammy — what a miserable failure.

  • Elwood

    I hate to break it to you but Bush is no longer President.

    The Ayrab has had that distinction for almost the last four years.

    Which has gotten us into the 12th year of the Bush recession.

    Yes, the Ayrab got the price of gas down to only $3.63 all by himself.

    “GM, and Chrysler, and Citibank, and Bank of America are still around” And you’re saying that’s a good thing?

  • Elwood

    Hope and change, baby!

    “US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s”


    I’ll bet those poor people are hoping things will change.

    Four more years! Four more years! More of the same only worse!

  • Truthclubber

    @11 —

    Hoover wasn’t President for most of the 1930s but that didn’t stop all historians from tagging him as the owner of the Great Depression, either — or cutting FDR some considerable slack for getting us out of the chasm that the then “MBA-like” PresiCEO put us into, even if it took him (Roosevelt) slightly more than one term.

    But I guess you’re so much smarter than all of those dang historian types, aren’t ya, chuckles?

    BTW, the hundreds of thousands of employees of those firms you just went out of your way to malign really like their jobs, and their ability to make their mortgage or rent payments — but then you wouldn’t care about that, since…you’re a Republican.

  • Elwood
  • Elwood

    “you’re a Republican.”

    Hate to break it to you, sweetie.

    Lifelong registered Democrat.

    Typical of your posts.

  • Truthclubber

    @11 —

    I love that you couldn’t (and didn’t even try to) discredit any of the FACTS that I provided in @10.

    But then, why bother with facts — oh, ya, right, here’s why, it’s something the very last “Great White Dope” said.

  • Truthclubber

    @15 —

    You’re lying to all of us or lying to yourself.

    So, we either have a sociopath or a delusionist.

  • JohnW

    Re: #11

    Yes, it’s a very good thing that the GM, Chrysler and Ford assembly plants, dealerships in virtually every community and suppliers (and all the jobs that go with) are still around. Yes, I know, Ford didn’t take the bailout (because it had previously locked up long term financing to get through a slump), but made it clear at the Congressional hearings that Ford’s supplier network and Ford itself would be in deep too if GM and Chrysler weren’t rescued.

    Obama is responsible for neither the recent drop in gas prices nor the earlier rise. But he is responsible for new gas mileage standards that, over time, will have a much greater impact on foreign oil dependency than if we drilled for oil in every backyard.

    Job and middle income wage stagnation have been underway since about 1980. Why? Boomer-driven economic growth is over. It takes far fewer people to do the same work due to technology and productivity. Globalization. We had the dot.com boom under Clinton and the phony real estate/financial manipulation growth under Bush. None of this is the fault of Obama, either Bush, Clinton or Reagan. But Obama is right on when he says we can’t have future long-term economic growth without investing in education, basic scientific research and infrastructure. Romney thinks more tax cuts are the solution.

  • Elwood

    Last time I checked, GM owed the American taxpayers about $50 billion.

    The Chevy Volt of which they and the Ayrab are so proud enjoys a subsidy of approx. $250,000 per car.

    And the world’s a better place because we still have Citibank and BofA? Please!

  • Truthclubber

    @19 –

    You’re lying to all of us or lying to yourself.

    So, we either have a sociopath or a delusionist.

  • Elwood

    You’re repeating yourself.

    Bad sign.

  • Truthclubber

    @21 —

    As are you with this ridiculous assertion that you are a “Lifelong Registered Democrat” — unless you’re also a racist, and that’s why you would rather vote for “Mighty Whitey Mittens” than “O’bammy the Kenyan Gay Atheist Socialist Trehugging Stoner”.

    I can buy THAT — so just come clean with us and admit it — otherwise you’re just gonna see more of the “sociopath or delusionist?” forced in your face until you come clean…

  • Elwood

    Get help.

    You were better for a while.

    Are you off your meds?

  • Truthclubber

    @23 —

    That’s it?

    That’s all you’ve got?

    That’s pathetic — and now we all know you’re a racist — silence IS acceptance.

  • Truthclubber

    @24 —

    It’s been over one hour now, and this is Elwood’s response to the charge that he is a racist, and for that reason, he, a “self-proclaimed lifelong registered Democrat”, not only can’t vote for “O’bammy the Kenyan Gay Atheist Socialist Treehugging Stoner”, but tries to denigrate him every chance he gets.

    Ain’t life grand? I am so ROTFLMFAOBT!

  • Josh Richman

    @#25 – Enough already, Truthclubber. You’ve made your point, and apparently forgotten my policy against personal attacks here.

  • JohnW

    Re: 19

    The world is not better off because we still have Bank of America or Citi, but the USA is definitely better off because the entire financial system did not come crashing down on our heads (by “our heads,” I mean you and me). For that, we can thank Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, GW Bush, Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Then Minority Leader Boehner couldn’t deliver votes for his own president.

    Messy? Yes. But at least all my money didn’t evaporate.

  • Elwood

    Record number on disability:


    Four more years! Four more years! More of the same only worse!

    And yes, it’s CNS News, covering the stories the Obamaphile MSM won’t touch.

  • JohnW

    And you’re blaming Obama for a program signed into law by Eisenhower?

    Don’t get me wrong. Although the recent spike in disability costs is due to a combination of the economy and the aging population, we’ve all seen flagrant cases of fraud. However, that existed long before Obama ran for president.

  • Elwood

    Oh, come on, John.

    It’s about the numbers, not the program.

    Just another symptom of the sick O’bummer economy which shows no sign of improving.

    Four more years! Four more years! More of the same only worse!

  • JohnW

    We agree, Elwood. It is about the numbers which are, indeed, due to the economy and other factors noted in the CBO report from which CNS drew its information.

    Where we disagree is whether anything Obama has done or failed to do is responsible for the state of the economy. Or whether anything Romney has suggested he would do would improve the situation (instead of perhaps making it even worse). And I would argue that, whether any credit is due Obama or not, there are signs of improvement in the economy — housing, some re-shoring of manufacturing, automotive, corporate profits etc. There is quite a bit of job growth and housing improvement right here in the Bay Area.

  • For Liberty

    @ 1-31:

    Sorry folks, but Obama and Romney are the same. See the simple video link below:


    Awake!! Don’t let this FALSE left/right paradigm fool you!

    The main difference between these two canidates, is one will have an “R” at the end of his name, while the other will have a “D”.